liVe ViDeo moNitoriNg from aNywhere
Day & Night VaNDal-Proof fixeD Dome Network Camera
wireD Poe aCCeSS
Day & Night fUNCtioNality
triPle CoDeC & mUltiPle ProfileS
Built-in 802.3af compliant Power over
the built-in infrared Cut removable (iCr) filter provides
optimized image quality and bandwidth
ethernet (Poe) module, for a simple and
day/night functionality, providing color images during
efficiency with separate profiles for web
cost effective installation
the day and grayscale images in low-light conditions
viewing, 3gPP mobile viewing, and recording
roUND-the-CloCk SUrVeillaNCe
the D-link DCS-6510 is a fixed dome day and night network camera, ideal for small-to-medium business applications and remote monitoring over the internet.
the camera employs a superior CmoS sensor with low lux sensitivity to deliver a truly superior image quality under varied lighting conditions. the DCS-6510 is
equipped with a BNC video connector for an analog video signal, and Di/Do (digital input/digital output) connectors for external alarms and sensors.
high-qUality ViDeo feeDS
to maximize bandwidth efficiency and improve image quality, the DCS-6510 provides real-time video compression using the mJPeg, mPeg-4 and h.264
codecs. furthermore, the DCS-6510 supports 3 separate profiles for simultaneous video streaming and is capable of recording in mJPeg, mPeg-4 and h.264
compression at Vga resolution. this kind of versatility enables a wide variety of security applications. for example, keep an eye on your home during lunch
through a 3gPP enabled mobile device, or fine-tune your security system in real-time over the local network. you may also remotely manage a directory of
recorded video files on a network attached storage (NaS) device or SD card.
flexiBle iNStallatioN
Power over ethernet (Poe) connectivity allows for discreet installation in virtually any indoor location. this camera’s built-in 802.3af compliant Poe module
eases the installation process by reducing the need to drill holes or lay additional cabling. in addition, the 10/100BaSe-tx ethernet port seamlessly connects to
local network or to the internet via a gateway router. this camera can be accessed and viewed from any network place as a device on the network.
remoVaBle ir CUt filter for CoNtiNUoUS moNitoriNg
the iCr filter can be manually applied via the web, or set to automatically adjust based on lightning conditions. this feature allows the camera to capture crisp
color images during the daytime, and grayscale images in low-light conditions.
CeNtralizeD maNagemeNt with D-ViewCam™
the included D-link D-ViewCam™ is sophisticated video management software which enables you to manage up to 32 network cameras, set e-mail alert
notifications, create recording schedules, and trigger motion detection to record directly to your hard drive. D-ViewCam™ also allows you to upload a floor
plan of your business, and create a realistic layout according to the locations of your cameras, further simplifying the management process.
Day & Night VaNDal-Proof fixeD Dome Network Camera

liVe ViDeo moNitoriNg from aNywhere
what thiS ProDUCt DoeS
etherNet JaCk
the DCS-6510 Day & Night Vandal-
rJ-45 connector for ethernet which can also be used
Proof fixed Dome Network Camera is a
to power the camera using Power over ethernet (Poe)
professional iP surveillance solution which
connects to your network to provide high-
analog video output
quality live video over the internet. a low lux
Power CoNNeCtor
sensor and iCr technology ensure that the
Connects to 12 V DC Power adapter
images captured are clear and sharp at all
times of the day or night.
Power wiriNg
key featUreS
Connects to 24 V aC power
iNfrareD leDS

aUDio wiriNg
ƒ Up to 30 frames Per Second
illuminates the camera's
field of view at night
audio input / output

ƒ ir-Cut removable (iCr) filter for Day/
Di/Do wiriNg
i/o connectors for external devices

ƒ Support for multiple simultaneous streams

ƒ Built-in Samba Client

ƒ SD Card Slot
VaNDal-Proof CoVer
Camera leNS
Protects the camera from damage

ƒ Digital i/o support for Sensors and alarms
DC iris varifocal lens

ƒ Built-in 802.3af Poe
teChNiCal SPeCifiCatioNS

ƒ advanced Security and Network
geNeral SPeCifiCatioN
BUilt-iN Network iNterfaCe
oPeratioN temPeratUre

ƒ 3 Configurable Privacy masks

ƒ 1/4” CmoS Sensor
ƒ 10/100BaSe-tx fast ethernet
ƒ -20 to 50 ˚C (-4 to 122 ˚f)

ƒ Support for motion Detection

ƒ removable ir-cut filter: auto/Schedule/
ViDeo CoDeCS
Storage temPeratUre

ƒ flip & mirror images
ƒ h.264
ƒ -20 to 70 ˚C (-4 to 158 ˚f)

ƒ 3a Control: agC, awB, aeS
ƒ mPeg4
yoUr Network SetUP

ƒ BlC: Backlight compensation
relatiVe hUmiDity
ƒ mJPeg

ƒ Built-in ir leD (20 meter)
ƒ 20% to 80% non-condensing
ƒ JPeg for still images

ƒ DC iris Varifocal 3.7 ~ 12 mm, f 1.4 ~ 2.8
View aNgle
ƒ fCC
ƒ 640 x 480 at up to 30 fps

ƒ Vertical: 56.9° (w) ~ 17.1° (t)
ƒ Ce
ƒ 320 x 240 at up to 30 fps

ƒ horizontal: 76.9° (w) ~ 22.7° (t)
ƒ 160 x 120 at up to 30 fps
moUNtiNg aCCeSSorieS

ƒ Diagonal: 97.6° (w) ~ 28.4° (t)
(Not iNClUDeD with Camera)
ViDeo featUreS
ir leD
ƒ DCS-33-1
ƒ adjustable image size, quality and bit

ƒ 20 meter illumination distance with 12
ƒ height: 60 mm (2.36 inches)
leDs and light sensor
ƒ Diameter: 190 mm (7.48 inches)
ƒ time stamp and text overlays
ƒ weight: 272.5 g (0.60 lbs)
miNimUm illUmiNatioN:
ƒ 3 configurable privacy masks
ƒ DCS-33-2

ƒ Color: 0.2 lux (f1.4)
ƒ flip & mirror
ƒ height: 25 mm (0.98 inches)

ƒ B/w: 0.02 lux (f1.4) without ir leD
aUDio CoDeCS
ƒ Diameter: 190 mm (7.48 inches)

ƒ B/w: 0 lux with ir leD on
ƒ g.726
ƒ weight: 167.5 g (0.36 lbs)
3-axiS aNgle:
ƒ g.711
ƒ DCS-33-3

ƒ Vertical: 120
Power iNPUt
ƒ height: 201 mm (7.91 inches)

ƒ horizontal: 340
ƒ Diameter: 150 mm (5.90 inches)
ƒ 12 V DC 1.25 a

ƒ rotational: 300
ƒ weight: 534.7 g (1.17 lbs)
ƒ 24 V aC
SyStem reqUiremeNtS
ƒ DCS-33-4
ƒ 802.3af Poe

ƒ operating System: microsoft windows
ƒ height: 253 mm (9.96 inches)
xP, Vista, windows 7
PhySiCal aND eNViroNmeNtal
ƒ Diameter: 150 mm (5.90 inches)

ƒ internet explorer 6 or above , firefox 3.5
ƒ iP-66 weather-proof standard
ƒ weight: 640.7 g (1.41 lbs)
or above, Safari 4
ƒ ik-10 vandal-proof standard
ƒ Built-in heater and fan
NetworkiNg ProtoCol

ƒ iPv4, DhCP, arP, DNS, tCP/iP, DDNS
(D-link), httP, httPS, UPnP™ Port
ƒ 1148 g
forwarding, Samba, SmtP, PPPoe, NtP
(D-link), ftP, rtP, rtSP, UDP, rtCP,
iCmP, 3gPP
Day & Night VaNDal-Proof fixeD Dome Network Camera

liVe ViDeo moNitoriNg from aNywhere
3gPP moBile SUrVeillaNCe
Camera DimeNSioNS
Support for 3gPP mobile Surveillance allows
you to view a live video feed from your 3gPP
compatible internet-ready mobile device. this
extends your monitoring capability, allowing you
to check your camera’s video feed while on the
D-ViewCam™ featUreS

ƒ manage up to 32 cameras at once

ƒ adjustable image size and quality

ƒ Custom recording schedules

ƒ event notifications

ƒ Upload a customized floor plan
oPtioNal aCCeSSorieS*
eVeNt maNagemeNt

ƒ motion detection by weekly schedule
flush mount
Surface mount

ƒ event notification and upload snapshots/video
clips via httP, SmtP or ftP

ƒ multiple httP, SmtP, or ftP server

ƒ multiple event notification

ƒ multiple recording methods for easy backup
Pendant mount
Bent mount
*not included with camera
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Day & Night VaNDal-Proof fixeD Dome Network Camera