Access concentrator


Access concentrator
The VPN Access Concentrator is a network access VPN platform that manages intelligent AAA (authentication, authorization and
accounting) for all network users. This device provides your network with comprehensive functions, including accounting and traffic
statistics output to external collector by using NetFlow technology.

Network Access Security

Can Be Used on Commercial Network
The VPN Access Concentrator provides you a comfortable and The DSA-3110 can also be installed in a commercial network
secure way to provide entrusted computers access to your providing services to public. Authentication is needed to make
LAN/WAN. The system guarantees that only registered users are
sure that the user of the service is who he claims to be. This is
able to use network resources. Used VPN PPTP connection tech-
quite important, because you don't want that someone else is
nology provides a security way of user’s authorization and pro-
using the service you have paid for. After the user has been au-
tected remote access.
thenticated we need a way to ensure that the user is authorized to

do the things he is requesting. For example, if you are a normal
AAA Function Execution
user you don't have the permissions to access all the files in a file
The DSA-3110 performs for you authentication, authorization system. Usually authorization is provided by using access control
and accounting (AAA), three basic issues that are encountered lists or policies. Resource accounting outputs information of the
frequently in many network services. Examples of these services
network usage with NetFlow technology for billing, capacity
are dial in access to Internet, electronic commerce, Internet print-
planning and other purposes.
ing, and Mobile IP. Authentication acts to verify an identity so
authorization can be granted to access a resource. Accounting
collects resource consumption data for the purposes of trend
analysis, and capacity planning, billing, auditing, and cost alloca-



7 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports

Open base Linux OS

4 independently configurable ports

CLI (command line of Linux OS)

Manages up to 250 user account data with internal user

Built-in vi and nano editor
account database

Support WEB-based management, SSH, Telnet,console con-

Supports up to 50 on-line users

ID/Password based authentication and authorization

Multiple options of Linux kernel

RADIUS protocol and internal authentication mechanism


Statistics export with NetFlow protocol

MPPE encryption


Technical Specifications
Access concentrator

Provided functions

Manages up to 250 user account data with internal user account

Supports up to 50 on-line users

Connection protocol: PPTP

ID/Password based authentication and authorization

RADIUS protocol and internal authentication mechanism support
- Only one of these can be selected at a time

Management interface access

Console mode administration interface via serial console port RS-

NAT support

Example of using DSA-3110 in ISP networks
Static IP, DHCP client on ports

MPPE encryption support


Intel XScale




- 7 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports
- 4 independently configurable ports (can be configured as LAN, WAN or statis-
tics output port)
- Console port: RS-232 (default set to 115200, n, 8, 1, no flow control)

LED Indicators
Example of using DSA-3110 in company’s internal network
- Power
- Fast Ethernet ports 1 - 7 LEDs

Physical & Environmental
Ordering Information
Power Supply
External power adapter

DSA-3110 Access concentrator
Power Input

DC 5V/3A


239 x 156 x 30 mm


1,2 kg

Chassis material

Operating Temperature
0°- 40° C

Operating Temperature
-20° - 70° C

5% to 95% non-condensing

- CE
- FCC Class A