This product can be set up
using any current web browser,

i.e., Internet Explorer 5x, and
Network Attached Storage
Netscape Navigator 4x or above.

Before You Begin

1. If you purchased this storage to share your file or media with other computers, you
must have Ethernet cable or Internet environment
2. It's best to use the same computer that for configuring the DNS-312H storage. See
Appendix at the end of this Quick Installation Guide or the Manual on the CD-ROM
for setting each network adapter to automatically obtain an IP address.
Check Your Package Contents
These are the items included with your DNS-312H purchase:

DNS-312H Network Attached Storage

CD-ROM (Containing Manual and Warranty)

Ethernet (CAT5 UTP/Straight Through) cable

Using a power

supply with a
different voltage rating

12V DC Power Adapter
wil damage and void

the warranty for this

If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller.
©2004 D-Link Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective
holders. Software and specifications subject to change without notice.

Connect the DNS-312H NAS To
Your Network

A、First, connect the power adapter to the receptor at the back panel of the DNS-
312H and then plug the other end of the power adapter to a wall outlet or power
strip. The Power LED will turn ON to indicate proper operation.

B、Insert an Ethernet cable to LAN port on the back of the DNS-312H and an
available Ethernet port on the network adapter in the router/switch/hub you will
use to connect to the DNS-312H. The LED light for LAN Port will illuminate to
indicate proper connection. (Please use a straight-through cable to the LAN port)
Please make sure that your Local Area Network is already working properly.

C、USB ports can connect to one USB printer and one USB hard disk. By
connecting to USB printer, DNS-312H will become a printer server and by
connecting to USB hard disk, users can expand one more volume of hard disk.

C. USB Ports for Printer
B. LAN Port

Server/ USB HDD
Please use the Ethernet cable

Please use the USB printer cable
to connect the DNS-312H and
to c onnect the DNS-312H’s USB
the Router/Switch/hub in the

Port (for printer server) or USB
HDD for additional volume..

Reset Button
A. Receptor for
Pressing this button
Power Adapter..
restores the DNS-312H
to its original factory
default settings.

The Descriptions of LEDs

Local Network LED

Solid Light: While

Solid Light: HD is completely full (100%)
connected to LAN port

Blinking: HD is getting full ( 95% )
Blinking: While

Light off: In normal cnonditio
transferring data
Light off: Disconnected

Power LED
Solid Light: Power on
Blinking: HD
Solid Light: USB
Light off : Power off
Flash/HDD connected
Light off: HD
Blinking: Receiving data
no read/write
Light off: No USB
Flash/HDD connected

When you have completed the steps in this Quick Installation Guide,
your connected network should look similar to this:

Using The Setup Wizard

Enter the default IP
After DNS-312H installation, for each PC, the following items may need to be

Enter the default IP
After connecting the device running D-Link DNS-312H to the network and powering it
on, you can start the initialization configuration by doing the following steps:
Open the browser.
Enter the system default IP “” in the address bar.
Click “Go” to continue.


Open your Web
and Type
“” into the
URL address box. Then
press the Enter or
Return key.

Enter the default user name
In the authentication dialogue please enter the
default user “admin,” leave the password field
blank, and click “OK.”

Type “admin” for the
username and leave the
password field blank.
Click OK


The Setup Wizard (continued)

The setup wizard will help you configure the basic settings of the system in
a few steps. The settings will not take effect until you click the [Finish] button in the
last page.
Click the “Run Wizard” button to start.


Run Wizard

Enter system information

1. Enter the server name in the “Server name:” filed so you can quickly access the
storage of this system either from a Windows or a Mac OS by searching the
server name.
2. Enter the new password. If you don’t enter a password, it will remain blank as the
default value.
3. Click

Click Next


The Setup Wizard (continued)
Enter networking information
Since this is the first time you configure the system, the following networking settings
will be adopted by default:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
DNS server: empty
You can modify the settings to fit your need.

Click Next

If a DHCP server is available in the same network environment and you prefer to
obtain the networking settings for the system from the DHCP server, change the “Get
IP From” drop-down menu from Manual to DHCP and then click Next.
Setup time settings
1. Select your time zone from the “Time zone” drop-down menu.
2. Choose to enable network time synchronization protocol (NTP) or manually set
the system time.
3. Click


The Setup Wizard (continued)

Click Next

Setup network file protocol
1. Determine the Workgroup and WINS server IP here. The Workgroup should be 0
to 14 English bytes.
2. Choose the Mac OS zone. A zone is a logical grouping of devices in an AppleTalk
network. Select the zone from the dropping down menu.
3. Choose the appropriate encoding from the “code page” drop-down menu so the
clients that don’t have Unicode support installed can correctly access the system.
4. Click “Finish” for the settings to take effect.

Click Finish


Your Setup is Complete!

Finish the settings
Click OK

Click the “OK” button in the pop-up dialogue.
The following window will be displayed to indicate the DNS-312H is preparing your new

The page will then be directed to the summary page so you can review the settings that
have been set.


Technical Support
You can find software updates and user documentation on the D-Link website.
D-Link provides free technical support for customers within the United States and
within Canada for the duration of the warranty period on this product.
U.S. and Canadian customers can contact D-Link technical support through our
website, or by phone.
Tech Support for customers within the United States:
D-Link Technical Support over the Telephone:
(877) 453-5465
24 hours a day, seven days a week.
D-Link Technical Support over the Internet:
Tech Support for customers within Canada:
D-Link Technical Support over the Telephone:
(800) 361-5265
Monday to Friday 7:30am to 12:00am EST
D-Link Technical Support over the Internet: