Features & Benefits
5GHz IEEE 802.11a Compliant
D-LLinkAir Pro DWL-AA520
5GHz Wireless PCI Adapter
By designing products with strict adherence to industry standards, D-Link
delivers WLAN products that are interoperable in order to future proof network
investment. The industry Standard IEEE 802.11a compliance and assures that
the D-LinkAir Pro DWL-A520 Wireless network adapter will work with other
standard compliant 5GHz IEEE 802.11a wireless networking adapters and
access points.
Up to 72 Mbps in “Turbo” Mode
Although the D-LinkAir Pro DWL-A520 Wireless network adapter transmits data
within the IEEE industry standard at speeds up to 54 Mbps, it can deliver much
more. In its proprietary “Turbo” mode, the D-LinkAir Pro DWL-A520 pushes data
transfer speeds up to 50% more to an astounding 72Mbps, near Fast Ethernet wired
speeds. It achieves this higher data rate by aggregating the bandwidth of two channels
to deliver 72 mbps.
152-bit WEP Encryption
The D-LinkAir Pro DWL-A520 uses industry standard 0, 64, 128, and enhanced
152-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security to encrypt data transmissions. While
WEP security is employed, only approved users can gain access to the wireless net-
work. The adapter also supports 802.1x user authentication security and a Dynamic
Key Exchange, which assigns a unique WEP encryption key for each client at every
login. This delivers unsurpassed security and protection from unwanted intruders.
Eight (8) Non-Overlapping Channels
Eight non-overlapping channels provide greater network capacity by avoiding over-
lapping frequencies and allowing each channel to operate independently in the 5Ghz
range. It already avoids conflict with other competing technologies and networks in
the 2.4 Ghz frequency range. In addition, the .11a specification defines channels to be
expanded from 3 to 8, all non-overlapping, which allow users to avoid
Co-Channel Interference (CCI).
Diagnostics Software
A diagnostic software program called LinkMon is included with the D-LinkAir Pro
DWL-A520 Wireless network adapter. This powerful software diagnostics tool allows
users to monitor wireless connections, diagnose signal strength and troubleshoot the
wireless network. It provides five basic tabs that deliver general information, frame
statistics, transmit and retry data, station identification and network access point scan-
ning and driver data.

D-LLinkAir Pro DWL-AA520
Features & Benefits
5GHz Wireless PCI Adapter
A Power LED
Access Point Scanner
Link LED
Driver Information
C Integrated Dual Diversity
G Performance Statistics
D 32-bit PCI 2.2 Compliant
LinkMon allows users to view informa-
Users can find data on the current driver
LinkMon provides users with statistics on
tion on all Access Points within range
or unload it using LinkMon
the adapter’s performance
Key Features of the DWL-5520
IEEE 802.11a Compliant
Industry recognized standard for wireless
•Protects the investment now and in the
Ethernet technology providing connection
future by insuring interoperability,
rates up to 54 Mbps
compatibility and scalability
5 GHz Spectrum
The 5 Ghz spectrum is a clean frequency
•Low possibility of data collisions
72 Mbps Turbo Mode
Higher data rate by aggregating the
•More throughput available for data
bandwidth of two channels
intensive applications
152-bit WEP Encryption
Highest level of standard WEP Encryption
•Provides Maximum Security
8 Non-Overlapping Channels
Eliminates Co-Channel Interference(CCI)
•Provides greater network capacity
by dedicating a full 54 Mbps to each
Diagnostic Software
Captures data and measures signal strength •Monitors network conditions and
provides status information
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FCC Guidelines: Modifications to this device are not authorized, may violate FCC regulation Part 15.407, and will void the warranty for this product. This device is intended to operate in the
frequency band of 5.15 to 5.25 GHz under all conditions of normal operation. According to FCC 15.407 (e), normal operation of this device is restricted to indoor use only to reduce any
potential harmful interference to co-channel Mobile Satellite Systems, or radar systems that use 5.25 to 5.35 GHz and 5.65 to 5.85 GHz frequency bands. This interference could also
damage this device.