Simplified SurVeillance Video management
mydlink network Video recorder
concurrent Viewing
easy setup and configuration
dependable data security
record and view real-time video from
mydlink technology enables easy
protects important surveillance files with
up to nine cameras in the office or
setup of remote viewing using a
automatic backups to mirrored hard drives
remotely over the internet
web browser over the internet
using raid 1 technology
conVenient and reliable Video recording
the dnr-322l mydlink network Video recorder is a standalone storage device that can record video from up to nine network cameras to a dedicated Hdd
storage without requiring users to turn on their pc. empowered by mydlink technology, dnr-322l supports real-time remote monitoring and playback via a web
browser using the mydlink website or the nVr’s web gui. the dnr-322l has the ability to continue recording live while a user is viewing or searching footage
at the same time. with complete video management, the dnr-322l’s display and playback ability make it a convenient and effective video recorder.
VerSatile monitoring adjuStment
users are provided with a variety of options for viewing and organizing camera footage on-screen. for a system with multiple channels, users can simply
drag and drop selected cameras to the viewing area. camera names and recording statuses are displayed via the on-screen display. a single camera may be
viewed full-screen with two-way audio support. users can control pan/tilt/zoom (ptZ) functions from within the interface or by directly clicking on the video.
Secure Storage
administrators may filter external connections to the nVr by ip address, limiting access and thus increasing security. administrators may also choose access
privileges for users by specifying the cameras they may access. the recorded data can be backed up to additional storage locations periodically or whenever
needed. the nVr also includes the option to protect data using a raid 1 configuration, which duplicates recorded data onto two separate hard drives. in
the event of Hdd failure, data integrity is maintained on the secondary Hdd. the secondary Hdd can also be formatted as a file server and mounted to your
windows system as a network drive.
extenSiVe recording functionality
the dnr-322’s clear interface allows for easy configuration including compression, resolution, and frame rate for all connected cameras. once the cameras
have been set up, recordings can be made continuously, or according to a user-defined schedule. the nVr also provides event recording based on specific
triggers such as when motion is detected.
mydlink network Video recorder

Simplified SurVeillance Video management
wHat tHiS product doeS
tecHnical SpecificationS
the d-link dnr-322l is a standalone
firmware SpecificationS
remote playback control
network Video recorder (nVr) which can

ƒ playback with normal, fast forward/rewind and step forward/
record footage simultaneously from up to
nine multi-channel network cameras and

ƒ linux
remote playback
allow you to view this footage, thus allowing
Supported cameraS

ƒ Supported via ie and nVr client
you to keep track of different locations

ƒ Supports all d-link network cameras. includes support for

ƒ playback system with timeline gui, search by event, area,
easily. you can also view this footage
auto-discovery, and up to 3 megapixel resolution.
cameras, date and time
online from a remote location using a web

ƒ internet explorer and
browser through mydlink. the dnr-322l is
recording performance
nVr client support 1-channel playback
a convenient storage solution for network

ƒ max. capacity
(nVr mode only):

ƒ digital zoom
camera footage and eliminates the need for

ƒ H.264 1080p (bitrate):
a dedicated pc.
oVerwrite recording
90 mbps

ƒ auto recycling when disk storage is full

ƒ H.264 720p (bitrate):
d-Viewcam nVr Software
90 mbps
file export
the d-Viewcam nVr software bundled

ƒ mjpeg 1080p (frame rate):

ƒ export videos to aVi or aSf file
90 fps
with the d-link nVr consists of three main

ƒ export images to bmp or jpg file

ƒ mjpeg 720p (frame rate):
components: playback manager, backup
192 fps
uSer account
and file manager. the playback manager

ƒ max. capacity (nVr+file Server mode):

ƒ additional accounts can be created to allow user access to the
includes a clean and simple web gui

ƒ H.264 1080p (bitrate):
system, and specify authorization for camera channels, ptZ, etc
interface that allows users to play, search,
68 mbps
SyStem time
or export video. the “backup and file

ƒ H.264 720p (bitrate):

ƒ Set the system time (d-link ntp, input time, sync with computer,
manager” is a flexible backup utility that
68 mbps
daylight Saving time)
simplifies the process of backing up video

ƒ mjpeg 1080p (frame rate):
70 fps
data from the nVr to external storage.

ƒ mjpeg 720p (frame rate):
150 fps

ƒ d-link ddnS server support
camera SearcH
remote backup

ƒ remote software can backup raw data to redundant storage
ƒ upnp

ƒ auto backup of previous day’s video to ftp server
audio & Video recording

SyStem StatuS
ƒ Synchronized audio & video recording

ƒ camera status, System status
compreSSion format

ƒ Still picture emap support

ƒ H.264, mpeg-4, m-jpeg
(for supported cameras)
network SerVice protocolS

ƒ ipV4, arp, tcp, udp, icmp
Video SettingS

ƒ dHcp client

ƒ resolution, quality, frame rate, enable audio, go to camera

ƒ ntp client (d-link)

ƒ dnS client
recording type

ƒ ddnS client (d-link)

ƒ record by schedule, manual, and event-based recording

ƒ Smtp client

ƒ motion-triggered recording

ƒ Http Server

ƒ pppoe
remote liVe View

ƒ upnp

ƒ Supported via ie explorer (max. 9 simultaneous channels)

ƒ ip filtering

ƒ Supports mydlink portal (max. 1 simultaneous channel)
uSer interface
remote liVe View control

ƒ mydlink web portal -

ƒ live view, preset/go, patrol, focus, ptZ functions, snapshot, full
internet explorer 7 or newer
screen, digital zoom, e-map, multiple view (1/4/6/9/16/25/36/48)

ƒ Http web browser - internet explorer 7 or newer (32 bit oS
with duplicated carrier

ƒ nVr Search utility
mydlink network Video recorder

Simplified SurVeillance Video management
your network Setup
tecHnical SpecificationS
Hardware SpecificationS
dimenSion (w x d x H)

ƒ 115 x 146.4 x 178.5 mm
(4.53 x 5.76 x 7.03 inches)

ƒ ieee 802.3/u/z

ƒ auto mdi/mdi-x

ƒ Sata i, ii

ƒ 0.875 kg (1.93 lbs)
Hard diSk1
operating temperature

ƒ Hard disk control & management via pc

ƒ 0˚ to 55˚ c (32˚ to 131˚ f)

ƒ reformat disk
Storage temperature

ƒ raid 02

ƒ -20 to 70 ˚c (-4 to 158 ˚f)

ƒ raid 12

ƒ jbod

ƒ operating: 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
two reSet modeS

ƒ reset firmware gui button

ƒ Hw reset button (hold for 5 seconds)

ƒ ce

ƒ fcc
flaSH rom

ƒ roHS

ƒ 128 mb
package contentS

ƒ dnr-322l 2-bay mydlink nVr

ƒ 256 mb ddr ii

ƒ power adapter
network interface

ƒ ethernet cable

ƒ gigabit ethernet lan port (10/100/1000 mbps)

ƒ Quick installation guide

ƒ power cable Holder
i/o portS

ƒ cd-rom with:

ƒ rj45 port

ƒ Software

ƒ dc-in jack

ƒ product documentation

ƒ uSb port for upS status update (optional)
power adapter

ƒ dc 12V/4 a
reSet button

ƒ reset to factory default

ƒ device lock hole
power conSumption

ƒ max. power consumption: 25.20 w

ƒ Standby state max. power consumption: 0.23 w
1 Hard disks not included.
2 raid 0 and raid 1 mirroring requires the use of two internal Sata drives. to avoid data incompatibility in raid 1 operation, use identical Sata drives from
the same manufacturer. formatted drive capacity for raid 1 operation is dependant on the drive capacity of the lowest-sized drive. Some older generation
Sata drives may not be compatible. for a list of Sata drives that have been tested to work with the nVr, visit the d-link support website.
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mydlink network Video recorder