iDEal For BaSic NEtworkiNg taSkS
8-Port 10/100 Switch
SiLENt oPErAtioN
Fanless design provides noise-free
auto MDi/MDiX simplifies cable connections
Stylish, compact design allows
switch to be placed anywhere
auto-SENSiNg 10/100 PortS
the DES-1008D uses auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps ports, allowing a small workgroup to flexibly connect to Ethernet and Fast Ethernet devices to create an
integrated network. these ports detect the network speed and auto-negotiate between 10BaSE-t and 100BaSE-tX, as well as between full and half-duplex,
allowing you to get the maximum speed possible for each device connected to your network.
auto MDi/MDiX croSSovEr
all ports support automatic MDi/MDiX crossover, eliminating the need for crossover cables or uplink ports. Each port can be plugged directly to a server, hub,
router, or switch using regular straight-through twisted-pair Ethernet cables.
Flow coNtrol For SEcurE traNSMiSSioN
802.3x flow control on each port minimizes dropped packets when the port’s receiving buffer is full. this gives you a more reliable connection for all of your
connected devices.
8-Port 10/100 Switch

iDEal For BaSic NEtworkiNg taSkS
what thiS ProDuct DoES
the DES-1008D 8-port 10/100 Mbps Switch
is an 8-port 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
switch that allows you to quickly set up a
wired network. connect the DES-1008D to
multiple computers together to share files
and folders, or connect it to a router to
share an internet connection.
8 rJ-45 10/100 BaSE-tX PortS
PowEr coNNEctor
connects to computers, print servers, or network storage
connects to external power adapter
Your NEtwork SEtuP
tEchNical SPEciFicatioNS
kEY FEaturES
NEtwork caBlES
hEat DiSSiPatioN

ƒ inexpensive Fast Ethernet solution for

ƒ 10BaSE-t:

ƒ Power on (Standby):

ƒ utP cat 3/4/5/5e (100 m max.)

ƒ ac input: 4.774 Btu/h

ƒ 8 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet ports

ƒ Eia/tia-586 100-ohm StP (100 m max.)

ƒ Maximum:

ƒ auto MDi/MDiX crossover for all ports

ƒ 100BaSE-tX:

ƒ ac input: 17.732 Btu/h

ƒ Store-and-forward switching scheme

ƒ utP cat 5/5e (100 m max.)

ƒ Full/half-duplex for Ethernet/Fast

oPEratiNg tEMPEraturE
ƒ Eia/tia-568 100-ohm StP (100 m max.)
Ethernet speeds

ƒ 0 to 50 ˚c (32 to 122 ˚F)

ƒ iEEE 802.3x Flow control
lED iNDicatorS
StoragE tEMPEraturE

ƒ Plug-and-play installation

ƒ Per port:

ƒ -10 to 70 ˚c (14 to 158 ˚F)

ƒ rohS compliant

ƒ link/activity

ƒ Per device:
oPEratiNg huMiDitY
SwitchiNg FaBric

ƒ Power

ƒ 10% to 90% rh non-condensing

ƒ 1.6 gbps switching fabric
traNSMiSSioN MEthoD
StoragE huMiDitY

ƒ Store-and-forward

ƒ 5% to 90% rh non-condensing

ƒ iEEE 802.3 10BaSE-t Ethernet
(twisted-pair copper)
Mac aDDrESS taBlE
DEvicE DiMENSioNS (w x D x h)

ƒ iEEE 802.3u 100BaSE-tX Fast Ethernet

ƒ 2k entries per device

ƒ 164.5 x 111.5 x 36.0 mm
(twisted-pair copper)
(6.5 x 4.4 x 1.5 inches)

ƒ aNSi/iEEE 802.3 Nway auto-negotiation
Mac aDDrESS lEarNiNg

ƒ iEEE 802.3x flow control

ƒ automatic update

ƒ Fcc class B
PackEt FiltEriNg/ForwarDiNg ratES

ƒ icES-003 class B

ƒ cSMa/cD

ƒ Ethernet: 14,880 pps per port

ƒ cE class B

ƒ Fast Ethernet: 148,800 pps per port
Data traNSFEr ratES

ƒ c-tick class B

ƒ Ethernet:
raM BuFFEr

ƒ vcci class B

ƒ 10 Mbps (half duplex)

ƒ 57 kBytes per device

ƒ cul

ƒ 20 Mbps (full duplex)

ƒ cB
Dc iNPut

ƒ Fast Ethernet:

ƒ External 5v/1.2a power adapter

ƒ 100 Mbps (half duplex)

ƒ 200 Mbps (full duplex)
PowEr coNSuMPtioN

ƒ Power on (Standby):

ƒ Dc input: 0.6 watts

ƒ Star

ƒ ac input: 1.4 watts
MEDia iNtErFacE EXchaNgE

ƒ Maximum:

ƒ auto MDi/MDiX adjustment for all ports

ƒ Dc input: 3.3 watts

ƒ ac input: 5.2 watts
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8-Port 10/100 Switch