DCS-71 Series
Outdoor Installation
7" Outdoor Dome Housing
These IP66 certified enclosures are
specifically intended to be mounted
outdoors. All DCS-71 models include a
heater and a blower that enable them to
work in a wide range of temperatures from
-20 to 70 °C.
Versatile Connectivity
The DCS-71P model features Power over
Ethernet (PoE), which eliminates the need
for power cables. The DCS-71W model
is equipped with wireless antennas that
allow for wireless transmission of
camera footage.

ƒIP66 certified weatherproof, dustproof
DCS-71, 71P

ƒHeater and blower

ƒWall-mounting bracket for installation

ƒBuilt-in wireless antennas1
D-Link’s DCS-71 Outdoor Dome Housing series provides cost-effective protection and versatile connectivity

ƒSupports PoE 802.3at2
options for installing D-Link motorized pan and tilt surveillance cameras in outdoor environments. The DCS-71P

ƒCameras supported:
model features Power over Ethernet (PoE) while the DCS-71W enables wireless connection to be used for the
security camera, providing extra convenience in connecting and wiring surveillance cameras. A built-in power

ƒDCS-5605, A1 (DCS-71)
supply, heater and blower mean these housings can be used under adverse weather conditions.

ƒDCS-5605, A2 (DCS-71P)

ƒDCS-5635, A2 (DCS-71W)
Flexible Connectivity Options
Onboard Heater and Blower
1 DCS-71W only
The DCS-71P incorporates Power over Ethernet The DCS-71 housing series also has an onboard
2 DCS-71P only
(PoE) in which electric power is transmitted over heater and blower that enable the enclosed camera to
an Ethernet cable along with data. This allows the function in a wide range of temperatures. The heater
DCS-71P model to be easily installed in a variety of automatically turns on when the temperature drops
locations without the need for power cabling. The below a certain point, and the blower automatically
DCS-71W is equipped with wireless antennas that turns on when the temperature rises above a certain
allow the camera to be controlled and monitored point. This allows the camera to function properly in
wirelessly, avoiding the need to install Ethernet both hot and cold environments.
Designed to be mounted outdoors, the DCS-71
housings feature an IP66 certified enclosure which
protects against the elements including dust and
heavy jets of water, allowing cameras to be placed in
harsh environments.

DCS-71 Series
7" Outdoor Dome Housing
Technical Specifications
DCS-71, DCS-71P
Casing Material
Aluminium Zinc Alloy
Cable Management
Wireless Antenna
On: < 0 ˚C/32 ˚F, Off: > 10 ˚C/50 ˚F
On: > 40 ˚C/104 ˚F, Off: < 30 ˚C/86 ˚F
Data Transmission Rate
10/100 Mbps
Transmission Distance
Up to 100 m
Ethernet Data Line
TIA/EIA-568, Cat 5 Cable
Power Input
24 V AC, 50/60 Hz (DCS-71), 802.3at PoE (for DCS-71P only)
24 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
DCS-71: 35 W, DCS-71P: 29 W
35 W
Operating Temperature
-25 to 65 ˚C (-13 to 149 ˚F)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 80 ˚C (-40 to 176 ˚F)
95% RH non-condensing
DCS-71: 3.348 kg (7.38 lb), DCS-71P: 3.380 kg (7.45 lb)
3.465 kg (7.64 lb)
CE (Class B), FCC (Class B)
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