Multifunction USB Hub

User’s Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the
DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub. The USB
Hub providing one high-speed RS-232 Serial,
one PS/2 Keyboard, one PS/2 Mouse ports and 4
Downstream USB ports. The USB Hub features
easy connectivity for traditional devices includes
modem, keyboard, mouse and others USB
Technology Overview
USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It is a
standard that has been adopted by leading
manufacturers within the computer industry to
define a new type of peripheral connection
scheme. It is designed to replace older parallel
and serial ports, cables, and connectors with
something faster and easier to use. USB is:
?? Easier -- Windows 98, Me and 2000 will
automatically recognize newly installed
?? Quicker -- You won’t have to reboot when
?? Faster -- Top USB data speed is around 100
times faster than a serial connection.
?? Greater Expandability -- Using USB hubs
you can connect up to 127 devices to your

?? Hot Swappable -- They just plug and go!
About the DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB
The DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub allows
user to connect up to four USB peripherals or
devices to their USB ready PC.
The DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub
supported for legacy devices such as PS/2
keyboards, PS/2 mouse, and modems.
The DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub is
designed to provide quick and easy access to the
four type ‘A’ downstream ports for connecting
peripherals with USB support, USB hubs and
other devices. A single type “B” upstream port is
provided for connecting to the host computer, or
another USB hub.
Product Features
?? USB 1.1 specification compatibility
?? Plug-and-Play
?? Supports both OHCI and UHCI.
?? Supports Self-power mode.
?? Supports 1 upstream and four downstream
USB ports
?? 5 LED indicators for Power and Port status
?? Connects up to 127 USB devices with
cascading hub.

?? Over-current and high-inrush current
The DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub
was designed to be simple and easy to install.
Aspect Description


Hardware Installation
Plug the included adapter into the rear of
the DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub
and an available electrical outlet.
Plug the B-type connector into the
“Upstream Port”.
Plug the A -type connector into a computer
or USB Hub downstream port.
Connect USB devices to the Hub:
Down-stream 1 - Downstream 4.
Connect legacy devices to the PS/2
keyboard, PS/2 mouse or RS-232 serial
Software Installation
After installing the DU-H4SMK Multifunction
USB Hub, the Windows will find a new device
and requests a driver program. Please insert the
driver diskette enclosed and to follow up the
screen instruction to complet the installing.


LED Indicators
The DU-H4SMK Multifunction USB Hub is
equipped with 5 LED indicators:
Power Indicator:
This indicator lights green when the USB Hub is
receiving power, otherwise, it is off.
Port status LED:
Per port has one status LED. When the LED
lights on, means the downstream port is working
successfully. Otherwise, the LED light is off.
USB Connector Pin Assignment

Receptacle A
Series-A Plug

Receptacle B
Series-B Plug

USB Specification V.1.1
Data Speed:
Low: 1.5Mbps
High: 12Mbps
LED indicators:
Power x 1, Port status x 4
Upstream port:
Series-B Receptacle x 1
Downstream port: Series-A Receptacle x 4
Legacy ports:
PS/2 keyboard port x 1
PS/2 mouse port x 1
DB-9 RS-232 serial port x 1
Output Voltage:
Per port DC +5V
Output Current:
Per port 500mA
118 x 67 x 32 mm
Storage: -250C ~ 700C
Operation: 00C ~ 500C
Storage: 10% ~ 90%
Operation: 10% ~70%
Power Consumption:
12 Watts (maximum)