VPN Remote Access
Network Security VPN Client
Providing your employees working away from the office with a secure remote access to mission-critical resources on your
corporate network is crucial to your company's success. While they want a solution that's reliable and easy to use, you need
one that is secure, flexible and simple to manage. D-Link provides you with a solution that meets your company and employees'

IPSec Client
The D-Link VPN Client Software is a versatile, secure and
The D-Link VPN Client uses innovative technology to deliver
economical IPSec client. It is designed for Virtual Private
tighter integration for greater ease of use and manageability.
Network (VPN) products and terminates against IPSec
VPN Client provides cost-effective, secure access for mobile
gateways, such as the D-Link VPN routers and NetDefend
users from any location, using any Internet connection, over
firewalls. The connection can be established over a wired or
any IP network environment.
wireless network, the public Internet or a private network.
Data Encryption & User Authentication
This product is compatible IPSec standards set in the RFCs
The D-Link VPN Client uses standard IPSec implementation
An integrated
and meets the highest security requirements.
with advanced 3DES/AES encryption and comprehensive
personal firewall shields against attacks from the Internet.
Windows support. This software provides NAT transparency
The latest encryption algorithms protect sensitive data in
capability to work with most home gateways and NAT routers.
RADIUS authentication is supported for centralized user
database management.
Easy-to-Use Security Solution
With the D-Link VPN Client, your mobile users have a
Hardware Support
simple, easy-to-use solution for securely accessing the
D-Link VPN Client software provides connection from remote
corporate network. The VPN Client software provides
mobile users with all D-Link VPN routers and firewalls,
mobile users with secure, reliable access to corporate
including the DI-804HV, DI-808HV, DI-824VUP+, DFL-80,
resources through broadband, wireless and dial-up
DFL-100, DFL-200, DFL-300, DFL-500, DFL-600, DFL-700,
DFL-900*, DFL-1100 and DFL-1500.
Key Features
Protects your Internet connection
Advanced 3DES/AES encryption
Easy-to-deploy VPN client software
Operates in Windows environments
Standard-based IPSec tunneling
Supports all D-Link VPN routers and firewalls
* DFL-900 will support Dynamic VPN Remote Access in the near future.

DS-601 & DS-605
Technical Specifications
VPN Remote Access
System Requirements
- CPU: 550MHz or above
- DRAM: 128MB
- Available hard disk space: 15MB
- Operating System: Windows 98 SE, NT, ME, 2000 or XP
- 168-bit Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) and 56-bit Data
Encryption Standard (DES)
- Message-Digest Algorithm (MD5) or Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1)
- Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) (128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit)
Group Support
- Group 1: MODP 768
- Group 2: MODP 1024
- Group 5: MODP 1536
Authentication Mechanism
- Pre-shared keys
- NT Domain (Windows NT)
- XAUTH (Extended Authentication) support
Profile Setting on Default (Phonebook)
- 8 predefined profiles (DFL-80, DFL-300, DFL-500, DFL-700,
DFL-900*, DFL-1500, DI-804HV, DI-824VUP+)
- Dialer
* DFL-900 will support Dynamic VPN Remote Access in the near future.
Key Management
Full IKE (ISAKMP/Oakley)
IKE Modes
- Main Mode
- Aggressive Mode
- Quick Mode
- PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) Mode
IPSec Modes
- Tunnel Mode
- Transport Mode
- IPCOMP (IP Compression)
- Deflate and plug-in support for LZS
Additional Security Features
Ordering Information
- NAT Traversal (NAT-T)
- IKE keep alive (Tunnel keep alive)
- Event log
VPN Remote Access Software
- Block and Central Tunneling
DS-601 1 user license
- Set MTU size
DS-605 5 users license
- Support for Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
- DPD (Dead peer Detection)
- Seamless Re-keying
- Fragmentation and Reassembly
Specifications subject to change without
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