cReate a HigH-PeRfoRmance WiReless netWoRk
RangeBoosteR n™ 650 access Point
totaL PeRFoRMance
totaL secURitY
totaL coVeRage
create a wireless network with 802.11n
complete set of security features including WPa2 to protect
Provides greater wireless signal rates at
technology for total network performance
your network against outside intruders
farther distances for best-in-class network
Ultimate PeRfoRmance
the D-link RangeBooster ntm 650 access Point DaP-1353 is an 802.11n compliant device that delivers real world performance of up to 650% faster than 802.11g
wireless connections and transmission rates faster than 100 mbps wired ethernet.1 Providing connectivity for wireless computer users and wireless lan
nodes such as print servers on the 2.4 gHz frequency band, this access Point provides fast wireless performance while remaining fully compatible with 802.11g
and 802.11b devices. connect this RangeBooster ntm 650 access Point to an internet-enabled wired network and wirelessly share high-speed internet access.
for superior performance, add other RangeBooster ntm 650 devices such as the RangeBooster ntm 650 notebook and desktop adapters, and enable wireless
coverage that extends to virtually every corner of your home or office.
eXtenDeD Home netWoRk coVeRage
Powered by RangeBooster ntm 650 technology, this high-performance access Point provides superior network coverage while minimizing dead spots. Utilize
the three adjustable antennas to configure optimal settings specific to your environment. the RangeBooster ntm 650 access Point is designed for use in bigger
homes/offices and for users that demand higher networking performance.
easY to setUP, easY to Use
D-link’s setup Wizard guides you step-by-step through the installation process. configure this access Point without having to call a networking expert to help
you. create an 802.11n wireless network with a data throughput capable of intense gaming, audio/video streaming, and large file transfers. Delivering best-in-
class wireless performance, superior network security, and enhanced network coverage, the RangeBooster ntm 650 access Point is an integral piece for your
next generation wireless network.
RangeBoosteR n™ 650 access Point

cReate a HigH-PeRfoRmance WiReless netWoRk
Access Point Mode
Wireless Client Mode
Wireless PCs using the DAP-1353 as a
Ethernet-enabled gaming console using the DAP-1353 as
central connection point
a wireless interface to access the Internet
WDS Mode
WDS with AP Mode
lan 1
lan 2
lan 1
lan 2
Connecting two separate LANs together through two DAP-1353 units
Connecting two separate LANs together through two DAP-1353 units
(Wireless PCs cannot access the DAP-1353 units)
(Wireless PCs can access the DAP-1353 units)
RangeBoosteR n™ 650 access Point

cReate a HigH-PeRfoRmance WiReless netWoRk
WHat tHis PRoDUct Does
tecHnical sPecifications
Wirelessly share internet access by
connecting the RangeBooster ntm 650

ƒ Wi-fi Protected access (WPa, WPa2)
access Point to an existing internet-

ƒ ieee 802.11n

ƒ mac address filtering

ƒ 319 grams (0.705 lb)
enabled wired network. for superior

ƒ ieee 802.11g

ƒ 4 ssiDs for network segmentation
oPeRating temPeRatURe
performance, use the RangeBooster ntm 650

ƒ ieee 802.11b

ƒ ssiD broadcast disable function

ƒ 0 to 40 °c (32 to 104 ºf)
access Point with other RangeBooster ntm

ƒ ieee 802.3

ƒ 802.1Q Vlan tagging
650 devices and enable a wireless coverage

ƒ ieee 802.3u
oPeRation moDes
stoRage temPeRatURe
that extends to virtually every corner of your

ƒ ieee 802.3ab

ƒ -20 to 65 °c (-4 to 149 ºf)
ƒ access Point
home or office.
fReQUencY Range

ƒ WDs with aP
oPeRating HUmiDitY
Ultimate PeRfoRmance

ƒ 2412 to 2462 mHz (north america)

ƒ WDs

ƒ 10% to 90% (non-condensing)

ƒ 2412 to 2472 mHz (general europe)

ƒ Wireless client
Based on ieee 802.11n specifications,
stoRage HUmiDitY
D-link’s RangeBooster n
emission scHemes
Qos & PeRfoRmance enHancement
tm 650 technology

ƒ 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
delivers real world performance that is

ƒ Dsss

ƒ Wmm (Wi-fi multimedia)

emi ceRtifications
650% faster than 802.11g for best-in-class
ƒ ofDm
ƒ User limit

ƒ Qos

ƒ fcc class B
home network coverage.1
Data moDUlation scHemes

ƒ ce

ƒ DBPsk, DQPsk, cck and ofDm
DeVice management

ƒ ic

ƒ (BPsk/QPsk/16-Qam/64-Qam)

ƒ internet explorer 6 or later;
mozilla firefox v1.5 or later;

ƒ c-tick
Data Rates1
or other Java-enabled browsers
safetY ceRtification

ƒ Reset button
ƒ 802.11g: 6/9/12/18/24/36/48/54 mbps

ƒ snmP

ƒ csa

ƒ 802.11b: 1/2/5.5/11 mbps

ƒ telnet

ƒ 802.11n: 30/60/90/120/180/240/270/300

ƒ ssl/ssH protocol support

ƒ aP manager ii
tYPical tRansmit oUtPUt PoWeR2

ƒ fcc: 18 dBm

ƒ Power

ƒ etsi: 12 dBm

ƒ Wlan

ƒ lan

ƒ 3 detachable 3 dBi gain dipole antennas
PoWeR inPUt
(RP-sma connectors)

ƒ 5 V Dc 2.5 a through external power
etHeRnet inteRface

ƒ 10/100/1000Base-tX port

ƒ 198 (l) x 120 (W) x 32 mm (H)
(7.8 x 4.72 x 1.26 inches)

ƒ 64/128-bit WeP data encryption
1 maximum wireless signal rate derived from ieee standard 802.11g and 802.11n specifications. actual data throughput will vary. network conditions and
environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate. all
references to speed are for comparison purposes only.
2 maximum output power setting varies according to individual countries.
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RangeBoosteR n™ 650 access Point