Video Server
M-JPEG 1-Channel Video Server
Transform Analog Video Into Images for Live Access Over Intranet or Internet
The DVS-301 is a high-performance M-JPEG video server designed for professional surveillance applications. It can network an
analog camera -- a cost-effective single-box solution for transmitting digital video over your company network or the Internet.

Save Money & Get Benefits of Digital World
You have invested time and money to install an analog
DVS-301 allows you to remotely view live digital images
surveillance system in your building, with analog cameras,
derived from your analog cameras at any time, from any
multiplexers, time-lapse recorders, cabling and control room.
location using a networked computer. You can check on
There are drawbacks such as poor quality video, worn out
alarms while on the road or from the convenience of your
tapes, video recorders that constantly need servicing, and no
own home. Images from an alarm event could be easily
possibility to access live images when you are outside the
distributed via computer networks to many people in
building. By adding a DVS-301, you can turn your camera
different locations for further examination.
into a digital system and have images stored on a hard disk at
a remote location for convenience and security purposes. You
Easy to Install & Use
don't need to buy video tapes, change video tapes or service
With the DVS-301, you can have a professional
the video recorder. Digital storage also reduces the risk of
surveillance application up and running in minutes. It is
image degradation and provides quick and easy search
easy to install. Simply plug an analog camera into the
server and images can be transmitted via a LAN, DSL, or
analog modem. All that is needed on the receiving end is a
Protect Previous Investments
networked computer with a Web browser. Usually, an IP-
The DVS-301 integrates easily with your existing analog
based computer network is already in place, which saves on
CCTV (closed circuit television) system. You can get all the
infrastructure costs.
digital benefits without scrapping your investment in an
analog system.
Connectable to Control Equipment
Through a built-in RS-232 serial port, you can control
Remote Access
equipment such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. Inputs can be
The DVS-301 digitizes analog video signals and distributes
used to trigger the server to start transmitting images. The
digital images directly over an IP-based network, effectively
DVS-301 can also be connected to special cameras such as
turning your analog camera into a network camera and
super sensitive black/white cameras, miniature cameras or
enables you to view live images from a Web browser. The
microscope cameras.
Key Features
Motion-JPEG high-quality video server
Connectable to sensor and alarm equipment
Stand-alone with built-in web server for network
Built-in real-time, non-Windows operating system that does
away with Internet virus threats
High-performance, fully customized motion JPEG
Personal viewing settings for each user
compression engine
Built-in motion detection with user-configurable percentage
Analog BNC video input, digital Ethernet or analog
and sensitivity levels
modem output
General I/O for external sensor and alarm
Connectable to local area network, broadband Internet
Remote access of images via FTP or e-mail
or analog modem Internet
Password protection and administrated privilege
Configurable maximum bandwidth
Powerful, easy-to-use Windows-based remote video
Automatic remote image retrieval and storage via e-
surveillance software provided
mail and FTP with event triggering
Easy wizared to guide through installation and application
Remote PTZ camera control

Technical Specifications
Video Server
- Scheduled backup
16M bytes SDRAM
- Remote control of general I/O devices
- Flash speed time and event searching on playback
- Fast/slow shuttle playback
2M bytes FLASH ROM
- Simultaneous display of multiple events on single screen for preview
- AVI format export
Input Video Connector
1 BNC connector for camera
Physical & Environmental
Power Supply
Serial Port
Switching power supply
- 1 DB-9 RS-232 (max. 115200bps)
- 1 RS-485 (to share with RS-232 for PTZ camera control)
Input Power
- RS-232 can be used with external modem
100~240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.4A
Auxiliary Power
Output Power
- Input: 50 to 16000Hz
12VDC, 1.5A
- Output: more than 60dB
Power Consumption
Diagnostic LEDs
4.2 watts (max.)
- Network activity
- Heartbeat
- Network interface
122.9 mm (L) x 72.3 mm (W) x 50 mm (H) (device only)
General I/O
- 1 opto-isolated sensor input, max. 12VDC 50mA
340 grams (device only)
- 1 relay output with NC/NO, max. 24VDC 1A / 125VAC 0.5A
Operating Temperature
Network (Ethernet)
0 to 65 C (32 to 122 F)
10/100BASE-TX port
Storage Temperature
-40 to 70 C (-14 to 158 F)
Operating System
Industry-standard real-time O.S. pSOS+
95% RH (max.)
Network Protocols
- Standard TCP/IP protocol stack
- FCC Class B
- CE Class B
- HTTP web server
- FTP server and client
Package Includes
- SMTP client
- DVS-301 Video Server device
- Telnet server
- Surveillance software (on CD ROM)
- Installer (Windows IP address installation tool) (on CD ROM)
Network Feature
- Upgrade wizard (Windows assistant tool for firmware upgrade) (on CD ROM)
Adjustable bandwidth limit
- RS-232 cable with DB-9 connectors on both ends
- RS-232 cable with DB-9 and PS/2 connectors
Video Algorithm
- External power adapter
- JPEG compression
- Motion JPEG with boundary information
Image size
- NTSC: 176 x 112, 352 x 240, 704 x 480
- PAL: 176 x 144, 352 x 288, 704 x 576
Ordering Information
Video Quality
DVS-301 M-JPEG 1-Channel Video Server
5 levels: Normal, Standard, Good, Detailed, Excellent
Video Features
- NTSC: 30 frames/second
- PAL: 25 frames/second
Specifications subject to change
TEL: 1-714-885-6000
FAX: 1-866-743-4905
- Flip and mirror for installation
without prior notice.
TEL: 1-905-8295033
FAX: 1-905-8295223
D-Link is a registered trademarks of
- Built-in motion detection with sensitivity and percentage
D-Link Corporation/D-Link System Inc. Europe
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All other trademarks belong to their
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TEL: 31-10-282-1445
FAX: 31-10-282-1331
TEL: 32(0)2-517-7111
FAX: 32(0)2-517-6500
Viewing System Requirements
TEL: 39-2-2900-0676
FAX: 39-2-2900-1723
- Viewer: Web browser with server push capability, ActiveX control
TEL: 34-93-4090770
FAX: 34-93-4910795
TEL: 46-(0)8564-61900
FAX: 46-(0)8564-61901
plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer
TEL: 47-22-309075
FAX: 47-22-309085
- Protocol: Internet TCPIP protocol
TEL: 45-43-969040
FAX: 45-43-424347
TEL: 358-9-2707-5080
FAX: 358-9-2707-5081
- Operating system: Windows 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP
TEL: 65-6774-6233
FAX: 65-6774-6322
- Browser: Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, Netscape Communicator
TEL: 61-2-8899-1800
FAX: 61-2-8899-1868
4.0 or above
TEL: 81-3-5434-9678
FAX: 81-3-5434-9868
TEL: 86-10-8518-2533
FAX: 86-10-8518-2250
TEL: 91-022-652-6696
FAX: 91-022-652-8914
Bundled Surveillance Software Features
Middle East (Dubai) TEL: 9714-8834234
FAX: 9714-8834394
TEL: 90-212-335-2553
FAX: 90-212-335-2500
- Operates in Windows environment
TEL: 202-414-4295
FAX: 202-415-6704
- Four-channel software DVR
TEL: 972-9-9715700
FAX: 972-9-9715601
- Full screen display
TEL: 56-2-232-3185
FAX: 56-2-232-0923
TEL: 55-11-55039320
FAX: 55-11-55039321
- Remote management and configuration
South Africa
TEL: 27(0)1266-52165
: 270 )1266-52186
- Simultaneous real-time monitoring and recording
TEL: 7-095-744-0099
FAX: 7-095-744-0099#350
- 3 types of recording supported: event-triggered, scheduled, manual
TEL: 886-2-2910-2626
FAX: 886-2-2910-1515
Rev. 01 (Apr. 2004)
D-Link Corp.
TEL: 886-2-2916-1600
FAX: 886-2-2914-6299
- Warning provided as hard disk space approaching limit

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