The D-Link DVC-1000 i2eyeTM
at up to a full 30 frames per second. It is
VideoPhone introduces the world of
an ideal solution for consumers and
video conferencing over the Internet, to
small businesses with high-speed
bring you and your family, friends and
Internet access.
colleagues together. Since the DVC-
Easy to use set-up wizards guide you
1000 i2Eye VideoPhone is a stand-alone
step-by-step through the set-up of the
device, you do not need a computer to
DVC-1000 VideoPhone. You can be up
video conference over the Internet.
and working in minutes. With the DVC-
The previously complicated process of
1000 it is easy to make changes to
conducting a video conference is
personalize your videoconferencing
simplified with the DVC-1000. Connect a
standard telephone and a television to
The remote control that is included with
the DVC-1000, plug in a standard
the DVC-1000 allows you to easily
Ethernet network cable connected to
answer an incoming videophone call or
your broadband Internet connection and
initiate a new one. The built-in caller ID
you are ready to conduct real-time
provides privacy protection. You can
know who is calling before you answer.
Using advanced video compression
Be there real-time, anytime. You wonБ─≥t
technology, the DVC-1000 VideoPhone
miss a moment with your friends, family
maximizes the image and audio quality
and colleagues with the i2eye DVC-
within the available bandwidth. The
1000 VideoPhone.
DVC-1000 can send and receive video

Videoconferencing Made Easy
for Home or Office
With the D-Link i2eyeTM DVC-1000, users
can use their broadband Internet connection
to make and receive high quality conference
video calls across town or across the globe.
The D-Link i2eyeTM DVC-1000 Video
Phone is easy to use, a remote control is
included and no computer is needed: Just
plug it in to your existing network and you
are set to go in minutes. Be there real time