Built-In USB Print
Includes a USB port to connect to a USB
printer and a Windows1-based print server
software application, so users on the network
can share the printer.
The Web-based user interface displays a number
Firewall Features
of advanced network management features
Content Filtering
Easily applied content filtering based on MAC
Address, IP Address, URL and/or Domain Name.
Filter Scheduling
These filters canbe scheduled to be active on
certain days or for a duration of hours or minutes.
Network Address
NAT prevents outside intruders from gaining
access to your private network.
The DI-704UP can pass through VPN sessions. It
Secure Multiple/
supports multiple and concurrent IPSec and PPTP
Concurrent Sessions
sessions, so users behind the DI-704UP can
securely access corporate networks.
Built-In 4-Port Switch
Allows you to quickly and easily share an
Internet connection with multiple computers
and devices. Each 10/100 Ethernet port
automatically senses and accepts the type of
CAT 5 cable you attach —whether straight-
through or cross-over.
Simple Set-Up Wizard The D-Link setup wizard simplifies the installation
for Easy Installation
process, getting you up and running in just a few
Ethernet Cable
One Ethernet cable is included with the
DI-704UP to get you started.
1— Printer Server software included is for Windows Operating Systems only.

With the DI-704UP, you can share
Product Information
The Web-based user interface makes it easy to
Part No: DI-704UP
Internet access and resources such as
set up and configure the DI-704UP.
Description: Ethernet Broadband Router
printers in your home or office. Connect
It also displays a wide array of management
UPC: 790069-261503
up to four computers with a USB printer
settings and tools.
D-Link Systems, Inc.
with the DI-704UP’s USB printer port.
TEL: (800) 326-1688