Wireless Networking Up to 54Mbps
Faster Wireless
Faster data transfers means increased productivity.
With the DWL-2000AP in your home, office or
business—family, colleagues or customers can
communicate instantaneously, download large files
quickly, and watch smoothly streaming MPEG
videos. The performance of this draft 802.11g wireless
access point gives them the freedom of wireless
High-Speed 2.4GHz
networking at speeds that save them time, money and
Wireless Access Point
make their wireless networking experience enjoyable
and productive.
Other D-Link
The DWL-2000AP’s draft-802.11g chipset delivers
AirPlus Xtreme G™
with 802.11b
Wireless Products:
transfer rates up to 54Mbps but it’s still fully
compatible with the IEEE 802.11b standard, so it can
connect with existing 11b wireless clients. That means
your home or office’s migration to 802.11g can meet
your schedule.
Better Security
Other 802.11g clients associating with the DWL-
High-Speed 2.4GHz
with 802.1x
2000AP can securely connect using 802.1x for
Wireless Cardbus Adapter
and WPA*
wireless user authentication, as well as WPA (Wi-Fi
Protected Access) providing them a much higher level
of security for their data and communication.
Four Different
The DWL-2000AP can operate in one of four
Operating Modes different operational modes to meet your wireless
networking requirements:
High-Speed 2.4GHz
Access Point
Create a wireless local area network.
Wireless PCI Adapter
AP-to-AP Networking
Wirelessly connect two networks. Provides a cost-
effective solution for interconnecting networks, when
traditional wired solutions would be too costly or
Wirelessly connect multi-networks. Acts as a wireless
hub to connect multiple wireless networks.
Wireless Client
Wirelessly connect Ethernet devices. Provides
immediate connection for Ethernet devices without
the need for any driver.
High-Speed 2.4GHz
Wireless Router
* Available Q3 2003.

Product Information
Part No: DWL-2000AP
The Web-based configuration interface of the
Description: High-Speed 2.4GHz
DWL-2000AP allows you to reconfigure the AP
D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G™ products can transfer data up
Wireless Access Point
in any one of its four operating modes (see
to 5 times faster than standard 802.11b networks.
UPC: 7900069-250798
left); as well as to apply other management
AirPlus Xtreme G products are also compatible with
D-Link Systems, Inc.
802.11b compliant wireless devices.
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