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Record No. QRP-0202-02Me
Test Item
Issuing Date 01/02/2002

1. Purpose:
To verify the VS3101 Mean Time Between Failure¡C
2. Test Duration:
03/18/2002 ~ 01/02/2003¡C
3. Equipment:
3-1. Thermostat Oven¡C
a. Brand: Chinee Instrument Co., LTD¡C
b. Model
: CNSS-4¡C
c. S/N:
3-2. HUB¡C
a. Brand: D-Link¡C
Model: DES-1008D¡C
3-3. Personal Computer¡C
a. O / S : MicroSoft Windows 2000 Professional¡C
b. S/W: ST3401 Storage Software¡C
3-4. Video Pattern Generator¡C
3-5. Switching Power Supply¡C
4. Test Condition:
4-1. Environment: 65¢J ¡Ó 1¢J , Humidity: 20%¡ã 90% RH¡C
4-2. Confidence Level: 95%¡C
Power supply: 12V DC¡C
4-4. Activation energy arrhenius: 0.5eV¡C
4-5. Acceleration Factor
: 10.00, Test Time: 289days, M.T.B.F. Spec.:255,000 Hrs¡C
4-6. Test method
: Use a HUB to setup a private network to connect the VS3101 and the PC. Run
ST3401 on the PC to connect to the VS3101 to monitor if the video is received

4-7. Test regulation: According to reliability test specification of M.T.B.F. (QAS70007)¡C
5. Gauge:
The test passes under the network function of the target works correctly during the process¡C
6. Sample Quantity:
11 PCs¡C
7. Result: PASSED !
Performance of the E.U.T. is within acceptable limits and hardware is undamaged. So the
M.T.B.F. of VS3101 meets 255,000 Hrs¡C
8. Attachment:
8-1. Environment of the E.U.T. (See attachment picture)¡C
8-2. Mean Time Between Failure (M.T.B.F.) test record¡C (QRP-0202-02Mr)

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