DNS-6040(M) Release Notes


Main Modified and Changes Introduction

Mar. 2003

DNS-6040(M) Release Notes_ SFfB1.1.8-1.0200

01. Modified: One e-mail notification for HDD initialization failures has been added.
Subject: Initialization of disk %DISK_ID% on %HOSTNAME% has failed.
Dear user, The initialization of disk %DISK_ID% on %HOSTNAME% has failed. It
could have resulted from a damaged disk or an empty tray.

02. Newly added: Local Tape Backup is supported in this release. Three compatible
tape drives have been verified:
1. SONY SDX-700c
2. HP DAT 40e
3. Tandberg DLT 7000

03. Modified: The character space for the user account name has been extended fro
15 to 64 characters. The hint portion in the management user interface has also
been modified.

04. Modified: An indicator on the [Volume Management > Home Setup] page has
been added to avoid webpage timeout when the account number is considerably
too large.

05. Modified: With the maximum number of 2.048 users, synchronization of the
Windows PDC account list can be time consuming. Therefore the synchronization
time has been changed from every 15 minutes to every 60 minutes to improve

06. Modified: When a volume account is created, 1% of the total space will be
reserved for necessary root operations, which includes access via the web user
interface and read/write (and delete) functions for data, after the system is full.

07. Newly added: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is supported in this release. The FTP
connection client number is limited to 512 users to fit the design of the NAS
server total client number list.

08. Newly added: This version supports account names with spaces.

09. Newly added: The maximum user account numbers has been changed from 512
to 2,048 (business version only).

10. Modified feature: When a new HDD is added to the system, the system will only
retry once to obtain HDD status, so that HDD detection will not be suspended.

11. Modified feature: The maximum file size for Novell files has been changed from
2GB to 4GB.

12. Newly added feature: Backup support scheduling has been added to the client
backup utility.

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