Xtreme N Dual BaND uSB aDapter
total CoNNeCtivity
HigH perFormaNCe
BlaziNg-FaSt HD StreamiNg
Wirelessly stream HD video,
upgrade to the latest 802.11n technology while staying
New mediaBand™ technology is
share files, and go online
compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g
optimized for HD video streaming
the DWa-160 D-link Xtreme N Dual Band uSB adapter is the latest addition to the award-winning Xtreme N product family. By using the DWa-160 together
with an 802.11n dual band router such as the D-link DIr-855 or DGl-4500, you can enjoy a reliable wireless connection that can handle High-Definition (HD)
video streaming.
Dual-band technology transmits regular Internet traffic over the 2.4 GHz wireless band and transmits high-bandwidth multimedia traffic over the 5 GHz band.
this allows you to browse the Internet and download files while smoothly streaming HD movies at the same time without interference.
Better SpeeDS, Better COVeraGe
Connect to your wireless network with faster speeds and from farther distances with the Xtreme N Dual Band uSB adapter. With six times the range and
fourteen times the speed1, you can enjoy faster and more reliable connections throughout your home.
eaSY tO Set up, eaSY tO uSe
D-link’s Setup Wizard guides you step-by-step through the installation process to get you connected to your wireless network quickly and easily, even if
you have little to no networking experience. the D-link Wireless manager is also included with this product to keep track of your most frequently accessed
With unmatched wireless performance, reception, and security, the D-link Xtreme N Dual Band uSB adapter is the best choice for easily adding high-speed
wireless connectivity to your pC.
Xtreme N Dual BaND uSB aDapter

WHat tHIS prODuCt DOeS
the Xtreme N Dual Band uSB adapter
connects your computer to a high-
speed wireless network and provides a

ƒ Ieee 802.11a

ƒ Item: 45.36 g (0.1 lbs)
fast wireless connection with superior

ƒ Ieee 802.11b

ƒ packaging: 226.8 g (0.5 lbs)
reception. Once connected, you can

ƒ Ieee 802.11g
access your network’s high-speed Internet

ƒ Ieee 802.11n
connection while also getting secure

ƒ Windows Xp, Vista (32/64 bit), or 7
access to shared photos, files, music, video,

ƒ uSB 1.1/2.0
printers, and storage.

ƒ FCC Class B
FreQueNCY raNGe 2

ƒ IC

ƒ 2.4 GHz to 2.4835 GHz

ƒ Wi-Fi

ƒ 5.15 GHz to 5.35 GHz

ƒ Wi-Fi protected Setup

ƒ Delivers up to 14x faster speeds and 6x

ƒ 5.475 GHz to 5.725 GHz

ƒ Wmm pS
farther range compared to 802.11g1

ƒ 5.725 GHz to 5.85 GHz

ƒ Ce

ƒ Xtreme N™ Dual Band™ technology

ƒ C-tick
enables HD video streaming, file sharing,
enhanced Internet phone calling (VoIp),

ƒ Wi-Fi protected access (Wpa™ & Wpa2™)
and web surfing

ƒ 64/128-bit Wep

ƒ access a secure wireless network using

ƒ Wi-Fi protected Setup - pIN & pBC
advanced Wpa™ or Wpa2™ encryption

ƒ easy to install and use with the D-link

ƒ link/activity
Setup Wizard and Wi-Fi® protected
Setup (WpS)
OperatING temperature

ƒ 0 to 40 ˚C (32 to 104 ˚F)

ƒ Backward compatible with 802.11b/g
devices including game consoles and
StOraGe temperature
digital media players

ƒ -20 to 65 ˚C (-4 to 149 ˚F)
OperatING HumIDItY
YOur NetWOrK Setup

ƒ 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
StOraGe HumIDItY

ƒ 5% to 95% (Non-condensing)
DImeNSIONS (l x W x H)

ƒ 89 x 28 x 13 mm (3.5 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches)
1 Wireless range and speed rates are D-link relative performance measurements based on the wireless range and speed rates of a standard Wireless G
product from D-link.
2 please note that operating frequency ranges vary depending on the regulations of individual countries and jurisdictions.
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Xtreme N Dual BaND uSB aDapter