Create a HigH-PerformaNCe Wireless NetWork
UP TO 300 Mbps
Wireless N router
totAl CoMPAtiBilitY
totAl seCuritY
eAsY CoNFiGurAtioN
Works with any Wi-fi certified device,
Complete set of security features including an sPi firewall
Quick router setup Wizard and Wi-fi
providing solid performance and giving you
and WPa2 to protect your network against intruders
Protected setup™ (WPs) for automatic
peace of mind
configuration and easy addition of new
HigH-sPeeD Wireless NetWorkiNg
Create a high-speed wireless network for your home using D-link’s Dir-615 Wireless N router. Connect the Dir-615 to a broadband modem and wirelessly
share your high-speed internet connection and enjoy surfing the web, checking e-mail, and chatting with family and friends online. the router uses
Wireless N mimo technology, which offers increased speed (up to 300 mbps) and range over the 802.11g/b standard1. it features Nat (Network address
translation), allowing multiple users to connect to the internet by sharing a single iP address. the Dir-615 also includes an integrated 4-port 10/100Base-tX
ethernet switch that gives you the flexibility to connect wired computers to the network.
seCuriNg Your Wireless NetWork
the Dir-615 includes a built-in firewall that safeguards your network from harmful attacks. it minimizes the threats of hackers and prevents intruders from
entering your network. additional security features include a stateful Packet inspection (sPi) firewall that analyzes network traffic, and parental control that
prevents users from viewing inappropriate content. the Dir-615 also supports WeP, WPa, and WPa2 encryption to keep your network traffic secure.
ComPatiBilitY assuraNCe
the Dir-615 provides a high speed connection to other 802.11n devices and is backward compatible with 802.11b/g, ensuring compatibility with a wide range
of wireless devices. the Dir-615 includes four ethernet ports ready for you to connect ethernet-enabled PCs, print servers, or other devices. in addition, the
Dir-615 is Wi-fi Protected setup™ (WPs) certified, making it even easier to configure a secure wireless network.
Wireless N router

Create a HigH-PerformaNCe Wireless NetWork
WHat tHis ProDuCt Does
10/100Base-tX etHerNet laN Ports
10/100Base-tX etHerNet WaN Port
Connect to ethernet-enabled computers and devices
Connects to Dsl/cable modem
share your broadband internet connection
with multiple computers in your house by
simply connecting the Dir-615 Wireless N
router to your cable or Dsl modem. once
Wireless aNteNNa
connected, you can create your own
Connects to wireless computers and devices
personal wireless home network and share
documents, music, and photos.
PoWer soCket
Connects to power adapter
easY iNstallatioN
set up your new D-link networking
reset ButtoN
resets to factory defaults
hardware in minutes using our new Quick
setup Wizard. the wizard will guide you
teCHNiCal sPeCifiCatioNs
through an easy to follow process to install
your new hardware and connect to your
sYstem reQuiremeNts

ƒ Cable or Dsl modem with ethernet port
ƒ Web ui

ƒ Computer with:
DiAGNostiC leDs
iPv6 reaDY

ƒ Windows XP sP2, vista,7 or mac os X (v10.4/v10.3),
or linux-based operating system
ƒ Power
this router is certified as iPv6 ready,

ƒ an installed ethernet adapter
ƒ internet status
signifying that it not only supports the iPv6

ƒ internet explorer 6 or firefox 2.0 or higher
ƒ WlaN
protocol, but is also compatible with iPv6
ƒ laN
equipment from other manufacturers. it
PoWer iNPut
allows you to move to a 128-bit addressing

ƒ 4 10/100 laN Ports
ƒ 5 v DC/1.2 a through external power adapter
system and directly connect to anybody

ƒ 1 10/100 WaN Port
in the world using your unique iP address.
PoWer CoNsuMPtioN
using a dual-stack architecture, this router

ƒ ieee 802.11b
ƒ 6 W
can handle routing for both iPv4 and iPv6

ƒ ieee 802.11g
DiMeNsioNs (l x W x H)
networks at the same time, so you can be

ƒ ieee 802.11n
ƒ 198 x 127 x 32 mm
assured that your equipment is forward and
(7.8 x 5 x 1.3 inches)
backward compatible.
Wireless FreQueNCY rANGe

ƒ 2.4 gHz to 2.497 gHz
aDvaNCeD Wireless
ƒ 294 grams (0.64 lb)

ƒ two detachable external 2 dBi omnidirectional antennas
oPerAtiNG teMPerAture
ƒ 0 to 40 ˚C (32 to 104 ˚f)
the D-link Wireless N router includes
everything you need to get a wireless

ƒ WeP 64/128-Bit Data encryption
oPerAtiNG HuMiDitY
network up and running:

ƒ Wi-fi Protected access (WPa/WPa2)
ƒ 0% to 90% non-condensing

ƒ Wireless N mimo technology up to

ƒ WPs™
300 mbps
ƒ fCC Class B

ƒ ieee 802.11b/g compatible

ƒ uPnP™ support
ƒ iC

ƒ advanced scheduling and user level

ƒ iP/maC Binding
ƒ iPv6
ƒ Wi-fi Certified
aDVANCeD FireWAll FeAtures
ƒ WPs

ƒ WeP, WPa (tkiP) and WPa2 (aes)

ƒ Network address translation (Nat)
ƒ Ce

ƒ stateful Packet inspection (sPi)
ƒ C-tick

ƒ WPs™

ƒ maC address filtering
ƒ Compatible with Windows 7

ƒ url filtering
ƒ uPnP™ support
1 maximum wireless signal rate derived from ieee standard 802.11g specifications. actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental
factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate. environmental
factors will adversely affect wireless signal range.
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Wireless N router