D-Link VisualStream™
330K Pixel PC Camera

Ver. 1.00


Package Contents---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
Getting To Know Your VisualStreamTM PC Camera-----------------------------------2
Features and Benefits------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2

How to Use Your D-Link VisualStreamTM Camera ---------------------------- 2
How to Install MSN Messenger -------------------------------------------------------- ----3
Using Your PC Camera with MSN Messenger---------------------------------------------4

How to Install VP –EYE4.0------------------------------------------------------------------4
Application Panel settings---------------------------------------------------------------------5
Managing video data---------------------------------------------------------------------------5
Monitoring a view (Video Monitor 2.0)-----------------------------------------------------5
Recording a Video (Video E-Mail)-----------------------------------------------------------6
Playing with your camera (Video Games)---------------------------------------------------7
Black Jack----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
Making a photo album (Photo EZ)------------------------------------------------------------8
Sending a greeting card (Photo Greeting Cards)--------------------------------------------9
Having fun with your photos (Photo Special Effects)--------------------------------------9
Video Movie Studio----------------------------------------------------------------------------10
Digital Movie Producer------------------------------------------------------------------------10

Package Contents

Contents of Package
D-Link DSB-C320 330K Pixel PC Camera
USB 1.1 Cable
CD-ROM (containing Drivers, Installation Guide, Manual, Application Software and
D-Link Quick Installation Guide
If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller.
System Requirements

Pentium III 500 MHz, Celeron, AMD Athlon processor, or higher

64MB RAM (or minimum OS requirement whichever is higher)

Microsoft Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE

Microsoft DirectX 8.1b or higher

Update Service Pack

200MB free hard drive space

CD-ROM drive

USB Port (USB specification version 1.1)

24Bit color display adapter

Windows compatible sound card and speakers (full duplex sound card recommended)

Thank you for purchasing the D-Link DSB-C320 PC Camera. The DSB-C320 is a complete
audiovisual solution for all of your e-communications. Talk to your family, friends, and
colleagues face-to-face over the Internet, create videos, digital photo albums, and more, all the
software needed to start creating digital content and enabling video communication is included.
This manual will guide you through the features of your new PC Camera and provides step by step
instructions for getting you started with the bundled VP-EYE 4.0.


Getting To Know Your VisualStreamTM PC Camera

Features and Benefits
High Resolution 640x480 Pixels
Snapshot Button For Easy Still Image Capture
Built-In Audio Microphone
Versatile Clip Base Design For Notebook, LCD Panel Monitor & Desktop PC
VP-EYE 4.0 Software Included
Video Chat and Conferencing Capability with MSN Messenger
Add Video Messages to Your Email
Create Digital Photo Albums & Photo Greeting Card
Video Monitor Security

How to Use Your D-Link VisualStreamTM Camera
Press the snapshot button located on top of the camera to call out the device of D-Link

Click OK
Choose the proper image
application to preview image.

Choose the mode of “50Hz” or “60Hz” according to your power source environment or video
output signal system to avoid the blurry image.
Amcap Option Video Capture Filter
Click OK

Turn the manual focus ring to adjust the image.
Press the snapshot button to capture a single frame.

How to Install MSN Messenger
Please log on to http://messenger.msn.com to download.
For Windows 98Second Edition/Me/2000 Users
After the installation package is downloaded to your computer, follow the instructions to
install MSN Messenger.
After the installation is completed, click Start, point to Programs, and click Windows

For Windows XP Users
Click Start, point to Programs, and click Windows Messenger.
After you run Messenger for the first time, you can add friends to your list and send
instant messages.


Using Your PC Camera with MSN Messenger

Plug the PC camera into your PC first.
For Windows 98Second Edition/Me/2000 Users
Click “Messenger” to go to the main screen. You are now ready to have a Video
Conversation with MSN Messenger.
For Windows XP Users
Click “Messenger” to go to the main screen, click Actions, click Start a
Video Conversation
and you are ready to have a Video Conversation with Messenger.
If you need more information or instructions on how to use a specific feature or tool,
click the “Help” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
Getting Started with VP-EYE 4.0

All applications can be started from the Application Panel. The Application Panel can be started
by clicking on the VP-EYE icon or by using the Start menu. If you are using the Start menu,
select Programs followed by VP-EYE. Once the Application Panel appears, there are ten
applications to select from:
1. Video Monitor
6. Photo Greeting Cards
2. Video E-Mail
7. Photo Special Effects
3. Video Games
8. Photo EZ
4. Video Movie Studio
9. Browser
5. Digital Movie Producer
10. NetMeeting
*Your CD may not have some of the above programs due to the version of software package
How to Install VP-EYE 4.0
Simply put the provided software CD into your CD drive. The set-up software will automatically
start, prompting you through the steps to install the video and photo software. You may enter the
selection for the destination folder, the Start menu, Programs group and other set-up options. The
set-up process will copy the applications to the destination folder. Note if Windows auto-run
feature has been turned off on your computer, you will need to start the Setup.exe application on the
software CD.

Click Install VP-EYE 4.0 Software

Click OK

Click Finish

Application Panel settings
Click Settings button to access the Application Panel settings. Use the Settings dialog to change
the video driver, language, sound, start menu and auto-run options.
Managing video data
Click Browser button to start the Browser. Use the Browser to view, arrange, remove, drag and
drop, capture and sort video data within your video folders.

Monitoring a view (Video Monitor 2.0)
The Video Monitor can be used in many ways, such as video monitoring, recording and playback.

Close– close the Video Monitor
Message indicator – show whether you have new messages
Security indicator – show whether security mode is working
Minimize– minimize the Video Monitor window to an icon on the toolbar
On top/Not on top– force Video Monitor always on top of the desktop or not.
Setting– change the video monitor settings (General, Timer, Security, Message, Alarm)
Playback– retrieve captured image data
Help– explain how to use Video Player
Message– start recording a video message
Security– enter into security mode
Recording a Video (Video E-Mail)
The Video E-Mail is your digital recorder. Set the video size and start recording. Amazingly
simple, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. You may record and save the video to a
file or better yet, email it to a friend.

Size– set video size
Play– play current captured video

Pause– pause current video, press play to resume
Stop– stop playing video or cutting process.
Record– start recording captured video
Save– save video in the file
Email– send compressed video to email
Setting– set options for video source, recording time limit and compression

Well, this is very important! First, we really like compressed files, right? Compressed files take
up less room and are easy to copy and email. The problem is you have to decompress your video
when you want to view it.
“No problem! I compressed it, thus I can decompress it!”
Yes, you are correct! The problem is, can your friends decompress your video. Imagine you
email your favourite video to a friend. You know he/she will really like your video. Later, you
find out your friend deleted the file because they thought it was corrupted. So, what was the
problem? Simple, your friend did not have the right decompression software.
Therefore, you may attach the player program mmvem.exe while sending the e-mail. This program
decompresses the video and audio data, shows the video on your screen. It is easy to download the
player from our web site if someone cannot open the VEM file created by Video E-Mail program.

Playing with your camera (Video Games)
Do you like video games? Gophers, Black Jack, and Fishing are three popular
games included in this software package. All three work with your camera.
Important: For best results playing any of these games, move the camera to a position where
you can easily move your hands in front of the camera. Before the game logo appears, the
camera will be calibrated. During the calibration, it is important not to move the camera.
After proper calibration, the camera will be more capable of detecting your hand movements.

Requires a camera to play. Object of the game is to hit the gophers. Beware of snakes.

Black Jack
Requires a camera to play. Object of the game is to get 21 or less. Be careful, you have to have
more points than the dealer to win. Same rules as Las Vegas 21.

Requires a camera and a mouse to play. Object of the game is to find matching photo cards. Use
the camera to make your own photo cards, and then send your game to a friend.

Making a photo album (Photo EZ)
Use Photo EZ to create one or more photo albums. Each photo can include additional information
like date, author, place and other comments. Looking for a certain photo in all your albums?

Search will look for all photos matching your search criteria. In addition, you can apply basic and
special effects to your photos.

Sending a greeting card (Photo Greeting Cards)
Use Photo Greeting Cards to create electronic cards. Photo Greeting Cards has 20 categories
containing over 100 different cards. Give it a try! Select a card, add some text, add your voice
then make some final changes. There you have it, … an electronic card! Next, send it to your
family or a friend.
Select a category then select a card.
Photo– add a photo, maybe a snapshot of you
Record– add background music or record your voice
Flip– flip your photo side to side
Scale scroll bar – adjust the size of your photo
Opacity scroll bar – adjust the background of your photo
Save– save your card to a file
Print– print your card on paper
Email– send your card to a friend

Having fun with your photos (Photo Special Effects)
Use Photo Special Effects to add special effects to your photos. Photo Special Effects has more
than 50 different special effects. The effects are separated into color manipulation, transformation
and blurring categories. It is fun, easy and fast to add special effects to your favourite photos.

Open– open a photo image file.
Undo– remove the last applied special effect
Redo– reapply the last removed special effect
Reset– reset the image to the original photo
Save– save the result to a file
Close – close Photo Special Effects
Capture – capture a photo from the camera
Special Effect– add special effects to the photo.

Video Movie Studio
Video Movie Studio is a program to convert the input video and audio data into a standard
MPEG-1format. The advantage of using this kind of format is that other program can decode and
playback the video and audio data. You may also use this format of file to make the VCD disc.
Program layout–switch between two kinds of layout.
Program position–place the control window on top or bottom of the screen
Record–start recording the video and audio input data.
Play–playback the recorded MPEG–1 data.
Stop–stop recording
Save–save the recorded video into a file.
Clear–clear the recorded data.
Setting–select the options of this program.
Compression–select the option of compression scheme.
Open–Open an MPEG-1file.
Timer–select the start time and length of recording.
Volume control–control the volume level of microphone and speaker.
Digital Movie Producer
It is a powerful and easy-to-use program for editing and converting video data. The user interface is
simple. It may convert the photos acquired by digital camera into a video file. You may also add

photo in the video stream or put two video streams into one. It allows you to add music and record
the sound into the video file. Anyone can enjoy the fun of making video file by a few steps of this
Open–open an existing video file.
Save–save the result into a file.
Play–play the result of video file.
Select–select the input source of camera.
Acquire–download the photos from the PC amera.
Convert–convert the photo and audio data into video stream.
Record sound–record the sound from the microphone or line-in device.
Add soundopen a sound file and add it into the video stream.
Clear–clear the selected photos.