SmaRt WIReleSS coveRage
Whole home RouteR 1000
Fast ConneCtions
smaRt antennas, smaRt CoveRage
PoRt-Based Qos
Four gigabit ports and high-speed 802.11n
the built-in smart antennas dynamically adjust their
Port-based QoS makes prioritization of
wireless gives you blazing fast connections
signal to ensure you get the best connection possible,
network traffic simple; just plug your most
for all your wired and wireless devices
giving you double coverage and improved speeds
important devices into the top ports
FaSt, RelIable connectIonS to YouR DevIceS
the D-link Whole home Router 1000 allows you to create reliable, high-speed connections to your wired and wireless devices. It features 802.11n wireless
with D-link’s unique Smart beam technology to provide wireless access to the Internet for your entire home or office. It also includes four gigabit lan
ports with easy to use port-based Quality of Service (QoS); simply plug in your wired devices in order of importance, and the Whole home Router 1000
will automatically configure QoS for you. this allows you to watch smooth streaming video on your media Pc or game console while surfing the web or
downloading files on a Pc. You can even connect a uSb printer or storage drive and share it through D-link’s SharePort feature.
SmaRt beam technologY
by using D-link’s unique Smart antenna design, the Whole home Router 1000 automatically adjusts its coverage to provide an optimized connection for each
authorized wireless client. this extends coverage, minimizes interference, provides higher wireless speeds, and even helps save energy by adjusting the
amount of power used for wireless connections. experience fast, reliable wireless access to the Internet throughout your home or office, even in corners
where wireless access was difficult before.
Double the WIReleSS coveRage
the Whole home Router 1000’s multiple antenna design gives you double the wireless coverage when compared to a standard antenna, eliminating dead
spots. connect your devices from farther away than ever before and enjoy a solid connection to your network — inside, outside, and around your house, even
across different floors.
StaY SaFe anD SecuRe
Prevent unauthorized access to your network with WPa/WPa2 wireless encryption, which keeps your network traffic secure from prying eyes. You can also
set up a guest Zone to provide limited wireless access on a separate wireless network from your own devices, and wireless scheduling allows you to shut
down your wireless network when you are away from your home or office.
Whole home RouteR 1000

SmaRt WIReleSS coveRage
What thIS PRoDuct DoeS
the Whole home Router 1000 allows you
to create a wired and wireless network,
and share your Internet connection with
all of your connected devices. Smart beam
technology automatically adjusts coverage,
optimizing connections with authorized
wireless clients. D-link SharePort allows
you to share a printer or uSb storage drive
uSb PoRt
connected to the Whole home Router 1000
connects to a printer or uSb storage drive
with other devices on your network.
lan PoRtS WIth PoRt-baSeD QoS
connect to your Pcs, game consoles, or other devices
YouR netWoRk SetuP
InteRnet PoRt
connects to your DSl or cable modem
PoWeR connectoR
connects to power adapter
technIcal SPecIFIcatIonS
DevIce management
StoRage temPeRatuRe

ƒ Ieee 802.11n
ƒ Wireless Setup Wizard
ƒ -20 to 65 °c (-4 to 149 °F)

ƒ Ieee 802.11g
ƒ Web-based management using Internet

oPeRatIng humIDItY
ƒ Ieee 802.11b
explorer 6 or later, Firefox 2.0 or later, or

ƒ 10% to 90% non-condensing
ƒ Ieee 802.3
another Java-enabled browser

ƒ Ieee 802.3u
ShaRePoRt™ FunctIon SuPPoRt
StoRage humIDItY

ƒ Ieee 802.3ab
ƒ allows network sharing of a uSb
ƒ 5% to 95% non-condensing
multifunction printer or uSb storage
DevIce InteRFaceS

ƒ 802.11n/g/b wireless lan
ƒ Fcc class b

ƒ 4 10/100/1000baSe-t gigabit lan ports
ƒ ce

ƒ 1 10/100/1000baSe-t gigabit Wan port
ƒ Internet
ƒ Ic

ƒ uSb 2.0 port
ƒ Wireless
ƒ c-tick
antenna tYPe
ƒ IPv6 Ready
ƒ Power

ƒ Wi-Fi certified
ƒ Internal Smart antennas with Smart
beam technology
ƒ Wmm
ƒ 120.5 x 198 x 32 mm
ƒ compatible with Windows 7
(4.6 x 7.6 x 1.3 inches)

ƒ WPa & WPa2 (Wi-Fi Protected access)

ƒ 64/128-bit WeP
ƒ 341.5 grams (0.75 lb)

ƒ Port-based QoS
oPeRatIng temPeRatuRe
ƒ 0 to 40 °c (32 to 104 °F)
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Whole home RouteR 1000