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Quick Instal ation Guide
802.11n Unified Access Point
This document will guide you through the
basic installation process for your new
D-Link Unified Wireless Access Point.
Quick Installation Guide
Documentation also available
on CD and via the D-Link

H About This Guide
Optional Accessories
This installation guide provides basic instructions
G for installing the DWL-3600AP Wireless Access
- PoE Base Unit (Model: DPE-101GI)
Point on your network. For additional information
about how to use the Access Point, please see
Note: These accessories are not included in
the User Manual, which is available on the CD
the package. If any of these items are required,
included in this package or from the D-Link
please contact your reseller to order it.
support website.
System Requirements
Hardware Overview
- CD-ROM Drive
- Windows®, Macintosh®, or Linux-based
operating system
- Ethernet port or instal ed Ethernet adapter
- Internet Explorer 7.0, Safari 5.0, Firefox 4.0,
or higher
Unpacking the Product
Figure 1. DWL-3600AP LEDs
Open the shipping carton and carefully unpack its
2.4 GHz – When this LED is lit up, the access
contents. Please consult the packing list located
point’s 2.4 GHz radio is enabled. It will
in following information to make sure all items are
blink when there is wireless traffic.
present and undamaged. If any item is missing
LAN – When this LED is lit up, the device’s
or damaged, please contact your local D-Link
Ethernet port is connected to an active
reseller for replacement.
router or switch. The light will blink
when there is traffic going through
the port.
- DWL-3600AP 802.11n Unified Access Point
POWER – When the LED is lit up, the access
- Power Adapter
point is powered and ready for use.
- Mounting Ring
- Ethernet Cable
- Console Cable*
Note: Using a power supply with a different
voltage than the one included with the
DWL-3600AP may cause damage and will void
the warranty for this product.
LAN Port (PoE)
*The console cable is an optional accessory and
Power Receptor
Console Port
not included in the package in Armenia, Azerbaijan,
Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Kaliningrad, Kazakhstan,
Reset Port
Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia,
Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and
Figure 2. DWL-3600AP Rear Panel
Uzbekistan. If a cable is required, please contact
your resel er to order it (Model: ACS-AP-CONSOLE).
2  D-Link DWL-3600AP Quick Install Guide

Mounting Options

You can mount a DWL-3600AP access point on any L
Power on the access point

of the fol owing types of surfaces:
To power on the DWL-3600AP, you can use ONE of
the fol owing methods:
• Solid surface wal or ceiling

• Tabletop
1. Connect the supplied power adapter
Cable Requirement
2. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the LAN
Use a CAT 5 cable with an even sheath.
port of the DWL-3600AP and the other end into
The Ethernet ports on the DWL-3600AP access
a port on a PoE switch.
point cannot accept a CAT 5 cable that has an
uneven sheath; the RJ-45 connector on the cable
wil not fit properly into the receptacle on the access
Configure the access point
Wal Instal ation Recommendations
To set up and manage the DWL-3600AP, use one
If you plan to instal the DWL-3600AP on a wal or
of the fol owing methods:
other vertical surfaces, orient the top of the access
point (the side with the LEDs) toward the intended

Manage the access point from the computer:
coverage area. The radio antennas transmit through
Connect the access point and your computer
the top of the access point but not through the
directly via a straight-through Ethernet cable.
bot om (where the bracket is).
Warning: The DWL-3600AP is designed to
receive PoE power only from an 802.3af-compliant
source, or from a D-Link-approved power injector.
Connecting an access point to a Power over
Ethernet (PoE) device that is not approved by
D-Link can damage the equipment.

Manage the access point from the computer
via the Switch or Router: Connect the
access point and your computer to the same
switch or router.
Switch or Router

Manage the access point from the computer
via the Unified Wireless Switch or Wireless
Control er: Connect the access point to
a Unified Wireless Switch or Wireless
Control er. Connect your computer to the
same network as that of the Unified Wireless
Switch or Wireless Control er.
DWL-3600AP DWL-3600AP
Unified W
ireless Switch
Wireless Controller
D-Link DWL-3600AP Quick Install Guide  3

H Solid Wall or Ceiling
6. To attach the access point to the
mounting ring, first locate the right side

of the access point that has a small lock
G Installation
symbol on it, and make sure to line up
this side with the side of the mounting
1. Place the plastic wall mounting ring on a
ring that has Open - Close written on it.
wall or ceiling.
2. Mark the points where you will insert the
screws. Take out the mounting ring.
3. Drill holes in the marked points and
insert the plastic wall anchors.
4. Use the supplied screws to attach the
mounting ring to the wall.
Figure 5. Insert access point into mounting ring
7. Twist counterclockwise to lock the access
point onto the ring. The lock symbol on
the access point must point directly to the
Close text on the mounting ring.
Figure 3. Insert screws through mounting ring
5. Plug the CAT 5 cable into the LAN port on
the access point.
Figure 4. Plug cable into access point
4  D-Link DWL-3600AP Quick Install Guide