Unleash the Power
of Hi-Speed USB
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Certified
480Mbps Transfer Speeds
Specially Shielded to Ensure
Hi-Speed Data Transfer
Without Signal Loss
High-Quality 20 Gauge
Power Wires Ensure Proper
Power to your USB Devices
Backwards Compatible with
USB 1.1
The D-Link DUB-C5AB is a 15 ft Hi-Speed
The DUB-C5AB can be used with the following
USB 2.0 certified type “A” to type “B”
D-Link products.
cable. USB 2.0 extends the speed of the
• DUB-H4: 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub
peripheral-to-PC connection from 12 Mbps
• DUB-H7: 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub
on USB 1.1 to up to 480 Mbps -- 40 times
• DUB-E100: USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter
faster than USB 1.1 when connected to
• DUB-A2: 2-Port USB 2.0 PCI Adapter
another USB 2.0 device. The higher
• DU-520: 5-Port USB 2.0 PCI Adapter
bandwidth supports such applications as
• DSB-500: 2-Port USB 1.1 PCI Adapter
digital image creation and web publishing,
where multiple hi-speed peripherals run
• DSB-H4: 4-Port USB 1.1 Hub
• DSB-H7: 7-Port USB 1.1 Hub
• DSB-650TX: USb 1.1 Fast Ethernet Adapter
As Hi-Speed USB 2.0 devices are released
• DMP-HD610: Roq-it 10GB MP3 Jukebox
to the market, quality and compatibility with
other USB devices is extremely important.
The D-Link DUB-C5AB is USB-IF certified
to ensure that your USB devices will work
and operate at the fastest speed possible.

• USB Specification Version 2.0
• USB Specification Version 1.1
• USB Specification Version 1.0
Compatible Operating Systems
• All Operating Systems. The DUB-C5AB is OS Independent.
• One downstream USB Type “A” receptacle
• One upstream USB Type “B” receptacle
Cable Length
Card Type
15 Feet (5 Meters)
PCI Version 2.2
Product Information
Part No: DUB-C5AB
CE, FCC Class B, EMI
Description: Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Supplied Current
15 ft A to B Cable
500mA per port
1 Year
UPC: 790069-244278
D-Link Systems, Inc.
TEL: (800) 326-1688
Package Contents
• DUB-C5AB Hi-Speed USB
2.0 15 ft A to B Cable
USB 2.0 performes up to 40 times faster than
USB 1.1 by utilizing the enhanced throughput
of the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 standard.
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