This product can be used with:
Windows XP, Me, 2000, 98SE
D-Link Dual-Mode
Before You Begin
You must have at least the following:

Windows XP/Me/2000/98SE

One available USB Port

CD-ROM Drive
Check Your Package Contents
These are the items included with your purchase:
If any of the below items are missing, please contact your reseller.
• D-Link DSC-2000 Dual-Mode Camera
(containing Drivers, PDF Installation Guide,
PDF Manual, and Warranty)

Run the Driver CD before you install the PC Camera.The
Driver CD contains an installation program that simplifies your
installation process.

Insert the D-Link CD-ROM
Into Your Computer
Turn on your computer and Insert the D-Link DSC-2000 Dual-Mode Camera Driver
in the CD-ROM drive.
Do NOT install the PC Camera into your PC before
installing the driver software on the D-Link CD!

Click Install Driver
If the Autorun screen does not automatically start, click on Start > Run,
enter “D:\Autorun.exe” and click OK. “D” represents the letter of your CD-
ROM drive. Replace it if your CD-ROM drive is a different letter.

Click Next
Click Finish

Connect the Camera To Your PC
With your computer ON, Connect the Digital Camera to an available USB port on your
USB host adapter or USB hub. (You may also use a USB extension cable for easy access)
Windows XP Users
Follow these steps to
complete installation .
Click Next
Accept Windows choice of
drivers (highlighted)
Click Next

Click Continue Anyway
Click Finish
To verify installation,
right-click on My
Device Manager
the Digital Camera will
show up in Imaging

Windows 2000 & ME Users
The DSC-2000 driver installation will proceed automatically for Windows 2000 &
Me users.
Windows 98SE Users
Click Next
Click Next
Click Next
Click Next

Click Finish
This screen may
appear during
Click Yes
The Installation is Complete!
Once properly installed, you are ready to start immediately capturing images and
creating video with the DSC-2000.
Please refer to the DSC-2000 Manual on the CD included with this product for
information on how to install and use the ArcSoft VideoImpression and ArcSoft
PhotoImpression software.

Technical Support
You can find the most recent software and user
documentation on the D-Link website.
D-Link provides free technical support for customers
within the United States for the duration of the warranty
period on this product.
U.S. customers can contact D-Link technical support
through our web site or by phone.
D-Link Technical Support over the Telephone:
(877) 45D-LINK
(877) 453-5465
24 hours a day, seven days a week
D-Link Technical Support over the Internet:
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