2-Bay network Storage
ShareCenter PulSe
aDD Sata DrIVeS WIth eaSe 1
baCK uP anD PrOteCt FIleS
Web FIle SerVer
Insert up to two internal 3.5-inch Sata hard
Protect your important files using raID 1 technology to
access your personal files securely and
drives by simply sliding them in – no tools
automatically copy data onto both hard drives2
remotely over the Internet from anywhere
or cables needed
SaFely Share DIgItal FIleS loCally anD oVer the Internet
the ShareCenter™ Pulse 2-Bay network Storage, when used with internal Sata drives1, enables users to share documents, files, and digital media such as
music, photos, and videos with other users on a home or office network. remotely accessing files through the Internet is also possible using the built-in secure
FtP server and web file server. keep data safe by giving rights to specific users or groups and assign them to folders with specific read/write permissions. this
function is ideal for the home, where children’s access can be restricted to only age-appropriate materials.
StreaM DIgItal MeDIa Content wIth BuIlt-In MeDIa SerVer
Back up your digital media files to the ShareCenter Pulse for safekeeping, and enjoy the benefits of the built-in Dlna® Certified uPnP aV media server. Stream
digital content to compatible media players such as the PlayStation® 3, Microsoft® Xbox 360™, and D-link’s Medialounge product line.3
aCCeSS your PerSonal FIleS FroM anywhere
the ShareCenter Pulse includes a web file server which allows you to download your documents, photos, and other multimedia files from anywhere. once
configured, simply log into your ShareCenter using the friendly web user interface to view a listing of available files. a convenient uSB port on the front of the
ShareCenter can be used to attach external uSB storage drives, uSB printers, or an uninterruptible Power Supply (uPS) for monitoring.
enjoy PerForManCe, ProteCtIon, anD FleXIBIlIty
the availability of four different hard drive modes (Standard, jBoD, raID 0, raID 1) allows users to choose the configuration best suited to their needs.
Standard mode creates two separately accessible hard drives. jBoD combines both drives to create a single, easy to use volume. raID 0 combines both
drives in a “striped” configuration, which provides the highest performance when using a gigabit ethernet connection. raID 1 creates a copy of your data on
both drives, providing maximum protection; if one drive fails while configured as raID 1, the unaffected drive continues to function as a single drive until the
failed drive is replaced. the new drive will then be re-mirrored, allowing the ShareCenter Pulse to return to its full level of protection.
ShareCenter PulSe

2-Bay network Storage
what thIS ProDuCt DoeS
MIrrorIng harD DrIVeS wIth raID 1 teChnology
the ShareCenter™ Pulse, when used with
Backing up to a regular hard drive offers a basic level of
internal Sata drives, enables homes and
protection. But what if that hard drive fails? using the ShareCenter
offices to share documents, music, photos,
Pulse with two internal Sata drives and raID 1 technology, users
and videos across the network and on the
can mirror the two drives (i.e. duplicate data on both drives),
Internet, so family members, friends, or
ensuring maximum protection of valuable data. If one drive fails,
employees can easily access them. this
the other continues to function as a single drive until the failed
device also allows for the creation of a
drive is replaced.
central network point for backing up files
and the built-in raID 1 mirroring technology
D-lInk green™
protects these files from drive failure.
For consumers interested in reducing their energy costs and
this device can be used to stream music,
helping to save the environment, D-link green™ products provide
photos, and videos to uPnP aV compatible
eco-friendly alternatives without compromising performance. this
network media players.3
device uses hard drive power management and Smart Fan speed
roBuSt SoFtware InCluDeD
control to reduce energy costs, minimize noise, and prolong the
lifespan of your hard drives.
the included CD contains D-link’s Setup
wizard and Storage utility, which allows
teChnICal SPeCIFICatIonS
users to locate the ShareCenter Pulse
BaCkuP ManageMent
Power ManageMent

ƒ Ieee 802.3

ƒ Schedule Backup from PC to naS

ƒ Power Saving mode
anywhere on the network. once located,

ƒ Ieee 802.3ab

ƒ Schedule local Backups

ƒ auto Power recovery
they can use the utility to map the hard

ƒ Ieee 802.3u

ƒ Schedule remote Backups

ƒ Schedule Power off
drive(s) so they will appear in “My

ƒ tCP/IP

ƒ apple time Machine Support

ƒ Smart Fan control
Computer” on their PC. Backup software


ƒ uSB Backups

ƒ D-link green ethernet
is also included on the CD, allowing users

ƒ nFS
DownloaD ManageMent
Power SuPPly
to backup valuable files from a computer

ƒ aFP

ƒ httP/FtP Schedule Download

ƒ external Power Supply
to the ShareCenter Pulse manually, or

ƒ DhCP Client

ƒ Peer to Peer (P2P) Downloader

ƒ DC 12 V / 4 a Switching
according to a schedule.

ƒ DDnS

ƒ ntP
DISk ManageMent1
Power ConSuMPtIon

ƒ FtP over SSl/tlS, FXP

ƒ Multiple hard Drive Configurations:

ƒ normal Mode: 15.7 w
your network SetuP

ƒ httP/httPS
raID 0, raID 1, jBoD, Standard

ƒ Sleep Mode: 8.2 w

ƒ lltD

ƒ raID migration from non-raID to raID 1

ƒ PnP -X

ƒ hard Drive Format: eXt3

ƒ operating: 0˚ to 40˚ C (32˚ to 104˚ F)

ƒ uPnP aV

ƒ Scandisk

ƒ Storage: -20˚ to 70˚ C (-4˚ to 158˚ F)

ƒ uSB 2.0

ƒ S.M.a.r.t.

ƒ Bonjour

ƒ Support advanced Format hDD
oPeratIng huMIDIty

ƒ 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
DeVICe ManageMent

ƒ Power

ƒ Internet explorer 7 and up, Mozilla Firefox 3.0
DIMenSIonS (l x w x h)

and up, or apple Safari 4 and up
ƒ lan (on lan port)
ƒ Item: 146.4 x 115 x 178.5 mm

ƒ easy Search utility
ƒ hDD 1
(5.8 x 4.5 x 7.0 inches)

ƒ e-Mail alerts
ƒ hDD 2

ƒ Packaging: 278 x 208 x 184 mm

ƒ SMS notifications
(8.2 x 10.9 x 7.2 inches)

ƒ uSB

ƒ System/FtP log

ƒ yahoo! widget
ƒ Item: 0.85 kg (1.87 lbs)

ƒ 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet Port
FIle SharIng
ƒ Packaging: 1.93 kg (4.246 lbs)

ƒ uSB 2.0 Port

ƒ Max. user accounts: 64

ƒ Power
MultIlIngual SuPPort

ƒ Max. groups: 10
ƒ Samba: unicode
SuPPorteD harD DrIVe tyPe

ƒ Max. Shared Folders:
ƒ FtP Client: unicode,Croatian, Cyrillic (kyrgyz

ƒ 3.5” Internal Sata I/II4
64 (without Bt)
republic), Czech, Danish, Dutch, english,

ƒ Max. Concurrent Samba Connections: 64
aCCount ManageMent
Finnish, French, german, greek, hungarian,
Italian, norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,

ƒ user account Management
reMote FIle SharIng
romanian, russian, Simplified Chinese,

ƒ group account Management

ƒ remote File access (ajaXplorer)
Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, traditional

ƒ user/ group Quota Management
Chinese, turkish, korean, hebrew

ƒ network access Management

ƒ ISo Mount Management
1 Sata drives are not included with the ShareCenter Pulse and must be purchased
2 hard drives not included. raID 1 mirroring requires the use of two internal Sata drives
to avoid data incompatibility in raID 1 operation, use Sata drives from the same
ACN 052 202 838
manufacturer. Formatted drive capacity for raID 1 operation is dependant on the drive
capacity of the lowest-sized drive. May not work with older generation Sata drives.
D-Link Corporation
For a list of Sata drives that have been tested to work with the ShareCenter Pulse,
no. 289 Xinhu 3rd road, neihu, taipei 114, taiwan
visit D-link support websites.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
3 D-link cannot guarantee full compatibility or proper playback with all codecs.
D-link is a registered trademark of D-link Corporation and its overseas subsidiaries.
Playback capability depends on the codec support of the uPnP aV media player.
all other trademarks belong to their respective owners.
4 Maximum hDD capacity supported is 2 tB at present, but may increase in future
©2011 D-link Corporation. all rights reserved.
depending on advances in Sata technology.
release 02 (March 2011)
ShareCenter PulSe