Upgrade Procedure:
1. Use RS232 cable to connect the PC and the target, and use Ethernet cable to
connect the IP-DSLAM ethernet port 1 and the PC with Switct/Hub. Start
HyperTerminal program and then power on the target.
2. Before downloading, you must instal , start and configure BOOTP and TFTP server
first. We choose “tftpd32” Server as our DHCP server. Its download homepage is
3. The Boot program will wait for getting an IP Address over the Ethernet port from the
BOOTP server. Once IP address is obtained, it wil try to communicate with the
TFTP server, and download the Control Plane and Data Plane zipped binaries
(1) Browse current directory which put TEImage.bin (The name must be TEImage.bin)
(2) Choose the server interface the same subnet with IP pool address.
(3) Setting the IP pool starting address, size of pool and Mask.
(4) Click the “Save” button.
4. Press “F1” key during booting, and press “i” to enter image upgrade function and
start to download DSLAM image.