Using the DCS-1000/DCS-1000W IP Camera
as a Security System

D-Link’s IP Camera System is one of the most cost
effect security solutions today. Both the DCS-1000
Wired model and DCS-1000W Wired/Wireless model
have input/output controls for interfacing with security

On the back of the Camera you will find an 8-position
connector. This connector has 2 input triggers for
security sensors and 2 output triggers for security

Security sensors for input are available as Passive (low-
current/low voltage) sensors or Active (powered)

Because of power limitations of the DCS cameras and
its compatibility with Power over Ethernet standards the
sensor power requirement must be obeyed for proper operation. We have listed Passive and
Active components that will interface with the DCS family of Cameras. Passive components must
not exceed 5V 100mA. Active components must be self-powered by an external power source.

For the demonstration below a D-Link DCS -1000 was purchased from , the
security equipment was purchased from, and some cable accessories from
a local hardware store.

• DCS-1000
• 2 Ethernet Cables & Ethernet Switch/Internet Router
• An Ethernet based PC to configure system
• Internet Name Server and E-Mail Server to send capture information
• 10FT. 24Gauge
• 1 light current power distribution block for 12V power
• 30W Weatherproof Siren
• High Sensitivity DPDT relay (allows 5V camera to turn on 12V siren)
• Mini-Magnetic Contact Switch (commonly used for doors or windows)
• PIR Motion Detector

You will need some simple tools like wire cutters/strippers and the appropriate screwdriver for
mounting and distribution block setup.

Everything less the camera cost about $97 US Dollars including shipping.

Basic Hardware Set-up Diagram

The diagram below shows the hardware configuration for 1 Active Sensor (PIR Motion Sensor), 1
Passive Sensor (Magnetic Switch), and 1 output (For Relay) for a siren.

Passive Component Notes!!!
Only simple magnetic or contact switches can be used for Passive components. This limitation is
by the camera only supplying 5V and less then 100mA current to those circuits. Distance for
passive components is limited by a viewable camera range of about 25 Ft using 26GA wire.

Active Component Notes!!!
A separate power supply is needed for these devices. In order to choose the proper PS. The total
current draw by all the components cannot exceed the Max supplied by the power supply.

Our PIR Motion Detector = 17 mA = .017A
Our Relay = 60 mA = .06A
Siren = 200mA = .20A
Total : .277A

Purchased DC power adapter 12V DC 1.2A Max to cover all Active Sensors and Siren, with room
to grow.

Camera Configuration

Follow the instructions for setting up the camera either wired/wireless. If this is a home and the
camera is behind an Internet router additional set-up notes for you router can be found on

Once logged into the camera on the main menu click/select trigger and the following screen will

These fields control Input Trigger 1 and Trigger 2. Each Input trigger can trigger either or both
Output triggers.

SMTP Server Address: Name or IP address of a Mail Server that camera can use to send.
Sender E-Mail: Name of the Camera who sent the mail
Receiver E-Mail: Name of person to receive pictures when sensors are activated
Sending Interval: The time between additional sequences of pictures are taken when sensors activated
Sending Times: The number of times the camera takes additional sequences of pictures based on Sending Interval.
Trigger I/O: Enable Output trigger for the specified input trigger
Output # Time: How long the output trigger is activated if Sensor is activated. (ie. How long should siren ring?)

The camera will take a sequence of pictures and the output trigger is activated when there is a
change open or close of the sensor. Example: The magnetic switch is opened, a sequence is
sent and siren goes off. The switch is then closed, an additional sequence is sent and the alarm
goes off. The camera is designed this way so if there is an intrusion, the intrusion is detect if
intruder simply opens then closes the entrance.

Additional Component Listing for use with DCS-1000/DCS-1000W

All components listed below can be found and

Passive Components
Glass Break Sensor PN: 5150w – Sentrol Inc.
Any contact switch or pressure switch not exceeding 100mW current draw
Examples @

Active Components
Coral Plus Temperature Compensated PIR Detector – Visonic Ltd.
Duet Dual Microwave/IR Motion Detector – Visonic Ltd.
Bravo 6 Dual PIR Detector – DSC Security Products
Any active security sensor that uses external power and a separate normally closed N/C circuit
for detection: examples on

Power and Relay Components
ELK Products Inc. ELK-924 Single 12V to 120V relay switch
DVE Power Supply 12V 1.2A
More can be found on

Alarm Components
Universal SS30 30W 8Ohm Siren
More visual and audible alarms can be found at examples @