DFL-1500 Firmware Release Note
Firmware: 2.004
Hardware: B1
Date: Jan. 17, 2005

Problems Resolved:
1. If Anti-DOS enable then L2TP tunnel could not be established.
2. When authentication using POP3 Server, this function will be not work.
3. Remote Access, IPSec:
If Anti-Dos feature enable, there are connection and disconnection requests from Remote PC. The
DFL-1500 still keep IPSec sessions and ping to local PCs behind DFL-1500 from Remote PC will not
get any response.
4. Authentication using LDAP Server:
This field must enter UID = uid only. When user enter the UID as common name, it will not workable.
5. LAN to LAN PPTP Server & PPTP Client:
If Anti-Dos enable, it’s difficult to establish PPTP session.
6. Multi IPSec tunnel: (Remote Access)
Try to setup two IPSec sessions could be a problem, one of the IPSec tunnel could not be

Well-Known issue and Notes:
1. Books feature: The blank space have to use the “_” character when edit object rule name.
2. The L2TP client can not use the most encryption length to connect to L2TP Server.
3. From Standby mode switch to Active mode in the HA feature, it have to clear ARP table manually.


Firmware: 2.003
Hardware: B1
Date: Dec. 15, 2004

Problems Resolved:
1. Resolve the firmware 1.60 have to install patch file to support CLI rescue mode.
2. When the L2TP clients connect to L2TP Server, it can’t access file size over 1Kbyte.
3. The firewall attack alert will not work.
4. Only one PC can do “name resolution” in the LAN by DNS proxy feature.
5. The “Attack Alert” wording and related description replaced to “Anti-DoS”.

1. Support the transparent mode.
2. IP address and Service Objects can be grouping.
3. Support VPN Hub and Spoke feature.
4. Support IP and MAC address binding feature.
5. Support RADIUS, LDAP and POP3 external authentication database.
6. The PPTP server supports MPPE encryption.
7. The policy support scheduling feature.

Firmware: 1.60
Hardware: A1
Date: Aug. 2, 2004

Problems Resolved:
1. Update Help on VPN, NAT, Firewall, Content Filter, IDS and Bandwidth.
2. Bandwidth Management rules are merged into Firewall rules when configuration.
3. Remove system checksum button, function and page.
4. Add warning message when upgradeingDFL-1500 firmware.
5. Restrict IDS/Virtual Server only on the default WAN link.
6. The NAT status page is modified with more accurate descriptions.
7. Session Clear button relocated to Active/Top sessions page instead of the NAT status page.
8. Remove old autoupdate config and integrate all autoupdate into the Database Update page.

1. None any enhancement features release


Firmware: 1.51R
Hardware: A1
Date: Feb. 11, 2004

This firmware was first shipment released.



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