AirSpot Gateway
4-Port AirSpot Gateway
With 2 WAN Ports for Double Internet Bandwidth
The DSA-5100 AirSpot Gateway is a cost-effective device for business and public organizations such as schools, hospitals and
conventions to create a wired or wireless hot spot. This Public/Private Hot Spot Gateway is an Ethernet-based gateway
designed to provide free or fee-based broadband connection to the public users while at the same time providing a separate and
secure private network that shares the same Internet connection. If your business relies on public patronage, you have a way to
give customers access to the Internet, or to networked printers and other resources. If you're a private company that wants to
offer wireless Internet access for your employees, you can do so with the confidence that you're still maintaining a secure
private network that a wireless user will never see. Connect a D-Link wireless access point to the DSA-5100 and you've got a
wireless hot spot. Connect a D-Link switch and your back office computers and printers can share the same broadband

Double Internet Bandwidth
Comprehensive Network Protection
The DSA-5100 provides 2 WAN ports to double the Internet
The DSA-5100 includes a built-in DHCP server and a
connection bandwidth. The WAN ports supports 802.3ad
built-in high-speed routing engine, an easy-to-use web-
Link Aggregation industry standard and can be bonded
based graphical user interface (GUI) with SSL protection
together into a load-sharing port trunk to eliminate
to securely and quickly configure the device.
bottlenecks in heavy Internet access environments. The DSA-
Configuration is also capable through the device's RS-232
5100 provides bandwidth management tools for you to assign
console port. To prevent unwanted Internet intruders from
rational bandwidth usage of the 2 WAN ports.
accessing your network, the DSA-5100 has a built-in
Security Firewall with Denial of Service (DoS) prevention.
Total Wireless Management Solution
With IP PnP (Plug and Play) and IP/port redirection
The DSA-5100 Network Access Control System (NACS)
provided by the DSA-5100, users connecting to the hot
provides functions beyond the AAA standard. Its 4A
spot don't need to re-configure their computer's settings to
management solution supports not only Authentication,
send or retrieve e-mail or access the Internet.
Authorization and Accounting (AAA), but also
Administration for all wireless (and wired) network users.
Ideal Hot Spot Solution
The gateway has a built-in database of up to 60 customized
Capable of serving hundreds of simultaneous, discrete
access management rules and up to 2,000 user accounts. The
users, the DSA-5100 gateway is the perfect system for a
DSA-5100 can support up to 400 users on-line at any single
mid-size enterprise and organization to provide a wireless
moment. The gateway also supports POP3, RADIUS, and
hot spot. In a matter of just a few minutes, your business
LDAP external authentication for larger-scale hot spot
or organization can provide a wired or wireless hot spot
networks. Other features IP plug and play, user bandwidth
while still maintaining a private network that the public
control, network policy enforcement, customizable user
will never see. Whether you're an enterprise, merchants
timer, login/logout web-page, online traffic monitoring, and
association, factory, hospital, school, or public library, the
URL redirection provide a number of different ways for your
DSA-5100 is your instant hot spot solution.
organization to configure and manage your hot spot as either
as a free or revenue-generating service.

AirSpot Gateway
Functions & Features
Simplified wireless connection for end users
No extra software required at end-user side
No IP setting change on end-user computers
Friendly end-user connection to login page from web browser
Minimized training cost for hot spot service providers
Beyond the AAA, total wireless management
Satisfies 4 requirements of WLAN management: Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, Administration (4A)
Built-in end-user database with maximum 60 customizable access management rules for different groups
Multiple external authentication systems support: RADIUS, POP3, POP3S, LDAP/AD
Simultaneous support of multiple external authentication hosts
Rational assignment of bandwidth usage through a bandwidth management tools
Wireless Access Point on-line status monitoring through Monitor IP function
Remote system maintenance in safe mode through SSL encryption
Complete security features
Multi-layer traffic control from L2 to L4 with 802.1x standard integration
End-user account information protection through SSL encryption at login
Customizable packet filtering rules through group policies to manage end-users' access
End-user access time control through login schedules management
Multiple protection mechanisms against DoS attacks
Integrated accounting engine
Multiple accounting mechanisms
RADIUS and local-based account records support
Technical Specifications
Device Ports
- 2 WAN ports (10/100BASE-TX Ethernet) with 802.3ad
LACP Link Aggregation support
- Destination IP/port redirect
- 1 private LAN port (10/100BASE-TX Ethernet) with 802.1q
- Inter-IP-segment roaming
VLAN tag support
- IPSec (ESP), PPTP and H.323 pass-through (under NAT)
- 1 public LAN port (10/100BASE-TX Ethernet)
- Virtual Server Mapping
with 802.1x authentication support
- DMZ Server Mapping
- 1 RS-232 console port
- Static Route Mapping
- 1 RS-232 auxiliary port (reserved for thermal printer connection)
User Management
System Performance
- Maximum local user accounts in built-in database: 2,000 accounts
- Maximum concurrent users supported: 400 users
- Optional MAC address locking with local user database
- Maximum network throughput: 90Mbps
- Maximum guest accounts: 10 accounts
Dynamic Memory (RAM Buffer)
- Maximum number of on-line users: 400 users
- Maximum number of authentication/authorization policies: 5 policies
- External authentication database support: POP3, POP3S, RADIUS, LDAP,
Flash Memory (Firmware)
Windows domain
- Allow/disallow multiple login
- User login schedule control
LED Indicators
- Customizable logout timer
- Power (per device)
- Customizable guest session time control
- Status (per device)
- MAC/ IP address pass-through
- Link/Activity (per WAN/LAN port)
- GRIC roaming in
- Customizable Black List
- Local/RADIUS accounting
Software Features
Security Policy
- NAT, router and bridge modes
- Secure HTML login page (SSL)
- NAT Plug and-Play
- 64-bit, 128-bit WEP encryption
- Static IP, DHCP client and PPPoE client on WAN1 interface
- 802.1x user authentication (EAP, MD-5, EAP-TLS)
- Static IP, DHCP client and 802.3ad (under static IP) on WAN2 interface
- Maximum 802.1q VLAN (for LAN ports): 32 VLANs
- Built-in DHCP server
- VLAN tag range from 2 to 4094
- DHCP relay
- Machine/Subnet DoS protection
- Built-in NTP client
- Customizable packet filter rules by group
- HTTP proxy
- Customizable Walled Garden (free surfing area)

Technical Specifications
AirSpot Gateway
- On-line status monitoring/traffic data history
- SSL protected administration/user authentication interface
- IP monitoring
- Customizable user login/logout web interface
- Targeted URL redirect after successful login
- Console administration interface
- Web-based administration interface
- SSH remote administration interface
- SNMP v.2 management standard
- External SYSLOG server
- User bandwidth control
- Remote firmware update
- Configuration data backup/restore
Software Specifications
WAN Fail Condition Handling
Virtual Server Mapping
- WAN fail condition detection using ICMP echo mechanism to ping
Maximum 40 configurable mapping rules
default gateway and DNS periodically
- 2 configurable options prior to WAN failure:
DMZ Server Mapping
Display error message and block all access
Maximum 40 configurable DMZ server mapping rules
Allow free access without control
IP Plug-and-Play Support
Policy Routing Profiles
Clients can use their existing pre-configured IP address to access Public
- 6 sets of policy routing rules
LAN or Private LAN port without changing their IP settings *
- 10 rules for each policy routing set
* This function (1) not supported in bridge mode, (2) does not allow any L3 switch between clients
and DSA-5100.

NAT/Router Dual Mode Operation
Each VLAN/LAN port separately configurable to different modes of operation
User Management
Destination IP/Port Redirection
Access Control to LAN Port
Maximum 40 definable IP/port redirection rules to force data packets to be
Users must login first to gain network access
redirected from one destination to another destination
Non-Authentication Private LAN Port
- Maximum 6 user groups (1 guest group, 5 definable user groups)
(For connection to desktops and servers)
- Each group configurable to have own name, filter rules, routing,
Hosts on Private LAN still under control of firewall rules
bandwidth control and schedule control
Bridge Mode
MAC Address Control
- DSA-5100 can be set up as a bridge for easier network integration
Maximum 40 sets of MAC addresses
- Limitations in bridge mode:
All device interfaces are bridged; VLANs are disabled
External User Database Failure Condition Handling
Available only when WAN port is set to static IP address
Displays error message with administrator's contact information
First WAN Port Connection Methods
Logout Method
- Static IP address
- Manual logout (password & ID key-in required)
- DHCP client
- By closing logout window (once user-friendly logout enabled)
- PPPoE client
Login Method
Second WAN Port Connection Methods
- Automatic login through user's cached login information
- Static IP address
- Customizable maximum remembrance of user ID
- DHCP client
Multiple User Databases
Built-In DHCP Server
Simultaneous support of multiple internal/external user databases for
- Each LAN port independently configurable/enabled
- Configurable functions: IP pool, leasing time, WINS, DHCP relay, DNS
(per port, primary, secondary)
Guest User Configuration
- Default IP of Public LAN:
Maximum 10 predefined guest accounts configurable as active or inactive
- Default IP of Private LAN:
Local User Accounts
NAT Application Protocol Pass-Through
- Maximum 2000 user accounts
When client is under NAT segment, following protocols can be passed through:
- User accounts configurable to associate with individual MAC addresses
- Case-insensitive user IDs
HTTP Proxy
RADIUS Authentication
Maximum 10 sets of external proxy servers
- Primary/secondary RADIUS servers support for
fault-tolerant user authentication
Inter-Segment Roaming
- RADIUS authentication protocols supported: PAP, CHAP
Authenticated users can roam between VLAN segments without changing their
- RADIUS attributes supported: Session Timeout, Idle Timeout
network settings or re-login to system
LDAP User Database
Static Route Mapping
- Microsoft Active Directory support
- Maximum 6 sets of policy routing rules
- Configurable fields: LDAP server IP, port number, Base DN
- Maximum 10 rules per policy routing set
POP3 Authentication
Primary/secondary POP3 mail server support

Software Specifications
AirSpot Gateway
POP3S Authentication
Home Page Support
Primary/secondary POP3 mail server with SSL support
- System administrator can customize home page
- 2 firmware versions for different regions using different default
Windows Domain Authentication
home pages
Microsoft NT domain controller support
- Default homepage for USA:
- Default homepage for other areas:
Transparent Windows Domain Login
Automatic login to DSA-5100 upon user's successful login to Windows
Authentication Policy
domain *
- 5 sets of management types (including 1 default management type)
distinguished by postfix
* Windows 2000 domain controller support only
- Postfix of default group can be omitted for users in default group
GRIC Roaming
- Each management type can be associated with a Black List and
GRIC users can use DSA-5100 UAM to login to controlled network
an authentication database
- Users in a management type can belong to different user
Definable Guest Permission
groups according to various pre-defined attribute-matching rules
Maximum 10 definable filter rules
Online User Monitoring
Black List
- Real-time monitoring tool containing following fields:
User ID
Maximum 5 Black Lists to disallow up to 50 pre-defined user accounts
from network access
MAC address
User Login Schedule Profile
Packets In/Bytes In
Packets Out/Bytes Out
Maximum 5 schedules to control matrixes by the hour
Idle time in seconds
- System administrator can logout online users individually
Guest Session Time Control
from monitoring function
1 to 12 hours' limit (default: no limit)
Off-line Usage History
Local/RADIUS Accounting
- History file contains following fields:
- Local accounting mode generated CDR-liked recorder containing fields:
Start/End Time
Start time
User ID
End time
User ID
MAC Address
User MAC
Packets In/Bytes In
User IP
Packets Out/Bytes Out
Packets In
- History log file can be periodically sent to system administrators in
Bytes In
pre-defined time interval from 1 hour to 24 hours through email system
Packets Out
- Generated history log files can be kept maximum 4 days
Bytes Out
- Customizable received administrator mail account and received
- RADIUS accounting mode accounting attributes: *
history mail account
- History log accessible from specific IP address
- Local time display on history log
Web-Based Administration
SSL protected
Serial Console Management Functions
- Restore to factory default
* Generated using standardized RADIUS accounting protocols and put on RADIUS server
- Change administrator's password
- Network debug utilities
- Device service status check
Firewall Profiles
SSH Remote Management Functions
- 6 sets of IP filtering rules (50 rules for the Global set, 10 rules for
- Restore to factory default
each set of other IP filters)
- Change administrator's password
- Following fields can be applied to machines and subnets controlled
- Network debug utilities
by DSA-5100:
- Device service status check
Port/port range
Remote Firmware Upgrade
Source MAC
Via a web-based administration UI
Source/destination interface
Source/destination IP address/segment
External SYSLOG
Walled Garden
External SYSLOG server can store log data for DSA-5100.
IP/IP segments defined in Walled Garden can be visited prior to user login
Monitor IP List
Machine/Subnet DoS Protection
- Using ICMP echo mechanism, DSA-5100 checks accessibility for
all devices configured in Monitor IP List
- Xmas Tree
- Maximum 40 sets of IP can be defined in Monitor IP List
- If any device in this list loses contact, DSA-5100 will send an
- Ping of Death
alarm message to its system administrators via e-mail
- Null Scan
SNMP Support
SNMP v.2c read-only access (basic MIBs only)
Welcome E-Mail Message
Customizable User Login/Logout Page
- Contains guidance to access DSA-5100
- Uploaded login/logout page may include images
- This message will be sent when users try to receive e-mail
- Image size for all uploaded images limited to 512KB
before actually logged into DSA-5100 *
- Login/logout pages can be enabled/disabled through 128-bit SSL
* Supports POP3 protocol

Technical Specifications
AirSpot Gateway
MAC/IP Pass-Through
Provides 100 sets of IP addresses and 100 sets of MAC addresses,
which can bypass login procedure but still have all general user
permissions applied
Idle Timeout
Provides different idle timeouts for guest groups
Sorry Page
- Mechanism to detect abnormal status of Internet connection and
backend systems
- Displayed when WAN or external user database fails
- Sorry page will replace login page until abnormal status is recovered
Max Bandwidth Control
- Configurable bandwidth control to limit all groups
- Bandwidth control customizable by group in KB/MB per second
(64KB, 128KB, 256KB, 512KB, 1MB, 2MB, 5MB, 10MB, unlimited)
Wizard Support
Setup wizard for easy system configuration
Specific User Account Support
- Provides manager account
- Can only access specific pages (e.g. Authentication Policies, Group
Configuration, Black List Configuration, Guest User Configuration,
Roaming Configuration, User Control, Upload File)
- If access to other pages attempted, system will display alarm message
Certificate to Upload
Provides upload customer key page and upload customer certificate
page for user upload certificate
API Support
Provides API following attributes:
- Package size translated (in bytes)
- Timeout control
- Kick off users
Physical & Environmental
110 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Internal universal power supply
425 mm (W) x 240 mm (D) x 44 mm (H) (device only)
19-inch rack-mount width, 1 U height
Ordering Information
3.3kg (device only)
4-Port AirSpot Ticket Printer
Operating Temperature
5 to 45 C
Storage Temperature
-25 to 55 C
Operating Humidity
5% to 95% non-condensing
Specifications subject to change
TEL: 1-714-885-6000
FAX: 1-866-743-4905
without prior notice.
D-Link is a registered trademarks of
TEL: 1-905-8295033
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D-Link Corp.
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Technical Specifications
AirSpot Gateway
Cable/DSL Modem

F/W Profiles
QoS Profiles
Login Schedules


Wired Clients

POP3 Authentication Server
F/W Profiles
QoS Profiles
Login Schedules
To cost-effectively double your Internet bandwidth, you can (1) connect both
WAN ports of your AirSpot Gateway to two separate lower rate/lower charge
broadband lines, then (2) allocate your users/servers' traffic to different WAN
ports to create an even load balance.

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