Multi-Function SecuRity
+ network Firewal
broadband VPn Router
+ VPn Server
+ content Manager
VPn Performance
+ network Access control
D-link answers the needs of those in search of a broadband VPn For optimal VPn configuration, the DiR-130 has an integrated VPn
router with the DiR-130. the DiR-130 is an easy to deploy routing, client and Server to support almost any required VPn policy. this
+ transparent Firewal Mode
VPn, and firewal solution designed specifical y for the Small device has a hardware VPn engine to support and manage up
office / home office (Soho) market, which demands superior to 8 VPn configurations. the DiR-130 can support iPSec, PPtP,
performance and security in a compact desktop chassis.
and l2tP protocols in Server mode and can handle pass-through
+ 8 ethernet lAn
traffic as well. Advanced VPn configuration options include:
3DeS/AeS encryption, iKe/iSAKMP key management, Quick/Main/
+ 1 ethernet WAn
user configurable interface
Aggressive negotiation modes, and VPn authentication support
the DiR-130 features an intuitive user interface that can easily be using the internal 20-user database.
configured and monitored via D-link’s Web-based management
utility. these configuration options can be managed through
Admin or Read/Write administrator rights. With these access enterprise-class Security
+ network Address translation (nAt)
management levels, any authorized user can easily configure or this VPn router protects your network from online intruder with
+ Stateful Packet inspection (SPi)
access the management utility of the DiR-130.
Dual Active Firewall protection and network Address translation
eMbeDDeD VPn AcceleRAtoR
Advanced hardware Features
With small businesses becoming increasingly network-
+ up to 8 VPn tunnels
the DiR-130 can be connected to a cable or DSl line to share
high-speed internet access. it also doubles as an 8-port full-
dependent, the need to invest in a reliable security solution is
+ iPSec, PPtP, l2tP
duplex 10/100 switch to connect up to eight ethernet-enabled crucial. the D-link DiR-130 broadband VPn Router offers high
+ DeS, 3DeS, AeS encryption
devices. Simply add more switches to expand your wired network. return on investment through robust security features, flexible
+ Automated Key Management via iKe/iSAKMP
in addition, you can create a Virtual Private network (VPn) configuration, and superb network protection for small offices and
home networks.
+ Main/Quick negotiation
with the DiR-130 and al ow up to eight off-site or traveling users
to securely access your central network through the internet
enhAnceD netWoRK
+ DhcP Server/client
+ DnS Relay
+ Syslog Support
+ e-mail Alert
+ Dynamic DnS Support

broadband VPn Router
technical Specifications
+ ieee 802.3
+ ieee 802.3u
+ 8 lAn 10/100
+ 1 WAn 10/100
Firewall Mode of operation
+ layer 3 Mode: Route Mode, nAt Mode
+ network Address translation (nAt)
+ Port Forwarding
+ Port Address translation (PAt)
VPn Security
+ VPn tunnels: 8 (iPSec, PPtP, l2tP)
+ iPSec lAn-to-lAn / Remote user
+ PPtP/l2tP Server/client
+ iPSec/PPtP/l2tP Pass-through
+ iPSec nAt-traversal
+ DhcP over iPSec
+ encryption transform: DeS, 3DeS, AeS
+ XAuth (extended Authentication) for iPSec Authentication
Firewall Security
+ Stateful Packet inspection (SPi)
+ network Address translation (nAt)
+ internal user Database (20 Records)
network Service
+ Static iP Address
+ DhcP client for WAn interface
+ internal DhcP Server
+ Static Routes
+ DnS Resolving of Remote Gateway
+ PPPoe for xDSl
+ Russian PPPoe/PPtP (Dual Access)
+ DhcP over iPSec
+ Dynamic DnS Poster
Device Management
internet explorer or later, or other Java-enabled browsers
+ Power
+ Status
+ lAn
+ WAn
+ Fcc class b
+ ic
operating temperature
32ºF to 131ºF (0ºc to 55ºc)
operating humidity
95% Maximum (non-condensing)

broadband VPn Router
+ item (WxDxh): 4.7 x 7.5 x 1.2 inches
+ Packaging (WxDxh): 8.2 x 10.8 x 2.7 inches
+ item: 0.67 lbs
+ Packaging: 1.91 lbs
1-year limited¹
¹ 1-year Warranty available only in the uSA and canada
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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Release 01 (Mar. 2008)