DWS-3024 / DWS-3026 & DWL-3500AP / DWL-8500AP
Unified Access Wired/Wireless Switching
D-Link’s Unified Access Wired/Wireless Switching
Wireless Switching Solution
Core & Outlying Units
solution provides an innovative evolution in wireless LAN.
D-Link’s Unified Access Wired/Wireless Switching
+ High-Speed Reliable Wireless
Prior to this evolution, complex installations, intricate
solution consists of two components: the DWS-3024/3026
Deployment Solution
management utilities and limited scalability options
wireless switches that function as the core units, and the
+ Increases Installation Flexibility
were the main reasons why network administrators
DWL-3500AP/8500AP wireless access points that serve
were hesitant to deploy facility-wide wireless LAN. With
+ Wireless Switch and Wireless Access
as the outlying units. The wireless switches remain at
D-Link’s new breed of WLAN architecture, businesses,
Points Work Together
the core of the wireless system infrastructure, while
government organizations, schools, hospitals, public
multiple AP units can be dispersed throughout a site and
Centralized Management of Wireless
hot spots and others can now simplify installation and
connected to the wireless switches. AP can be directly
enhance the effectiveness of their Wi-Fi networks.
attached to the wireless switch, or indirectly connected
through any network switch. The wireless switches have
+ Tracks & Maintains User
Authentication As Users Roam
Premium Wireless Connectivity
standard rack-mount design and can be hidden in a
Throughout the Network
D-Link’s Unified Access Wired/Wireless Switching offers
wiring closet, while the AP support 802.3af Power over
premium wireless connectivity options and flexibility in an
Ethernet and can be installed on high walls or ceilings far
+ Intelligently Designates Users to
easy-to-deploy, central y managed system. Designed for
away from AC power outlets.
Virtual Groups Based on User’s
medium-sized to large wireless networks, this solution
Authenticated Identity
highlights core functionalities such as consistent wireless
+ Provides Scaled, Resilient, Integrated
connectivity, comprehensive network control and
Flexible Deployment
Management Infrastructure
secure user authentication. It provides businesses and
In a unified LAN/WLAN deployment, D-Link’s Unified
+ Centrally Manages User
organizations with the flexibility and investment protection
Access Wired/Wireless Switching architecture al ows
Authentication/Security Policies
through: scalable expansion, handling of wired or wireless
the switches to be placed deep inside an existing
traffic from any port, unified LAN/WLAN deployment, and
wired network, say in a data center, to protect current
+ Provides Key Management for Each
easy upgrade to future technologies through Gigabit
Security Protocol
investments in infrastructure. Wireless traffic is tunneled
connectivity and 10-Gigabit/fiber support.
to the switches for centralized data forwarding decision.
+ Configures and Controls All Connected
An alternative would be to put the switches at the network
Access Points
edge for minimized distance from the AP, flexible scalability
Simplified & Resilient Network
Enhanced Performance & Security
and distributed peer-to-peer WLAN switching. Converged
D-Link’s Unified Access Wired/Wireless Switching
LAN/WLAN deployment means al restrictions on port
provides not only roaming among the across to the
usage are removed: any port on the wireless switch can
+ 802.3af Power Over Ethernet Simplifies
access points, but also roaming among the peer wireless
be used for wired or wireless purposes.
AP Installation
switches. In addition to intra-switch roaming, it also
+ Gigabit Connection Ready for Future
supports roaming across different subnets for secure
Single or Dual Band Wireless Connection
Wireless Speed Upgrade
wireless connection across multiple departments in a
Two access points are available for selection: the
large enterprise. As roaming is through the Ethernet cable
+ Redundant Power Supply Support
DWL-3500AP operating at the 2.4GHz frequency band,
at the fast Gigabit speed, traffic bottlenecks are minimized
Maximizes Network Uptime
and the DWL-8500AP operating at dual 2.4GHz and
and overal network performance is enhanced.
5GHz frequency bands. Depending on the network
Wireless Switch
requirements, either type of AP or a combination of
Combining with the access points’ 108Mbps (Turbo mode)1
both can be installed. The system provides automatic
+ Provides Centralized Security/
throughput, this makes for a fast network performance. AP,
adjustment of 802.11b/g and 802.11a/b/g RF channels,
Management for WLAN Infrastructure
no matter where instal ed, are automatical y discovered
multiple SSID for each frequency band, and optimal
+ Provides 802.3af PoE, Auto-Adjustment
and central y managed. As users move around the wireless
transmit power to provide mobile users with the best
of RF Channels & Remote Boots for AP
network, al data information, translation, authentication
and secure wireless signals..
+ Automatically Configures All Attached
paths and user tracking are executed on the switch end
to provide network administrators with a consolidated and
secure wireless system. The switch provides a means to
+ Detects Rogue AP to Increase
define and detect rouge AP to prevent il egal intrusion
Wireless Security
into the internal network. Security can be pre-set and
Wireless Switch Access Point
RF channels auto-adjusted for each AP, so when an AP
is removed or added, the entire network does not have to
+ 802.11g or Concurrent 802.11a/g
be reconfigured: the switch wil automatical y configure
Wireless Connectivity
each new AP with the same configuration as the replaced
+ Up to 108Mbps (Turbo Mode) in Both
Frequency Bands 1
+ High Gain Detachable Dipole Antennas
Ensure Maximum Coverage
+ Provides 802.3af PoE Support
+ Sensitive Information Not Locally
+ Security: WEP, WPA/WPA2, Multiple
SSID per Frequency Band

DWS-3024 / DWS-3026 & DWL-3500AP / DWL-8500AP
Unified Access Wired/Wireless Switching
Wireless Switch-to-Access Point Architecture
The wireless switching centralized architecture is composed of the DWS-3024/3026 switches, which are the core units that
manage the network, and the DWL-3500AP/8500AP access points, which deliver wireless connectivity to mobile clients
and can be dispersed throughout the network. The switch provides each AP with network information and individual y
customized security profiles to intel igently manage al data traversing the wireless waves.
Centralized WLAN Management & Easy
Through a centralized management platform, network maintenance and configuration become a more ef icient process. If any
access point were to fail, administrators can instantly identify the location of the failed AP and immediately swap it out with
another AP. The switch wil automatical y configure the new AP with the same configuration as the previous unit.
Multimode Wireless Access & More Mobile
Each DWL-8500AP access point has 802.11a/g dual band functionality, which provides al clients with flexible connecting options.
Freedom Flexibility
For users requiring low network traf ic and running high-bandwidth applications, the 802.11a band is ideal. Other users using the
802.11b/g band could roam throughout the building and perform their daily job responsibilities wirelessly with suf icient network
Maximum Network Protection
Each client connecting to the wireless network goes through a strict authentication process to ensure maximum
security. Whether the client is an assigned user, a visiting guest, or just has department access, the switch protects the
entire network infrastructure with its vast array of security protocols. These protocols include WPA/WPA2, 802.1x user
authentication, and 802.11i standard security.
Gigabit & 10-Gigabit Support for Future
By incorporating Gigabit into the wireless switch, D-Link of ers enterprises an easy upgrade path to future wireless LAN
technologies, such as the next generation 802.11n standard. In addition, the switch’s optional 10-Gigabit al ows the network to
integrate with high-speed servers and the network backbone, further protecting users’ investments in network hardware.
Seamless Roaming for Continuous Connection
Implementing Unified Access Wired/Wireless Switching solution within a business or organization would only mean a high return
on investment. With D-Link’s wireless switch infrastructure, al deployed AP within a designated area retain the same security
and network configuration through the user-based authentication mechanism, meaning seamless roaming is set in place. With
fast roaming provided by the switch, employees can maintain connection integrity while moving around the building conducting
Voice over Wi-Fi cal s or other bandwidth-sensitive applications.
802.3af Standard PoE Support for Easy
For installation sites such as large offices, factories, hospitals, schools and public Wi-Fi hot spots, access points
typically need to be placed at out-of-the-way locations such as on the ceilings or rooftops for maximum coverage.
It is at these locations where wall AC outlets are inaccessible, and extending power lines to these places is difficult
and expensive. By transmitting remote power through the standard network cabling inside the walls and ceilings, a
centralized power source is provided, eliminating the need for individual power sources for these devices.
Scalable Expansion
Each switch can manage up to 48 access points. A network site can begin with one wireless switch to manage a few AP or
to use for mixed wired/wireless LAN purposes. When the number of AP is augmented, up to four switches in a peer-to-
peer configuration can be added to form a large, centralized management system capable of handling up to 192 access
1 Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead may lower actual data
throughput rate. 108Mbps Turbo mode operation in 5GHz frequency band not allowed in EU countries.
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DWS-3024 / DWS-3026 & DWL-3500AP / DWL-8500AP