DNS-327L Firmware Release Notes
Version: 1.04
Hardware: A1
Date: 2015/06/10

Note: My Surveillance Service will be disabled after update firmware version to 1.04. Please
re-install the surveillance add-on manually and enable the surveillance service after the add-on
installed. All previous camera setting will be remained without any change.

New Features:
1. Support Dashboard Home Page
- View storage info, system info, and resource info at a glance
2. Support New Add-on Center UI
- Displays information about all available add-ons in detail at a glance
- Easy one-click download and installation of add-on packages
- Shows upgrade icon if a new add-on version is available
3. Support Dropbox Cloud Backup Service
4. Support Syslog Server
5. Support SSH Configuration Feature
6. Support new features on mydlink portal 2.6.2
7. Support new features on new Mobile App

1. Multi-language is now built-in rather than an add-on, with auto detection feature.
2. [Management] Fixed the Б─°same account cannot log in at the same timeБ─² issue
3. [Local Backup] Continues backup task with backup log if any error is encountered.
4. [P2P Download] Increased P2P max concurrent tasks to 20 and total download tasks to 100.
5. [My Files] Intuitive drag & drop file copying
- Copy or move files/folders from the right window to the left folder tree in My Files
- Copy files from your PC through a web browser in My Files
- Double Click to open a file in My Files
6. [My Music] Optimized the read order of song tags in the My Music Album list.
7. [Security] Changed the share folder default permission for P2P downloading for FTP access.
8. [P2P] Increase BT download task number (concurrent tasks to 20 & total tasks to 100)
9. [File Sharing] Increase maximum User Account to 512, and maximum Share Folder to 512.
10. [My Music] Optimize the DLNA play order by the tag of Album->Track Number->Artist

11. Upgrade kernel to v3.2.40 and new toolchain.
12. Change default idle time(timeout) to 30 minutes
13. Shows Media Library setup wizard when My Photo or My Music is opened and the media
library is not configured yet.

Problems Resolved:
1. [Security] Several new security enhancements (including GHOST issue)
2. [mydlink] Connection issues with Mydlink and Fastweb is fixed (Italian ISP).
3. [DDNS] The free www.DynDNS.org service is no longer offered and has been removed.
4. Other bug fixes

Version: 1.03
Hardware: A1
Date: 2014/07/22

New Features:
Problems Resolved:
[Security] The port parameter of login_mgr.cgi has been fixed.
[Multimedia] Missing Multimedia Share Folder List is fixed
[DDNS] The free www.DynDNS.org service is no longer offered and has been removed.

Version: 1.02
Hardware: A1
Date: 2014/04/22

New Features:
Problems Resolved:
1. Fixed OpenSSL heart bleed issue


Version: 1.01
Hardware: A1
Date: 2013/12/13

New Features:
1. Add Google Drive sync function
2. Add System services page
3. Register a mydlink account through NAS Web GUI
4. Xunlei add-on is integrated on DNS-327L (for CN model)

1. [My surveillance]
. Support camera models DCS-7010L/DCS-2310L/DCS-2332L/DCS-6010L
. Support camera models DCS-2132L/ DCS-931L/ DCS-933L/ DCS-5010L/ DCS-5020L
. Supports generic D-Link model which complies NIPCA protocol
. Enhance camera list UI in "Camera setup", "Audio and video" and "Recording Setup"
2. [Multimedia] Enhance Contents Aggregation (pause/resume, show current processing file name,
how many file remains)
3. [Amazon S3] Support multiple upload function
4. [P2P] open P2P function in the new tab
5. [HTTP Download] Length of http download URL limitation from 256 to 1024
6. [Web GUI] Enhance storage space used info at home page
7. [Web GUI] Be able to log-in at NAS by pressing "Enter" on keyboard
8. [System Event] Latest log should appear on top of the list at home page
9. Update media library
10. Enable my surveillance center function in landing page

Problems Resolved:
1. Fixed unable to perform RAID migration from single disk to RAID1 disk volume
2. Fixed NAS can't be accessed via the SSL port after SSL port be changed and reboot
3. Fixed web security issue
4. Fixed system configuration cannot import with SAMBA configuration setting issue
5. Fixed accessing FTP files via IE browser security issue
6. Fixed FTP server cannot auto update with DNR-322L issue
7. Fixed P2P service causes CPU 100% loading while downloading torrent files

Firmware: 1.00

Hardware: A1
Date: 2013/4/9

First DNS-327L firmware release.

New Features:
Problems Resolved:
Known Issues: