myDliNk-eNableD surveillaNCe sysTem
HD Wireless N PaN & TilT NeTWork Camera
megaPixel – HD resoluTioN
reliable 24-Hour surveillaNCe
HigH-qualiTy viDeo feeDs
megapixel HD 720P high-resolution images
infrared leD illuminators provide a clear picture at night for
real-time video compression using the
ensure that you capture the details that
dependable 24-hour surveillance
H.264, mPeG-4 and mJPeG codec
you need
full-feaTureD Wireless surveillaNCe Camera
D-link DCs-5222l HD Wireless N Pan & Tilt Network Camera is a pan and tilt wireless network camera, ideal for small and medium business applications and
remote monitoring over the internet. it gives you detailed 24-hour remote surveillance of a large area by using a megapixel high-resolution HD image sensor
for high-quality video and a built-in ir illuminator for low-light surveillance. The DCs-5222l can also be connected to your network wirelessly, allowing you to
place the camera anywhere, and eliminating the need to install network cabling.
a ComPleTe surveillaNCe sysTem
The DCs-5222l includes a built-in CPu, allowing it to be used as a complete, standalone surveillance system. recordings can be made continuously, whenever
movement is detected, or according to a schedule you define. e-mail notifications can be sent when specific events occur, keeping you informed of what is
going on. The built-in microsD slot allows the camera to run independently, or can be used to continuously record video even if the network connection is lost.
The DCs-5222l can also be used as part of a multi-camera surveillance system through the included D-viewCam software, which supports up to 32 cameras.
sHarP imaGe moNiToriNG from DiffereNT aNGles
With sharp, responsive pan/tilt movement and digital zoom, the D-link HD Wireless N Pan & Tilt Network Camera gives you full control, so you can quickly scan
a wide area from a variety of angles, and 4x digital zoom lets you zoom in for more detail.1 The DCs-5222l can also be set to automatically move to specific
preset positions, allowing the camera to patrol and secure a wide area.
myDliNk™ for easy seTuP aND remoTe vieWiNG oN your PHoNe
D-link’s convenient mydlink™ zero-configuration setup gets you up and running in no time – just connect the DCs-5222l, then register the device on the
mydlink™ website. The DCs-5222l will then automatically configure itself and connect to the mydlink™ service, which gives you convenient access to your video
feeds through the mydlink™ website. you can even view your camera feeds on your smart phone or tablet with the mydlink ios and android apps so you can
stay in touch while on the go.2
HD Wireless N PaN & TilT NeTWork Camera

myDliNk-eNableD surveillaNCe sysTem
WHaT THis ProDuCT Does
TeCHNiCal sPeCifiCaTioNs
The D-link DCs-5222l HD Wireless N Pan &
Tilt Network Camera is a wireless pan/tilt
Camera sPeCifiCaTioNs
auDio ComPressioN
network camera with megapixel resolution

ƒ 1/4” megapixel Progressive Cmos sensor

ƒ aDPCm, PCm
designed for indoor surveillance

ƒ 5 meter ir illumination distance
NeTWork ProToCol suPPorT
applications and detailed remote

ƒ minimum illumination 0 lux with ir leD on

ƒ iPv4, arP, TCP, uDP, iCmP, DHCP Client, NTP Client (D-link),
monitoring. The camera is also mydlink™-

ƒ built-in infrared-Cut removable (iCr) filter module
DNs Client, DDNs Client (D-link), smTP Client, fTP Client, HTTP
enabled, which provides user-friendly setup

ƒ built-in Passive infra-red (Pir)
server, PPPoe, rTP, rTsP, rTCP, 3GPP
and instant remote viewing through the

ƒ fixed length 4.57 mm
mydlink website or through the mydlink™

ƒ aperture f1.9
remoTe maNaGemeNT
app for ios and android devices.

ƒ angle of view:

ƒ Configuration accessible via web browser

ƒ (H) 45.7°

ƒ Take snapshots/video clips and save to local hard drive via web
flexible surveillaNCe

ƒ (v) 29.5°

ƒ (D) 52.9°
equipped with a 1.0 lux Cmos sensor,

ƒ built-in microphone/speaker
the DCs-5222l HD Wireless N Pan & Tilt

ƒ administrator and user group protected
Network Camera delivers exceptional
viDeo feaTures

ƒ Password authentication
picture quality even in low-light conditions.

ƒ Configurable image size, quality, frame rate, and bit rate

ƒ HTTP and rTsP digest encryption
The motorized pan/tilt controls and

ƒ Time stamp and text overlays
4x digital zoom allow you to monitor a

ƒ Configurable motion detection windows

ƒ record video continuously
large area and zoom to view fine details,

ƒ Configurable shutter speed, brightness, saturation, contrast,

ƒ record video according to a weekly schedule
and the Pir sensor detects movement in
mirror, flip

ƒ record video when motion is detected
the area and can trigger recordings. The

ƒ Three configurable privacy mask zones

ƒ upload snapshots/video clips via e-mail
DCs-5222l can record snapshots and
viDeo ComPressioN

ƒ upload snapshots/video clips via fTP
video to your computer, a network storage

ƒ JPeG for still images
drive, or a microsD card. Camera footage
NeTWork iNTerfaCe

ƒ H.264/mPeG4/mJPeG format simultaneous compression
can be viewed remotely through a web

ƒ ieee 802.11n

ƒ H.264/mPeG4 multicast streaming
browser, or through a mobile device running
sysTem reQuiremeNTs
the mydlink™ app for ios and android.
viDeo resoluTioN

ƒ operating system: microsoft Windows 7/vista/xP sP3
furthermore, the camera provides a

ƒ 16:9 (support frame rate up to 30 fps)

ƒ browser: internet explorer 6 or higher, firefox 3.5, safari 4.0
Privacy mode option, which allows you

ƒ 1280 x 720
to set a schedule to enter privacy mode,

ƒ 640 x 352
suPorTeD mobile DeviCes 2
which rotates the lens backwards to

ƒ 320 x 176

ƒ mobile devices with a 3GPP player, such as Packet video
protect your privacy.

ƒ 160 x 80
Player 3.0, QuickTime 6.5, or real Player 10.5

ƒ mydlink™ app requires a mobile device running ios or android
fasT Wireless CoNNeCTioN

ƒ Pan range: -170° to 170°
PoWer iNPuT
The DCs-5222l uses 802.11n to provide

ƒ Tilt range: -25° to 90°

ƒ 12 v/1.25 a, 50/60 Hz
wireless speeds of up to 300 mbps and a

ƒ Digital Zoom: 4x2
PoWer CoNsumPTioN
large coverage area. This creates a solid

ƒ manual pan speed: 1-10

ƒ 10.5 watts maximum
wireless connection to your network,

ƒ manual tilt speed: 1-10
giving you the freedom to place the camera

ƒ Pre-set setting: 10 points
wherever you need it in your home without
the need to install a network cable to the
installation location.
HD Wireless N PaN & TilT NeTWork Camera

myDliNk-eNableD surveillaNCe sysTem
D-vieWCam sofTWare
TeCHNiCal sPeCifiCaTioNs (CoNT.)
D-viewCam iP video management software
DimeNsioNs (l x W x H)
is included with the DCs-5222l, and

ƒ 114 x 114 x 125 mm (4.46 x 4.46 x 4.92 inches)

ƒ fCC Class b
allows you to manage up to 32 cameras

ƒ Ce
simultaneously from your computer. view

ƒ Ce lvD
multiple camera video feeds simultaneously,

ƒ 540 grams (1.19 lb)

ƒ C-Tick
review previous surveillance footage, send
automated e-mail alerts, record video to
oPeraTioN TemPeraTure
PaCkaGe CoNTeNTs
your hard drive when motion is detected,

ƒ 0 to 40 ºC (32 to 104 ºf)

ƒ DCs-5222l camera
and much more.
sToraGe TemPeraTure

ƒ external power adapter

ƒ -20 to 70 ºC (-4 to 158 ºf)

ƒ CaT5 ethernet cable

ƒ Quick installation Guide
your NeTWork seTuP

ƒ remote control

ƒ 20% to 80% non-condensing

ƒ master CD

ƒ Camera base and mounting kit
1 4x digital zoom enlarges an image by magnifying the pixels in a selected portion of the image by 4 times.
2 The mobile device must have a mobile or Wifi data connection. Non-ios/android playback devices must be equipped with 3G video playback software such
as realPlayer™ or Packetvideo™.
use of audio or video equipment for recording the image or voice of a person without his/her knowledge is prohibited in certain countries or jurisdictions.
D-link disclaims any liability whatsoever for any end-user use of D-link products which fails to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
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HD Wireless N PaN & TilT NeTWork Camera