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Ticket Printer for DSA-3100
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Before You Begin
You will need a DSA-3100 Public/Private Gateway with a wireless access point
Important: TURN OFF the power to the DSA-3100 before
installing the DSA-3100P. The DSA-3100P can only work with
the D-Link DSA-3100 Public/Private Gateway

Check Your Package Contents
Using a power
supply with a
different voltage rating
will damage this
DSA-3100P Ticket Printer
product and void its
with Paper Roll
RS-232 Serial Communication Cable
24V DC, 1.7A Power Adapter
If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller.
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specifications subject to change without notice. DSA-3100P 09052003

Preparing the DSA-3100P
Pull down on the green
handle to release the

Insert the roll of paper

Preparing the DSA-3100P(cont.)
Pull some of the paper
out and close the cover.

Connect to the DSA-3100 with the provided RS-232 serial cable. On
the other side of the RS-232 cable, plug in the RJ-11 connector into
the DSA-3100P Ticket Printer.

RJ-11 Connector
P/S2 Connector
Power Connector
Attach the power adapter and turn the DSA-3100P on. Then power
on the DSA-3100 and all wireless access points. Wait 1~2 minutes
until the status LED on the DSA-3100 becomes stable.


Setting up your DSA-3100P
Log on to the DSA-3100 as the administrator. Go to Home>User
Manager, then click On-Demand Users for the configuration page.
Enter the Wireless LAN ESSID, WEP keys, and other information that
you would like shown on the ticket. Click Apply so the settings can
take effect.


Setting up your DSA-3100P
Press the button on the DSA-3100P to print a ticket that grants
guests or paying patrons access to the hotspot. The DSA-3100P
communicates with the DSA-3100 Public/Private Gateway to gener-
ate a unique login username and password.




Technical Support
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