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Wireless G 2-Way Audio Internet Camera with

1.0 Introduction
The DCS-6620G Professional CCD Sensor Internet Camera is designed to provide a professional, cost-effective and
versatile function for your professional surveillance requirements. D-Link DCS-6620G is a specially designed camera
for remotely Pan/Tilt/Zoom monitoring. Users ca n e asi ly acc ess it vi a an Internet Explorer browser, receiving
synchronized video and audio from anywhere anytime. Besides, IP surveillance software can comply with DCS-2xxx,
DCS-3xxx and DCS-5xxx series.

2.0 Product Features
2.1 Features
- MJPEG/MPEG4 Compression Selectable
- Motorized Pant/Tilt/Zoom (10x optical zoom, plus 10x digital zoom)
- Real-time monitoring
- Web Configuration
- IP surveillance can control up to 16 cameras
- Scheduled recording for each camera
- Just-in-time snapshot
- Intelligent motion detection for each camera
- Smart playback
- Trigged event browsing
- Fast database searching
- AVI export
- UPnP & DDNS Support
- Pre/Post Alarm Snapshots
- Extended I/O for Sensor & Alarm
- Two-way Audio (need external speaker as an accessory)
- Support TKIP/ WPA-PSK

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2.2 Hardware Specification
2.2.1 Chipset

Philips PNX1300, “Media processor”

Philips SAA7113, “Video decoder”

Philips UDA1345, “Audio codec”

Realtek RTL8139DL, “Ethernet interface controller”

Wireless Module: 802.11g wireless miniPCI WMP-G06 with Ralink RT2525 RF chipset.
2.2.2 Image

Built-in 1/4” color CCD sensor, Resolution: 380 TV lines.
2.2.3 Sensor

Minimum Illumination: 1.5 Lux / F1.8 (Typical); 0.05 Lux / F1.8 (Low Lux mode)
2.2.4 Lens

10X optical zoom lens, f=4.2~42mm, F1.8~2.9
2.2.5 Audio Input

Built-in omni-directional microphone with S/N more than 60dB.

One Microphone socket for line-out unbalanced 0.05-1.0 Vpp.
2.2.6 Audio/Video output

AV connector for displaying video from CCD to TV and audio to speaker. It can be AV combo
phone jack with A/V output. The audio output is used for remote audio.
2.2.7 Network

802.3/3u Ethernet 10/100Mbps

802.11g Compliant MiniPCI (AlphaWMP-G06)
2.2.8 Antenna

2.0dBm RSMA antenna x 2
2.2.9 LED indicator

Two LED located at the front for status indication (POST, connection, and heartbeat).
LED Indicative Status
Flash by green and red for a period after Power-on-self-test
power on
Flash in green
Normal operation
Flash in red
External microphone
2.2.10 802.11g Wireless Channel and Frequency
Region Channel Frequency
USA and Canada
2412-2462 MHz
Most Europe and China
2412-2472 MHz
Japan 1-14
Default 6

2.2.11 Auxiliary button

One push button indent in the housing to reset or restore default settings.
2.2.12 Extended I/O

1 sensor input

1 alarm output
2.2.13 Driving motor

There may be two motors controlling pan and tilt direction. The noise and behavior can refer to
Sony EVI-D30, or at least Canon VC-C4.

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Pan: range +/- 135 degree, 10~50 deg/sec

Tilt: range +90~-45 degree, 7~25 deg/sec

2.3 System
2.3.1 Operating System

pSOS+ (real time OS)
2.3.2 Homepage

The CCD can be controlled via the control panel or clicking directly on the image.

At 20 preset locations are shown for quick recall.
2.3.3 Security

14 digits password protection.

21 user database including administrator.

Only administrator who named “admin” can process system configuration.

Password check will be bypassed if administrator’s password is null.

20 user accounts can access video, PTZ and external I/O after authentication with independent

Additional guest account who named “demo” can view and listen without password.

More visitors than limit of 10 users will have snapshot mode refreshed pre-defined interval
2.3.4 Date & Time

Date and time can be set by manually, synchronizing to PC or synchronizing to network

NTP can set to update every month, week, day or hour.
2.3.5 Host name

Host name will display as the title of homepage.
2.3.6 System Log

System will retain activity log and send it via e-mail or FTP whenever system reboots.
2.3.7 Parameter list

A quick list of system parameters.
2.3.8 Restore factory default settings

The push button can be pressed continuously for several seconds to initiate restore procedure. It also
can be restored via web page.
2.3.9 IP surveillance

A bundled software can integrate with recording software and system management.

2.4 Video
2.4.1 Modulation

Different model for NTSC and PAL due to respective CCD sensor..
2.4.2 Format

MPEG4 simple profile/MJPEG selectable

JPEG compression for still image.
2.4.3 Compression options

Quality - medium, standard, good, detailed and excellent.
2.4.4 Size

Three options of half, normal and double.

Half – 176x120(NTSC) / 176x144(PAL)

Normal – 352x240(NTSC) / 352x288(PAL)

Double – 704x480(NTSC) / 704x576(PAL)

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2.4.5 Information

Image can be overlaid with text, timestamp and motion detection window.
2.4.6 Color

Color mode or monochrome mode can be chosen.
2.4.7 Position

Flip and mirror can adjust image position.
2.4.8 Image settings

Brightness, contrast, hue and saturation can be adjusted.
2.4.9 Video output

The video signal from the CCD can be bypass output to TV for local monitoring.

2.5 Audio
2.5.1 Format

8k /24k /32kbps

Full duplex audio communication
2.5.2 Function

Acoustic echo cancellation

Can be mute at server side by administrator (mean on/off Camera microphone)

Can be mute at client side (mean on/off PC speaker)

Audio volume can be adjusted (mean on/off PC speaker)

2.6 Network
2.6.1 Interface

10/100Mbps full/half duplex Ethernet (N-way negotiation, auto sensing)

802.11g Mini PCI, at 54Mbps transmitting rate
2.6.2 Wireless Setting

The default SSID must be “default” and the default channel must be 6.

For site survey, the SSID should be set as any, or ANY, or Any.
2.6.3 Wireless Encryption

Support 64/128-bit WEP encryption

Support TKIP/ WPA-PSK/
2.6.4 Protocol

Standard TCP/IP suite.
2.6.5 IP Installation

IP address is installed every time system reboot unless an option is set to fix it.

Built-in DHCP client can be used to setup network by default. Device can be found with installer
program. Installation Wizard can automatically detect different model continuously no matter the
device is installed or not.
2.6.6 Applications

DDNS support with several DDNS server include DynDns.org(Dynamic), DynDns.org(Custom),
TZO.com and dhs.org.

UPnP support.

NTP client,

SMTP client,

FTP client,

FTP server,

FTP supports passive mode,

HTTP server: max. 10concurrent connections to view image.

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Server port can be adjusted.

External FTP and SMTP servers have two sets of settings.

2.7 Motion detection
2.7.1 Configuration

Two parameters including sensitivity and percentage can be adjusted for motion detection.
2.7.2 Indication

Some indicator for users to know if the parameters are OK. When motion detected, users can know
from the image.

2.8 Extended I/O
2.8.1 Digital input

Status checking of high, low, rising, falling.
2.8.2 Digital output

Either ON or OFF. It can be reset in configuration and controlled in homepage.

2.9 Applications
2.9.1 Weekly schedule

Some period can activate or deactivate the applications. It will repeat weekly.
2.9.2 Surveillance

When events of motion detection or sensor happen, system can drive alarm or send snapshots via
email or upload snapshot via FTP.

2.9.3 Web attraction

Still images can be uploaded to external FTP server sequentially to provide the video source. ADP
can distribute them to more viewers.

2.10 Camera control
2.10.1 Direction control

The CCD head can be controlled from web UI and the remote controller. Web UI includes a control
panel composed of buttons and image control. Image control means the CCD head can be moved by
clicking on any point in the image and the point will be centered. More moving distance will have
faster speed.

Auto pan mode can move the CCD head once in horizontal direction continuously to scan the whole

Patrol mode will move the CCD head among several preset positions in cycle. The hopping
positions can be chosen from the preset positions and the dwelling/ moving time can be adjusted.

2.11 Accessory
2.11.1 Power adapter – as standard part

100~240Vin, 12Vout switching power adapter unless the power is not enough to drive motors.
2.11.2 Remote controller

The control unit is the same as what is included in DCS-5300 series

3.0 Physical & Environment
3.1 Power
− 12V/1.5A

D-Link Confidential

− External AC-to-DC Switching Power Adapter
− Type: USA/ UK/ EUR/ AUS (Order by each territory)
3.1.1 Cable

Cable Length: 1800 ¡Ó 30mm

Type: UL 20AWGx2C (105oC) 300V
3.1.2 Plug

Type: 90oC molding plug style

Connector Color: Black
3.1.3 Power Jack (On Device)

Color: Black
3.1.4 Safety



Singapore Safety Mark

Poland B Mark

China CCC citification

3.2 Operation Temperature
− 0-60°C
3.3 Storage Temperature
− -30-75°C
3.4 Humidity
− 5%-95% non-condensing

4.0 Emission (EMI), Safety & Other Certifications:

EMI: FCC class B, CE Class B
Safety: LVD (EN60950)
RADIO: EN 300 328-2 (07-2000)
− C-Tick (ACN 052 202 838)
− IC certification (RSS-210)

5.0 Box Included
− Internet Camera DCS-6620G x 1
− 12V/1.5A External Power Adapter x 1
− CAT5 Ethernet cable (1.8m) x 1
− Quick Installation Guide x 1
− Master CD x 1
− Antenna x 2
− Remote Control x 1
− Camera stand bracket x 1

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