System Requirements
DWL-3200AP Install Guide
System Requirements
Minimum System Requirements:
• CD-ROM Drive
• Computers with Windows®, Macintosh®, or Linux-based

operating systems
• Installed Ethernet Adapter Internet Explorer version 6.0 or
Netscape Navigator™ version 7.0 and above
Package Contents
D-Link AirPremierTM DWL-3200AP
Managed Wireless Access Point
Power Cord
Power over Ethernet base unit
Ethernet Cable
CD-ROM with Manual
Mounting Plate
Power Adapter-DC 48V, 0.4A
Using a power adapter with a dif erent
voltage rating wil damage and void the
warranty of this product.
D-Link Systems, Inc.

DWL-3200AP Install Guide
Installing the Hardware
Installing the Hardware
Step 1
Connect one end of an Ethernet
cable (included with your package)
to the LAN port on the DWL-3200AP
and the other end of the Ethernet cable
Step 2
to the port labeled P+DATA OUT on
the PoE base unit.
Connect another Ethernet cable
from the DATA IN port on the PoE
base unit to your router/switch or
to a PC.
Step 3
Attach the power adapter to the connector labeled POWER IN on the
PoE base unit. Attach the power cord to the power adapter and into an
electrical outlet.
D-Link Systems, Inc.

The Setup Wizard
DWL-3200AP Install Guide
Using the Setup Wizard
Open your Web browser
and type
into the URL address box.
Then press the Enter or
Return key.
The logon pop-up screen will
Type admin
for the username and leave
the password field blank.
Once you have logged in, the
Home screen will appear.
Click Run Wizard
D-Link Systems, Inc.

DWL-3200AP Install Guide
The Setup Wizard
You will see the following
Click Next
Step 1 - Setup your new
You have the
option to establish a password.
Click Next
For 802.11g networks please
do the following:
Step 2 - Set Wireless LAN
By default the DWL-3200AP
SSID is set to default with
a Channel setting of 6.
Click Next
D-Link Systems, Inc.

The Setup Wizard
DWL-3200AP Install Guide
For 802.11g networks please
continue as follows:
Step 3 - Security Level
The DWL-3200AP is capable
of three levels of wireless
encryption: No Security, WEP,
and WPA-Personal.
By default encryption is disabled.
You can change the encryption
settings for more secure wireless
Click Next
If you choose WEP, you can
use Hexadecimal or ASCII
Key type and select 64, 128,
or 152 bits.
You can only set the First Key
in the wizard.
Click Next
If you choose WPA-Personal,
enter the passphrase here.
1800 for Group Key Update
Interval is recommended.
Click Next
D-Link Systems, Inc.

DWL-3200AP Install Guide
The Setup Wizard
Click Restart
Your Setup is Complete!
When you have completed the steps in this Quick Installation Guide, your
connected network should look similar to this:
D-Link Systems, Inc.

Technical Support
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for D-Link products.
D-Link provides free technical support for customers within the United States
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U.S. and Canadian customers can contact D-Link Technical Support through
our website or by phone.
United States
(877) 453-5465
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm PST.
World Wide Web
(800) 361-5265
Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 9:00pm EST.
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