802.11b+Bridging Access Point


Dual AP & Bridge Functions
Built-in 4-Port Switch

This device gives you an enhanced 22Mbps
Key Features
802.11b+ wireless Access Point, plus
the indoor bridge function to bridge two
- 802.11b+ 2.4GHz standard
802.11b+ networks together. Both the AP
- Enhanced speed up to 22Mbps transmission
function and bridge function can operate at
- Simultaneous operation of AP and bridge functions
the same time. The device provides
- Point-to-point and point-to-multiple-point 802.11b+ bridge
connection to wireless users, and at
configuration support
the same time can bridge with another
- 10/100Mbps auto-sensing Fast Ethernet ports to bridge wireless
802.11b+ network (point-to-point bridging),
LAN to Ethernet-based network
or with multiple 802.11b+ networks (point-
- Seamless roaming from cell to cell and among Access Points
to-multipoint bridging).
- 64/128/256-bit WEP data encryption
- Administrator-defined user access control
In addition, the device can also connect
- Built-in DHCP server
several wired Ethernet LANs to together. A
- Dual dipole high diversity antennas
10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port allows
- Web-based configuration & management
connection from the device to an Ethernet
- Built-in MIBs for SNMP management
LAN. This function allows you to bridge
multiple wired networks together at places
Technical Information
where network cabling is difficult to install,
or where permanent wiring is not necessary.
- Dual 2dBi Gain diplole detachable reverse SMA external antennas
- Dual internal antennas
- External AC power adapter
- EMI: FCC Class B, CE Class B
Ordering Information
802.11b+ Access Point/Indoor Bridge

4 RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX switch port
Please specify your model number as follows:
DWL-1200+/ANA US standard AC power adapter, North America frequency
DWL-1200+/BEU UK standard AC power adapter, EU frequency
DWL-1200+/EEU EU standard AC power adapter, EU frequency
DWL-1200+/CN China standard AC power adapter, frequency
DWL-1200+/NEU Australia standard AC power adapter, EU frequency
DWL-1200+/UNA No AC power adapter, North America frequency
DWL-1200+/UEU No AC power adapter, EU frequency