liVe ViDeo moNiToriNG From aNYWHere
Wireless N H.264 PTZ NeTWork Camera
VersaTile imaGiNG
CoNVeNieNT remoTe moNiToriNG
maXimiZeD eFFiCieNCY
Capture as much action as possible thanks
multiple codecs allow you to configure a video stream
The H.264 codec uses significantly
to pan/tilt and 10x optical zoom
compatible with your computer or 3G mobile device
less bandwidth relative to earlier video
compression technologies
a HiGH-PerFormaNCe sUrVeillaNCe solUTioN
The DCs-5605/DCs-5635 is a high performance camera for professional surveillance and remote monitoring. This network camera features motorized pan, tilt,
and optical/digital zoom for ultimate versatility. The 10x optical zoom lens delivers the level of clarity necessary to identify faces, license plate numbers, and
other important details that are difficult to clearly distinguish using digital zoom alone.
To maximize bandwidth efficiency and improve image quality, the DCs-5605/5635 offers real-time video compression in mJPeG, mPeG-4, and H.264 formats.
The H.264 codec can reduce the size of a video stream by up to 80% compared to motion JPeG. Thus, less network bandwidth and storage space is required.
sUrVeillaNCe oN THe Go
The DCs-5605/5635 supports 3GPP mobile surveillance. a live feed from the camera can be accessed on a 3G cellular network using a compatible phone, PDa
or mobile device capable of rTsP (real Time streaming Protocol) streaming. This enables you to monitor your home or office space in real time even when you
are on the go.
THe PerFeCT maTCH For YoUr NeTWork
Two comparable models are available depending on your unique network requirements. The DCs-5605 includes an ethernet port, while the DCs-5635 offers
both ethernet and 802.11n wireless interfaces. The wireless model offers installation flexibility and freedom of wireless connectivity in difficult locations
without the hassle of running ethernet cables. The wireless camera supports WeP and WPa-Psk/TkiP for establishing secure connections to your wireless
easY To iNsTall aND simPle To maNaGe
The DCs-5605/DCs-5635 can be mounted on a flat surface or with a metal wall mount. manage and monitor up to 32 cameras using D-link’s D-ViewCam
software. You can also set up automated e-mail alerts to be instantly informed of unusual activities. in addition, this network camera supports the Universal
Plug-n-Play feature, which allows computers running on Windows XP/Vista to automatically recognize the camera and add it to the network. sign up with one
of the free Dynamic DNs services available on the web, to assign a name and domain to the camera (for example, This way, you
may remotely access the camera without having to remember the iP address.
Wireless N H.264 PTZ NeTWork Camera

liVe ViDeo moNiToriNG From aNYWHere
WHaT THis ProDUCT Does
The DCs-5605/DCs-5635 is a professional
iP surveillance solution which connects
to your network to provide high-quality
live video over the internet. The camera
apparatus supports precise high-speed
pan/tilt/zoom functionality for extensive
allows you to connect
to a WPs router
monitoring and object tracking.
reseT sWiTCH
PoWer soCkeT
resets the camera
Connects to the DC adapter
keY FeaTUres
to default settings
eTHerNeT PorT
miCroPHoNe PorT

ƒ multiple H.264 streams
Connects to the network
Connects to a microphone
DiGiTal i/o CoNNeCTor
liNe/ViDeo oUT PorT

ƒ Pan and tilt camera with 10x optical zoom
Connects to i/o devices
Connects to the a/V cable
and auto focus
to use with a TV or DVr

ƒ micro sD card slot for local storage
TeCHNiCal sPeCiFiCaTioNs

ƒ 3GPP mobile surveillance

ƒ 802.11n wireless connectivity*
PaCkaGe CoNTeNTs

ƒ ieee 802.11b: 11, 5.5,2, 1

ƒ WPs support*

ƒ internet Camera

ƒ security: WeP, WPa-Psk,

ƒ omni-directional Frequency

ƒ 12V/2a external Power
20 to 20,000 Hz

ƒ auto-select or manual

ƒ supports WPs

ƒ s/N ratio: over 58dB
YoUr NeTWork seTUP

ƒ CaT5 ethernet cable

ƒ Transmit ion: 2TX, 2rX

ƒ Quick installation Guide

ƒ Data rate:

ƒ 12 VDC, 2 a

ƒ link/Power/WPs
ƒ master CD

ƒ ieee 802.11n: From mCs0 to

ƒ a/V Cable
PoWer CoNsUmPTioN

ƒ Plate

ƒ ieee 802.11g: 54, 48, 36, 24,

ƒ iPv4, arP, TCP, UDP, iCmP,

ƒ 100-240 VaC, 50/60 Hz, 0.4 a

ƒ mounting screws
18, 12, 9, 6 mbps
DHCP Client, NTP Client

ƒ ieee 802.11b: 11, 5.5,2, 1
(D-link), DNs Client, DDNs
sYsTem reQUiremeNTs
Camera sPeCiFiCaTioNs
Client (D-link), smTP Client,

ƒ operating system: Windows

ƒ image sensor: 1/4-inch Color

ƒ auto-select or manual
FTP Client, HTTP server,
XP, Vista, Windows 7
CCD sensor, De-interlace

ƒ output Power
samba Client, PPPoe, UpnP

ƒ Browser: internet explorer,
scan mode

ƒ 12 dBm@11n (Typical)
Port Forwarding, rTP, rTsP,
Firefox, mozilla or opera

ƒ lens Type: 10x optical Zoom

ƒ 12 dBm@11g (Typical)

ƒ 3GPP mobile Phone
Fixed lens

ƒ 16 dBm@11b (Typical)

ƒ Digital Zoom: 16x
DimeNsioNs (l x W x H)

ƒ sensitivity

ƒ NTsC: 704x480 / 352x240 /

ƒ 3a Control: aGC, aWB, aes

ƒ 140.3 x 136.1 x 140.1 mm

ƒ 802.11n: Packet error rate <
176x120 : 30 fps

ƒ electronic shutter speed:
10%, mCs6 < -66 dBm

ƒ Pal: 704x576 / 352x288 /
NTsC: 1/60sec~ 1/120,000
176x144 : 25 fps

ƒ 802.11g: Packet error rate <

ƒ DCs-5650: 810 g
Pal: 1/50sec~ 1/120,000 sec
10%, 54mbps < -66 dBm

ƒ DCs-5635: 855 g

CoDeC sUPPorT:

ƒ 802.11b: Packet error rate <
ƒ minimum illumination:

ƒ mPeG4/mJPeG/H.264
Color: 0.7 lux / F1.8
8%, 11mbps < -82 dBm
oPeraTiNG TemPeraTUre
B/W: 0.02 lux / F1.8

ƒ antenna

ƒ 0° to 40° (32° to 104°)

ƒ JPeG for still image

ƒ iCr support

ƒ Connector: mHF
sToraGe TemPeraTUre

ƒ Pan angle: +/- 165 degrees

ƒ operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Tilt angle: -87 to +34 degrees
ƒ -20° to 70° (-4° to 158°)

ƒ laN, microphone, i/o, line/

ƒ Field of View (approximate)
Video out, microsD, WPs,
oPeraTiNG HUmiDiTY
Horizontal: 51° (Wide) to

ƒ Two-way audio

ƒ 20%-80% rH non-
6° (Tele)

ƒ external audio in
Vertical: 40° (Wide) to 4°

ƒ external audio out
DaTa raTes*

ƒ Gsm-amr: 12.2kbps, PCm:

ƒ ieee 802.11n:
Diagonal: 63° (Wide) to 7°
From mCs0 to mCs15


ƒ ieee 802.11g:

ƒ iC
ƒ Privacy mask: 3 Zones
54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6

ƒ Ce

ƒ C-Tick
* only available on DCs-5635
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Wireless N H.264 PTZ NeTWork Camera