Intrusion Detection System
IDS supporting 8,000 concurrent connections
Network-Based Intrusion Detection System for SMB
Designed to meet the unique security requirements of the small and medium size business (SMB), the DFL-2100 Intrusion
Detection System (IDS) offers comprehensive features that bring improved security to your office. With its network-based
detection capabilities and event management, the DFL-2100 provides a reliable solution for detecting a broad array of attacks
present in today's constantly changing security landscape.

Intrusion Prevention and Damage Assess
Your network is susceptible to a multitude of attacks. Your
real time. It analyzes the incoming and outgoing packets
office is exposed to a variety of potential vulnerabilities,
with a mixed approach combined with misused and
including Internet connections, communication channels
anomaly model. With this hybrid mechanism, DFL-2100
between remote and corporate offices and links between
can detect unknown type packet flooding and extend the
trusted business partners. Unfortunately, many preventive
ability to detect new pattern-based attack types easily. A
measures employed to secure resources and internal traffic do
flexible rule-set is provided to allow new policies to be
not provide the breadth or depth of analysis needed to
added easily. DFL-2100 is built on real-time OS equipped
identify attempted attacks or uncover potential threats
with high performance appliance that enables you to do
across the organization. Deploying firewalls or virtual private
much more than other software-based IDS.
networks can minimize exposure, but they do not provide
enough protection.
Designed for Small to Medium Size Business
Equipped with a powerful CPU, most up-to-date database
Intrusion detection solutions provide an additional layer of
and ample memory to execute the necessary tasks, the
vital security. The DFL-2100 can detect suspicious activity,
DFL-2100 can provide up to 8,000 concurrent
prevent the intrusion and assess the damage.
connections in a Small to Medium Size Business (SMB)
network. A database can be easily maintained/updated
Active On-Line IDS
and policy management and monitoring can be easily
DFL-2100 is an active and on-line network-based Intrusion
carried out from any designated computer on your
Detection System. Its responsibility is to detect malicious and
suspicious packets on computer network and take actions in
Key Features
On-line real-time active network intrusion detection
Real-time reporting and historical forensics
Policy-based detection and access control
Large signature database
Multiple protocol support including ARP, IP, TCP, UDP,
Up to 8,000 concurrent connections
3 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports each for WAN, LAN,
Policy management and centralized management
and management connection
monitoring, analysis and reporting
Console port provided
Third-party routers, switches, firewalls, applications, web
servers monitoring

Technical Specifications
Intrusion Detection System
System Performance
Console Management
- Maximum concurrent connections: 8,000
RS-232 (Baud rate 9600, 8, N, 1, N)
- Maximum expanded policies: 3,000 for each direction
- Maximum queued log in memory:
Network Management
- Maximum logged packets in memory: 20,000
- Remote SSH
- Management UI
Key Components
- CPU: Intel Pentium-III 850Mhz
- Memory: DRAM 256 MB
System Status
- Stop
Wan Port
- Bypass
- 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port for outbound WAN
- Normal
- Supports Full/half duplex
- Protect
- 802.3x Flow Control in full duplex
Protocols Supported
- Back pressure in half duplex
- IP
LAN Port
- 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port for inbound LAN
- Supports Full/half duplex
- 802.3x Flow Control in full duplex
- Back pressure in half duplex
Management Port
Physical & Environmental
- 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port for policy server connection
Power Supply
- Supports Full/half duplex
90 - 264 VAC internal universal power supply
- 802.3x Flow Control in full duplex
- Back pressure in half duplex
295 mm (D) x 440 mm (W) x 44 mm (H)
Standard rack-mount width, 1U height
Console Port
- DB-9 male connector
Operation Temperature
- Asynchronous serial DTE with full modem controls
0 ~ 50 C
Storage Temperature
Software Features -- System
-25 ~ 55 C
In-line real-time
Active Network Intrusion Detection
5% ~ 95% non-condensing
Policy-based Detection and Access Control
Emission (EMI)
- FCC Class A
Automatic Alert and Reaction
- CE Class A
- C-Tick
Instant Traffic Control for:
- BSMI Class A
- Block packets
- Cut off connections
- Generate alarm
- UL
- Log suspicious packets
Detect and Block
- Dos/DDoS attacks
- Buffer overflow attacks
- Network scan attacks
- Trojan horse attacks
DDos Attack Classes
- IP flooding
- TCP SYN flooding
- UDP flooding
- UDP smurfing
- ICMP flooding
- ICMP smurfing
- IGMP flooding
- TCP flooding
Bi-directional Detection and Protection
- WAN to LAN
- LAN to WAN
Built in Signature and Anomaly Detection Model
Dependent Policy Applied for Each Interface
Secure Management Port and Stealthy Mode
Content Filtering by Keyword Set in URL
Remote Kernel Update
SSH Remote Secure Management Support
Software Feature
pSOS 2.5
Main Functions
- Forwarding
- Detection
- Logging
- Blocking

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