VoIP router | IP PBX
D-Link DVX-7090
Voice Router for SMB
Voice Router D-Link DVX-7090 is a both D-Link and MERA Systems engine and can be used as an alternative decision
instead of analogue PBX in hypermarkets, high-rise buildings, small and medium-size offices, providing an opportunity to
use existing network infrastructure for data transfer and building phone networks.
This device supports up to 400 subscribers and up to 90 concurrent calls in a full proxy mode.
DVX-7090 supports a wide range of class-5 services* (VAS*) and provides flexible settings both for each individual user
and for the whole network.
With SIP and H.323 protocols support, this device provides communication between clients using any of these protocols.
DVX-7090 also supports automatic conversion of voice codecs for total compatibility.
DVX-7090 provides a log for SIP/H.323 subscribers, call identification and routing for the terminal equipment, including
VoIP gateways, IP phones and soft phones.

VoIP router | IP PBX
- Call Park
- Size: 19-inch rackmount, 1U height
- Group п║all
- Processor: VIA C3 1GGz
- 3-way conference
- Memory: 1 144-contact SODIMM, up to 256MB
- Impersonate
- Storage device: 1 CompactFlash type II 512MB
- 4 10/100Base-TX ports
- Voice-to-Email
- Personal Web Area
- Up to 400 subscribers
- Fax-to-Email
- Up to 90 concurrent calls in full proxy mode
- Web-to-Fax
- 3-way conference: up to 5 concurrent calls
- Recording of Voice messages
- The system performance in the codec conversion
Network management
mode: up to 10 concurrent calls
Web-based management
- H.323 v.2
Physical & Environmental
- H.245 v.7
- 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
- H.225 v.4
- Internal universal power supply
- T.38
Billing and accounting
- Authentication protocol RADIUS
- CDR (Call Detail Records) support
Voice compression
- G.729
- G.729A
- G.723.1 5.3 kBit/s
- G.723.1 6.4 kBit/s
- G.711 mU-Law
- G.711 A-Law
Call features
Class-5 services (VAS)
- Call Hold
- Call Transfer
- Call Pick-up
- Auto Redial
- Call Forward
- Call Waiting

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