Office LAN

Broadband Internet Gateway Router With 7 Built-in Switch Ports + Print Server
The DI-707P is an integrated Internet Gateway designed for small business and home users who want to connect multiple
computers and share a single printer. It is equipped with 7 built-in switch ports, plus a parallel printer port and print server
function. This router provides the ability to share a single cable or DSL broadband connection and share a single printer
among computers connected to the local network. The DI-707P's integrated router and firewall provide NAT, DHCP, and
packet filtering services between the local network and the Internet.

Versatile Functions
Static address, integrated DHCP, PPPoE, and device name
outside users can access. To ensure that games and other
support allows the DI-707P to connect to a vast number of
Internet applications will run properly, the DI-707P
broadband Internet Service Providers (ISP). Dynamic Host
provides the capability to open specific ports.
Configuration Protocol (DHCP) provides dynamic allocation

of IP addresses for multiple clients (computers) on the local
VPN & Public Domains
network. Built-in printer software allows clients to print to the
The DI-707P provides special pass-through function for
network printer attached to the DI-707P's print server port.
common VPN implementations including PPTP (Point to
The 7 Fast Ethernet switch ports auto-sense the LAN speeds
Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling
and auto-detect cable MDI-II/MDI-X, eliminating the need
Protocol) and IPSec*. The Virtual Server feature allows
touse the correct type of cable (straight-through or crossover)
users to expose HTTP, FTP, Game Servers and other local
when connecting to different Ethernet devices.
services to be accessible to Internet users located outside

the LAN. To allow any application to work even without
Enhanced Security
knowing the ports to be opened, the DI-707P allows a
The DI-707P provides 2 levels of security support. First, it
single client to be specified in the DMZ zone located on the
masks the IP addresses of computers within the local network
web configuration utility.
from the Internet, thus making it more difficult for hackers to

target a specific computer within the local network. Secondly, it
can block and redirect certain ports to limit the services that

Key Features
§ Broadband modem and IP sharing
§ Access Control supported
Connects multiple computers to a broadband (cable or DSL)
Allows you to assign different access rights for different users.
modem or an Ethernet router to surf the Internet.
§ Virtual Server supported
§ Auto-sensing Ethernet Switch
Enables you to expose WWW, FTP and other services on your LAN
Equipped with a 7-port 10/100Mb auto-sensing Ethernet switch.
to be accessible to Internet users outside of your LAN.
§ VPN supported
§ User-Definable Application Sensing Tunnel
Supports multiple PPTP sessions and allows setup of a VPN server
User can define the attributes to support special applications
and VPN clients.
requiring multiple connections, like Internet gaming, video
conferencing, Internet telephony and so on, then the DI-707P can
sense the application type and open a multi-port tunnel for it.
All unwanted packets from outside intruders are blocked to protect
your Intranet.

§ DMZ Host supported
DMZ Host fully exposes a networked computer to the Internet. Use
DHCP server supported
this feature when the special application sensing tunnel feature does
All of the networked computers can retrieve TCP/IP settings
not allow an application to function properly.
automatically from the DI-707P.
§ Connect and Share printer
Web-based configuring
Allows users to print web pages and other documents on a shared
Configurable through any networked computer’s web browser using
network printer.
Netscape or Internet Explorer.
* PPTP, L2TP and IPSec support compatibility are dependent on the platform used.
** Print Server Software for Windows only.

DI-707P Internet Gateway
Technical Specifications

Office LAN
Port Characteristics
- WAN Port: RJ-45 x 1 (10Mbps, IEEE 802.3 10BaseT)
- LAN Port: RJ-45 x 7 (10/100Mbps, IEEE 802.3/802.3u
- Printer Port: Female DB-25 x 1
- COM Port: RS-232 x 1 (230.4Kbps, male DB9)

WAN Connection Support
ADSL modem
- Cable modem
- Analog modem

Printer Support
Parallel Printer

LAN Switch Ports
Full/half duplex
- IEEE 802.3 flow control for full duplex

LAN Switching Method

LAN Switching MAC Address Table
1K per device

NAT Router
- IP Address : Static or Dynamic
- PPP over Ethernet
- Max Users : 253
- Dial-on-demand
- Auto-disconnect

- Static Routing

Configuration and Management
- Configuring: Web-based Utilities
- Management: Web-based Utilities

- Power
Ordering Information
- WAN Activity
- LAN Activity
- M1
DI-707P Broadband Router With 7 10/100Mbps Switch Ports and
- M2
Print Server

- DC 5V 2A
- Uses an external AC power adapter
Please specify your model number as follows:

Power Consumption
DI-707P/A Includes an American standard AC power adapter
- 6.5 Watts max
DI-707P/B Includes a U.K. standard AC power adapter

DI-707P/E Includes an E.U. standard AC power adapter
Operating Temperature
DI-707P/N Includes an Australian standard AC power adapter
- 5 ℃~ 55℃
DI-707P/U Includes no AC power adapter

Storage Temperature
- -30℃~ 60℃

22.5x13.5x4 cm

EMI Certifications
TEL: 1-949-788-0805 FAX: 1-949-753-7033
- FCC Class B
TEL: 1-905-829-5033 FAX: 1-905-829-5095
TEL: 44-20-8731-5555 FAX: 44-20-8235-5511
- CE Class B
TEL: 44-20-8731-5555 FAX: 44-20-8235-5511
- C-Tick
TEL: 49-61-96779900 FAX: 49-61-967799300
TEL: 33-1- FAX: 33-1-

TEL: 31-40-2668713 FAX: 31-40-2668666
TEL: 39-02-2900-0676 FAX: 39-02-2900-1723
- 10% ~ 90%
TEL: 34-93-4090770 FAX: 34-93-4910795
TEL: 46-(0)8-564-61900 FAX: 46-(0)8-564-61901

TEL: 47-22-991890 FAX: 47-22-205700
Supported Software
TEL: 45-43-96.90.40 FAX: 45-43-42.43.47
TEL: 358-9-622-91660 FAX: 358-9-622-91661
- Windows 95
TEL: 65-6774-6233 FAX: 65-6774-6322
- Windows 98
TEL: 61-2-9417-7100 FAX: 61-2-9417-1077
- Windows ME
TEL: 81-3-5434-9678 FAX: 81-3-5434-9868
TEL: 86-10-88097777 FAX: 86-10-88096789
- Windows 2000
TEL: 91-22-652-6696 FAX: 91-22-652-8914
- Windows NT 4.0
Middle East
TEL: 20-2-6356176 FAX: 20-2-6356192
South America TEL: 56-2-232-3185 FAX: 56-2-232-0923
- Windows XP
South Africa
TEL: 27(0)126652165 FAX: 27(0)126652186
TEL: 7-095-737-3389 FAX: 7-095-737-3390
TEL: 886-2-2910-2626 FAX: 886-2-2910-1515
D-Link Corp. TEL: 886-2-2916-1600 FAX: 886-2-2914-6299
Rev.01 (Mar. 2002)

Printed in Taiwan