MPEG Encoder/TV Tuner
MPEG Encoder/TV Tuner
Analog to Digital Audio/Video Converter & TV Tuning
The D-Link DUB-T210 provides two convenient functions for PC users: (1) it connects your analog camera, camcorder and VCR to your PC to
convert analog to digital image/sound for editing, and (2) it connects to your PC to your cable TV line to let you view TV programs on your
computer screen and save these programs in digital AVI or compressed MPEG formats on your hard disk or CD ROMs. This compact digital
home device supports all popular multimedia formats today, and is supplied with all the hardware and software ready for you to create movie-
like sounds and images, edit them and burn them on CD/DVD.

TV Viewing
Video Recording and Frame Capture
The DUB-T210 MPEG Encoder/TV Tuner connects to your cable TV
Necessary software is provided for you to begin making digital
line through a coaxial port and displays TV images on your PC screen.
video from traditional analog video stream immediately. The
TV channels can be selected using a remote control. You can record as
software allows you to record digital video directly to a PC's hard
the TV show that you are watching, or use the built-in scheduler to
drive, record digital video for attachment to an e-mail, and capture
capture an upcoming program. A time-shift function allows you to
still frames.
instantly replay specific TV scenes. The DUB-T210 converts TV
images to MPEG1/2/4 or other formats, so you can save it on your
High Quality Video
hard disk. Audio sound is captured along with video. Program editing
The DUB-T210 allows you to capture 30 frames per second, 720 x
can be made using the MPEG editor, and saved on a CD or DVD.
480 resolution (NTSC) high quality image on your PC's hard disk
via the USB bus. The DUB-T210 captures CD quality stereo audio
Camera/Camcorder/VCR Interface to PC
by 16 bits, 24KHz sampling rate with A/V synchronization feature.
The device also provides a powerful interface between your PC and
The snapshot function lets you catch 720 x 480 still images from
your analog camera/camcorder/VCR. It converts analog images and
your video source.
sounds from your camera or VCR and compresses them to MPEG or
other digital data formats so you can edit and save on CD or attach to
Format Conversion, Video Editing and DVD Burner
emails for sending. The DUB-T210 connects to your VHS camcorder
With the user-friendly program TV Plus included, you can easily
or VCR through an S-video connector or RCA audio/video connectors.
transfer the captured bit stream into other standard formats as your
wish, such as AVI, MPEG4, SVCD, VCD, DVD and so on. MPEG
Easy and Fast Connection to PC
Editor video editing software and DVD Maker software for family
The DUB-T210 comes with a high-speed USB 2.0 port for fast
movies is bundled with this device to allow you to edit and save
interface to your PC's USB 2.0 port. This port can also connect to a
digital video on your PC's hard disk or CD. You can attach the
downstream USB hub, if your PC is connected to such a device.
recorded digital video to your e-mail, capture still frames and set up
motion-sensing video recording.
Key Features
Full TV tuner functions: CATV, VHF, UHF
Video bit rate: up to 10Mbps
Real time or pre-scheduled TV program recording and playback
Audio bit rate: 8Kps to 48Kbps
Full-channel/auto-scan function
Audio capture with audio/video synchronization function
Time shift function, multi-channel TV sound (MTS) support
Capturing and recording standard formats: AVI, MPEG1,
DVD resolution quality: 720 x 480 @ 30fps (NTSC), 720 x 576 @
25fps (PAL)
Saturation, contrast, hue, brightness adjustment
SVCD resolution quality: 480 x 480 @ 30fps (NTSC), 480 x 576 @
Direct burn-to-disc of recorded MPEG1/2 with VCD, SVCD &
25fps (PAL)
DVD quality
VCD resolution quality: 352 x 240 @ 30fps (NTSC), 352 x 288 @
MPEG movie creation with video editing software included
25fps (PAL)
USB 2.0 interface to PC
Snap shot: 720 x 480 still image
Slim, compact remote control included

Technical Specifications
MPEG Encoder/TV Tuner
System Requirements
- CPU 1.2 GHz or above (CPU 2.4GHz or above is required for real-
time recording)
- Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 or XP
- Microsoft-DirectX 8.1 or above
- Minimum 256MB RAM
- 16-bit or better sound card
- One available USB 2.0 port
- PCI/AGP VGA card with minimum 64MB RAM
Output to PC
USB 2.0
Input From CATV
Coaxial connector
Input From Analog Camcorder, VCR, DVD
- S-Video (S-Terminal)
- RCA jacks (3 RCA jacks: 2 for audio, 1 for video)
- NTSC and PAL support
- Time-shift function
- MTS (Multi-channel TV Sound) support
- Automatic channel configuration
- Automatic recording through advanced scheduling
Data Compression & Recording
- Real-time MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 recording and playback
- Background recording when PC is in use
- Video CD compliant
- Compression ratio and image quality control through software
Screen Display
Full-screen or TV in a window
Physical & Environmental
Power Input
Powered directly from USB bus, no external power adapter required
Ordering Information
MPEG Encoder/TV Tuner
111 (L) x 70 (W) x 22 (H) mm (device only)
Please specify your order as follows:
168.6 grams (device only, without remote control)
Multi-language packaging, for use with NTSC system
Multi-language packaging, for use with PAL system
Operating Temperature
Simplified Chinese packaging, for use with PAL system

0 to 55 C
Chinese language packaging, for use with NTSC system
Storage Temperature
-35 to 75 C
Operating Humidity
10% to 90% non-condensing
- FCC Class B
- CE
Specifications subject to change without
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FAX: 1-866-743-4905
prior notice.
- C-Tick
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Software & O.S. Driver Support
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- TV Plus, MPEG Editor, DVD Maker software (included)
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- Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP4), XP
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Package Includes
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- DUB-T210 MPEG Encoder/TV Tuner
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- USB 2.0 cable
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- Audio/video cable
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- S-Video to RCA converter
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- Audio cable (for Windows 2000 only)
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- Remote control
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- CD (includes software and driver programs, User's Manual)
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- Printed Quick Installation Guide
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