Hotspot Service gateway
DSA-3110 Hotspot Edition
Access concentrator
The DSA-3110 HotSpot Edition manages intelligent AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) for all
wired and wireless network users. This security device coordinates ISO Layer 2, 3, 4 operations to provide
your network with comprehensive functions, including IP plug and play, station isolation, traffic management
and accounting, and network policy enforcement.

Quick organization public access to Internet (Hotspot)
Can Be Used on Commercial Hotspot
The hotspot service gateway provides comfortable and secure
The DSA-3110 Hotspot Edition can also be installed in a
way to provide access to Internet for your clients or/and
commercial network providing access to Internet. Supporting
employees. The system guarantees that only registered users are
time-based and traffic-based service plans allow you do flexible
able to use network resources. Use HTTPS (secure http)
services for your clients.
connection technologies provide a security way of user’s
Using DSA-3110 Hotspot Edition with recommended printer
allow you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and organize
servicing commercial hotspot using low qualification employees.
AAA Function Execution
The DSA-3110 performs for you authentication, authorization
Can Be Used on SOHO and SMB Business
and accounting (AAA), three basic issues that are encountered
The DSA-3110 Hotspot Edition can also be installed in a
frequently in many network services.Authentication acts to
business network for traffic controlling. Supporting quotas allow
verify an identity so authorization can be granted to access a
set quota (maximum amount of Internet traffic) for each of your
resource. Accounting collects resource consumption data for the
users (employees).
purposes of trend analysis, and capacity planning, billing,
auditing, and cost allocation.

Local User Database

7 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports


4 independently configurable ports

Customizable User Login Page

Manages up to 250 user account data with internal user

Guest Account Access
account database

Free Surfing Zone

Supports up to 50 Concurrent on-line users

Hardware compatibility with VPN concentrator

ID/Password based authentication and authorization
DSA-3110( device convert to Service Hotspot gateway

Time-based and traffic-based access
using update firmware)


Open base Linux OS

Traffic shaping

CLI (command line of Linux OS)

Hotspot Service gateway

Built-in vi and nano editor
5%-95% non-condensing

Support WEB-based management, SSH, Telnet, console


Multiple options of Linux kernel
- CE
- FCC Class A
Provided functions
Manages up to 250 user accounts with internal user
Example of using DSA-3110 HotSpot Edition in Cyber-cafe
account database
Supports up to 50 Concurrent on-line users
Connection protocol: HTTP or secure HTTP (HTTPS)
ID/Password based authentication and authorization
Management interface access
Console mode administration interface via SSH
NAT support
Static IP, DHCP client on ports
Support receipt editor (only if DSA-3110 Hotspot edition
used with recommended printer )

Intel IXP-425
Flash 16 Mb
- 7 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports
- 4 independently configurable ports (preconfigured as 2-
WAN, 1-Private LAN, 1-Public LAN)
LED Indicators
− Power
− Status
- Fast Ethernet ports 1 - 7 LEDs
Physical & Environmental
Power Supply
Power Input
DC 5V/3A
239 x 156 x 30 mm
Example of using DSA-3110 HotSpot Edition in hotel
1.2 kg
Chassis material
Ordering Information
DSA-3110 Access concentrator

Operations temperature
0°-40° C
Storage temperature
129626, Russia, Moscow, Graphskiy per, 14
-20°-70° C
Tel./Fax +7 (495) 744-0099