User Manual

When user dial a phone number, which listed in ACR table, the number will be directed to
PSTN. Therefore only if you have the LINE socket connected to PSTN. ACR table is allowed
users to configure the maximum of 30 entries. In this document, we will explain how to use
ACR table.

You can add those ranges into the ACR table in order to make calls to those numbers from
your VoIP but over the PSTN.

Del Digit
enter the number of digits that will be deleted from the front of the number when the system
transmits the number above.
Ex: The number is 123-555-5555, Del Digit is 3. System will only transmit 555-5555.

Similarly if you wanted to activate PSTN routing using a 4 digit PIN like 1234, then you enter
1234 under the number entry and enter the number 4 in the del digit column.

The "T" stands for "any following number or string of numbers".
e.g., 99T. The system will transmit all of the numbers that begin with 99.

Case 1
Del Digit:2

If you wanted to route calls over the PSTN on demand, in this case, you could implement the
dialing of a preceding "##" digit to make the choice.
Dial ## and the call will switch to PSTN.

Case 2
Del Digit:2
Dial 0123456, system will delete 01 and then send 23456 after digital timeout.

Case 3
Del Digit:0
Dial 00937000828, which is a mobile phone number, system will transmit 00937000828 to
PSTN immediately.

Case 4
Del Digit:0
Dial 6885, system will transmit 6885 to PSTN immediately.

Case 5
Del Digit:0
Dial 04567890, system will transmit 04567890 to PSTN after digital timeout.

The behavior of a phone number which has “T” is different to a phone number without “T”.
In case 4, after dial 6885, system will transmit 6885 immediately.
In case 5, if you dial 041234, system will transmit 041234 after digital timeout. The default
setting of digital timeout is 4 seconds.