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MP3/CD Player With 120 sec. ESP and ID3 Tag Support
The DMP-CD200 is a stylish MP3 based CD player that plays both CD’s with MP3 files and audio CD’s. It is portable, and
easy to use. The DMP-CD200 employs cutting edge technology that provides more than 10hours of non-stop music in a
single unit.

The DMP-CD200 plays ordinary audio CD’s and Cd-Recordable disks encoded with MP3 files. It is compatible with MP3
(MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3) standard, which supports bit-rates from 16 up to 320Kbps. The DMP-CD200 also displays ID3
Tag information such as song title, album name and artist.

The DMP-CD200 incorporates a sophisticated Electronic Shock Protection (ESP) feature. The ESP feature reads and plays
120 seconds of MP3 music from memory and eliminates skipping during playback. When the DMP-CD200’s ESP memory
gets full, the CD stops spinning which saves battery power. An ESP of 40 seconds is provided in Audio CD mode. Because
of these battery saving features, the DMP-CD200 can operate up to 12 hours in MP3 mode, using alkaline batteries. An
additional power saving feature is an auto-off function. When there is no music being played, or after a CD has played all
the way through, the player will automatically power off.

The DMP-CD200 functions as a battery charger and includes two AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. An AC power adapter
is provided to use with the battery charger function and can be used for playback without batteries. The DMP-CD200
provides five equalizer effects including: Classic, POP, Jazz, Rock and Normal. The audio output level can be controlled
using a 32 step digital volume control.

Key Features
§ ID3 Tag support displays song title
§ Up to 12 hours of battery life
§ Reads CD audio and MP3 audio files
§ 5 present equalizer effect: Classic, POP, Jazz,
§ 120 seconds Anti-shock (ESP) in MP3 mode
Rock and Normal
§ 40 seconds Anti-shock (ESP) in CD-DA mode
§ Built-in battery recharger
§ Reads variety of media formats: CD-DA, CD-R
§ Auto power off
and CD-RW in 8 or 12 cm
§ Searches title by directory or file selectable
§ 32-step volume control
§ Plays titles by variety modes: Repeat, Random
and Intro

Technical Specifications
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- Auto CD-DA/MP3-CD Detectable
- Decodes up to 320Kbps in MP3 mode

Acceptable Media Type
- CD-R (Single Session, Multi-Session)
- CD-R/W

Electronic Shock Protection
- MP3 Mode: 120 Seconds
- Audio CD Mode: 40 Seconds

Power Source

- AC Adapter
- Batteries (AA 1.5V X 2)

Audio Frequency Range

Signal To Noise Ratio

Maximum Output
5mW (32 Ohms)

Total Harmonic Distortion
< 0.1%

Audio Output Jacks
Ordering Information
- 3.5mm Earphone jack
- 3.5mm Line-out jack

MP3/CD Player
Supported Battery Type
MP3/CD Player
- AA Alkaline
- Ni-MH Rechargeable

Estimated Playing Time
Please specify your model number as follows:
- 12 – 15 Hours (MP3 mode @ 128Kbps using Alkaline

Includes a North America Standard AC power
- 7 – 8 Hours (Audio CD with ESP On using Alkaline batteries)
- 8 – 10 Hours (Audio CD with ESP Off using Alkaline batteries)

DMP-CD200/B Includes a UK Standard AC power adapter
Box Includes
DMP-CD200/E Includes an EU Standard AC power adapter
- DMP-CD200 MP3 CD Player
DMP-CD200/N Includes an Australian Standard AC power adapter
- 2 x AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries
DMP-CD200/U Includes no AC power adapter
- Earphone

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