10/100Mbps Server Card
DFE-580TX Fast Ethernet server card with 4 10/100Mps
auto-sensing ports
4-port Fast Ethernet Server Card
The DFE-580TX is a high-performance, versatile server card designed for very fast server connection. Outfit with 4 Fast
Ethernet ports, the card gives you a 4-port trunk link from a server to a Fast Ethernet switch, providing load-sharing
aggregated bandwidth and redundant backup links, allowing you to cost-effectively run bandwidth-intensive and mission-
critical applications in client-server Windows and Unix environments.

4 Fast Ethernet Ports
Fail-over Redundant Backups
With 4 twisted-pair ports running capable of running at full-
An alternative is to configure the card with 2 redundant
duplex, the DFE-580TX provides connection at near Gigabit
backed-up load-sharing trunks. One trunk is active, the other
speed for servers on your existing Cat. 5 or lower grade
trunk in the stand-by mode. In case if one trunk fails, the other
network cable. All 4 ports support 10/100Mbps auto-sensing,
trunk will provide the backup link. This configuration can be
and can be combined into a high-speed trunk transferring data
applied for mission-critical situations, or more common
at up to 800Mbps full-duplex.
applications such as video-conference and IP telephony.
Reliable High Performance
Priority Queues Support for Quality of Service
The card operates at the PCI Bus Master mode with clock
With packet prioritization capability, the card allows traffic to
speed support at up 33/66MHz. It is equipped with 4
be queued as critical and non-critical, permitting your server to
independent MAC controllers, allowing each of the 4 ports to
run voice over IP, video-conference and multimedia
establish an independent full bandwidth segment with the
applications where packets are delivered at best-effort speeds.
attached switch. In the unlikely event where one MAC fails,
the remaining controllers will continue to operate,
Flow Control to Minimize Packet Loss
guaranteeing uninterrupted server connection.
The card's embedded flow control provides a means to protect
against possible data loss during transmission on the network.
Load-sharing Aggregated Bandwidth
When connected to a Fast Ethernet switch that supports flow
You can configure all 4 ports to operate at the load-sharing
control, the card receives signals from the switch regarding
mode. In this configuration, the ports share the traffic load to
buffer overrun during peak usage periods. The card then
and from the switch, while the card ensures a balanced load
delays transmission until the switch is ready again to accept
for each of the ports. This mode guarantees that bottlenecks
new data.
are eliminated at peak traffic time.
4 10/100Mbps auto-sensing Fast Ethernet ports
Low network command processing overhead
4 with independent MAC controllers
800Mbps server-to-switch trunk
Full/half duplex for each port
Per-port load-balance/fault-tolerance configuration
32-bit Bus Master data transfer with PC host
Dynamic fail-over function for backup mode
IEEE 802.3x Flow Control for fast, reliable data transmission
IEEE 802.1p Priority Queues

Technical Specifications
10/100Mbps Server Card
- IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet
5% - 90% non-condensing
- IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
- PCI local bus 2.2 specifications
EMI Certification
- IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
- FCC Class B
- IEEE 802.1P priority tagging
- CE Class B
- PCI 2.2
- VCCI Class B
- BSMI Class B
Network O.S. Support
- Microsoft Windows 2000, NT 4.0, 2003server
- Linux support kernel versions: 2.2.18, 2.2.19, 2.4.2 through 2.4.16
Data Transfer Rates
- Ethernet:
10Mbps (half duplex)
20Mbps (full duplex)
- Fast Ethernet:
100Mbps (half duplex)
200Mbps (full duplex)
Network Cables
- 10BASE-T:
2-pair UTP Cat. 3, 4, 5 (100 m max.)
EIA/TIA-586 100-ohm STP (100 m max.)
- 100BASE-TX:
UTP Cat. 5 (100 m max.)
EIA/TIA-568 100-ohm STP (100 m max.)
Diagnostic LED Report (per port)
- Link
- Activity (Tx/Rx)
- Full duplex
Cache Buffer
- 2K byte receive FIFO
- 2K byte transmit FIFO
Port Trunking
Flow Control (per port)
Connecting all 4 ports of the DFE-580TX server adapter to a switch
- IEEE 802.3x flow control in full duplex
in load-sharing configuration or redundant backup link mode.
- Back pressure in half duplex
System Setup
Ordering Information
Allocated by system
10/100Mbps Server Card
DFE-580TX 4 RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX ports
I/O Address
Allocated by system
Full/half Duplex
- Auto-detected upon connection to network device
- User-selectable through software
Priority Queues
Specifications subject to change
TEL: 1-800-326-1688
FAX: 1-866-743-4905
without prior notice.
4 queues
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- Telnet
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- Web-based configuration
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Environmental & Physical
TEL: 45-43-969040
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TEL: 47-99-300-100
FAX: 47-22-309580
Power Consumption
TEL: 358-9-2707 5080
FAX: 358-9-2707-5081
3 watts (maximum)
TEL: 34-93-4090770
FAX: 34-93-4910795
TEL: 351-21-8688493
Czech Republic
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TEL: 41-(0)-1-832-11-00
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160 mm x 100 mm
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135 grams
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FAX: 65-6774-6322
TEL: 61-2-8899-1800
FAX: 61-2-8899-1868
Operating Temperature
TEL: 91-022-26526696
FAX: 91-022-26528914
Middle East (Dubai)
TEL: 971-4-3916480
FAX: 971-4-3908881
0 - 50 C (32 - 122 F)
TEL: 90-212-289-56-59
FAX: 90-212-289-76-06
TEL: 202-414-4295
FAX: 202-415-6704
Storage Temperature
TEL: 972-9-9715700
FAX: 972-9-9715601
-25 - 55 C (-13 - 131 F)
TEL: 56-2-232-3185
FAX: 56-2-232-0923
TEL: 55-11-218-59300
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South Africa
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