CrEatE a WIrEd nEtWork
EthErnEt BroadBand routEr
IntErnEt/PrIntEr SharInG
totaL SECurItY
dSL/Cable modem connection for small
Complete set of security features including
Prioritized for VoIP traffic and online
workgroup, plus 4 integrated Lan ports
firewall, access control and parental control to protect
games & Multicast Stream (IGMP)
hIGh PErForManCE
the d-Link dIr-100 broadband router is designed to let a group of users share a broadband Internet connection through a dSL or cable modem. Easy to set up
and operate, this router is ideal for novice home and small office users creating their first networks.
the dIr-100 provides prioritized transmission and reception of VoIP and online packets to/from the Internet to enable a group of users to experience the benefit
of smooth network connection of inbound and outbound data without concern of traffic congestion. this QoS support allows users to enjoy high broadband
transmission for applications such as Internet phones, multimedia and games over the Internet.
totaL nEtWork SECurItY
the dIr-100 router provides firewall protection for network computers again Internet doS and virus attacks. It filters packets to screen access control based
on port and source/destination MaC/IP addresses. With Port Forwarding, the router can be set up to allow separate FtP and multiple games to share the same
Internet-visible IP address while still protecting servers and workstations from hackers. users can set up a home or office web site by configuring any of the
built-in Lan ports to function as a dMZ port. Parental Control allows parents and network administrators to filter out undesired urL web sites, block domains
and control the time of day of the use of Internet through scheduling.
EthErnEt BroadBand routEr

CrEatE a WIrEd nEtWork
What thIS ProduCt doES
Connect the d-Link dIr-100 router to your
Power Socket
cable or dSL modem and share your high-
Connects to Power adapter
speed Internet connection with multiple
computers in your home. this router creates
reset Button
resets to Factory defaults
a high-speed and completely secure
network to share photos, files, music,
10/100BaSE-tX Ethernet Lan Ports
SFP Port
Connect to Ethernet-enabled Computers and devices
Connect to Fiber Connecter
video, and storage. Get a better Internet
experience and extend your network
coverage with this device

the dIr-100 is designed for easy and
Wan IntErFaCE
ConFIGuratIon & ManaGEMEnt
robust connectivity among heterogeneous

ƒ 1 Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) port for 10/100Mbps Fiber

ƒ Quick Installation Wizard
standards-based network devices.

ƒ remote Management via telnet
Computers can communicate directly

ƒ Supports dSL and cable modem connection

ƒ Web-based using Internet Explorer v.6 or netscape navigator
with this router for automatic opening

ƒ Supports “always-on” (bridged) and PPPoE for PPP connection
v.7 or other Java-enable browsers
and closing of udP/tCP ports to take
on demand

ƒ dynamic domain name System (ddnS)
full advantage of the security provided
Lan IntErFaCES

ƒ universal Plug and Play (uPnP) compliant
without sacrificing functionality of online

ƒ network time Protocol (ntP) support
ƒ 4 10/100BaSE-tX Ethernet ports

ƒ Support auto MdI/MdIX
FIrMWarE uPGradE

ƒ Support 802.3x flow control (full-duplex) and back pressure

ƒ httP (through web browser)
VPn SuPPort

ƒ Power/Status
Your nEtWork SEtuP

ƒ PPtP pass-through

ƒ SFP (Link/activity)

ƒ IPSec pass-through

ƒ 1, 2, 3, 4 Lan ports (Link/activity)

ƒ L2tP pass-through
PoWEr InPut
IntErnEt GatEWaY FunCtIonS

ƒ dC 5V 2.5a

ƒ network address translation (nat)

ƒ dhCP server (for automatic IP assignment)
dIMEnSIonS (L X W X h)

ƒ 197 x 114.2 x 28 mm
uSEr aCCESS ControL

ƒ MaC address filtering

ƒ IP address filtering

ƒ 515.5 grams

ƒ Scheduling
oPEratInG tEMPEraturE

ƒ 0˚ to 40˚C

ƒ nat (network address translation) with VPn pass-through
StoraGE tEMPEraturE

ƒ SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)

ƒ -25˚ to 55˚C
oPEratInG huMIdItY

ƒ Prioritized transmission/reception for VoIP traffic and streaming

ƒ 5% to 95 % non-condensing

ƒ Multicast stream IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol)
StoraGE huMIdItY

ƒ 5% to 95% non-condensing

ƒ CE
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release 01 (March 2010)
EthErnEt BroadBand routEr