Share Your Printer and Internet Connection
Firewall Features
The Web-based user interface displays a
number of advanced network management
features including:
7-Port Ethernet
MAC Filtering
Easily applied filtering based on MAC
addresses to allow or deny computers on
Broadband Router
the network access to the Internet.
with Print Server
Network Address Translation
NAT allows you to share a single IP
Other Great D-Link
address and protects you from outside
Products That Work With
intruders gaining access to your private
the DI-707P:
Built-In 7-Port Switch
Allows you to quickly and easily share an
Internet connection with multiple
computers and devices.
Fast Ethernet
Auto-Sensing Ethernet
Each 10/100 Ethernet port automatically
PC Card
senses and accepts the type of CAT 5 cable
you attach —whether straight-through or
Built-In Print Server
Includes a parallel port to connect to a
printer and includes a Windows-based print
server software application, so users on the
network can share the printer1.
Fast Ethernet
PCI Adapter
Ethernet Cable
One Ethernet cable is included with the
DI-707P to get you started.
Simple Set Up Wizard
The D-Link Set Up Wizard simplifies the
for Easy Installation
installation process, getting you up and
ADSL Modem
1— Printer Server software included is for Windows Operating Systems only. Postscript Level 1 and 2
printers can be connected to the DI-707P for Macintosh OS 9.x or X computers. The DI-707P does
not support non-Postscript printers with Macintosh OS.

Product Information
The Web-based user interface makes it easy
With the DI-707P you can share Internet
Part No: DI-707P
to quickly set up and configure the DI-707P.
access and resources such as printers in your
Description: Ethernet
It also displays a wide array of management
home or office. Connect up to seven
Broadband Router
settings and tools.
computers and a printer with the DI-707P’s
UPC: 790069-241000
parallel printer port.
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