Note: The installation screenshots were taken in Windows XP. For other OS, the
installation procedure will be exactly the same but the screenshots will differ.

Contents of Package:
• DWL-5000AP Access Point
• Power Supply – 5V DC, 2.5A*
• Manual on CD
• Printed Quick Installation Guide
• Console Cable
• Power Cable

*Using a power supply with a different voltage rating will
damage and void the warranty for this product. If any of the
above items are missing, please contact your reseller.

System Requirements:
• Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator version 4 and higher with Java
Script enabled.
• Computer with Windows; Macintosh; or Linux-based operating system with
an installed Ethernet adapter.

Connecting DWL-5000AP

• Connect the power supply to the power cable.
• Connect the power supply to the DWL-5000AP.
• Connect the power cable to an electrical outlet.
• Connect an Ethernet cable (cross-over) to the Ethernet port of the DWL-
• Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the computer with the
installed Ethernet adapter.
• Turn your computer on. The Ethernet LED being on will indicate the
connection to the computer.


Configuring Ethernet Adapter Settings

• Go to Start > My Network
Places > Right-click.

• Select Properties

Right-click on the Local Area
Connection for the Ethernet

• Select Properties

Note: The computer used to configure the
DWL-5000AP will need an IP address in
the same range and subnet as the DWL-
5000AP. The DWL-5000AP has a default
IP address of and subnet of

• In the Local Area Connection
Properties, select Internet Protocol

• Select Properties


• In the General Tab, select Use the
following IP address:

• In the IP Address, enter in the
following IP address:

Note: The IP address entered must
NOT be the same IP address assigned
to any other device in the network.
The IP address must follow the
192.168.0.x IP address format

• Under Subnet mask, input the
following address:

Click OK to accept settings

Configuring the DWL-5000AP

Open a web browser and type in Be sure to use Internet Explorer
or Netscape Navigator version 4 and above.

• When the login screen appears, type
in the User Name and Password to
access the Web Configuration
• By default the User Name is Admin
(case sensitive) and Password is

Click OK


The DWL-5000AP will work out of the box with D-Link AirPro DWL-A520 and DWL-
A650 using the default factory settings.

• The default factory settings can be modified in the Configuration menu.
• The default settings for the DWL-5000AP are the following:

SSID: default
The SSID on the wireless network
adapters must be the same in order
to communicate with the DWL-

Turbo: Off
If the Turbo mode is enabled on the
DWL-5000AP, then Turbo mode
must also be enabled on the wireless

Enable Encryption: Disabled
To enable Encryption, check this box
and enter in the Encryption key.
Note: If Encryption is enabled on the
DWL-5000AP, then the Encryption
on wireless adapters must also be

Enter the Encryption Key using the
following guideline.

The following are the options:

64-bit - 10 hex digits (A-F; 0-9)
128-bit - 26 hex digits (A-F; 0-9)
152-bit - 32 hex digits (A-F; 0-9)


Advanced Configuration – Adjusting
Transmit Power Level
• By clicking on Configuration > Advanced button, users can modify
Advanced features of the DWL-5000AP.

Data Rate: best
Recommended to keep Data Rate at
best for highest wireless connection.

Transmit Power: full
Users can adjust the Transmit Power
settings to limit the area of wireless
coverage (i.e. a room).

Advanced Configuration – Using the

Access Control List (ACL) for Security

• Click on Configuration tab >
Per Station Privacy.
• Select Enable in the ACL
selection. In the ACL Type,
select one of the following
options: Allow, Deny, Strict.
For more information on the
ACL Type, click on the help

• Click on Add


• In the MAC Address box,
enter in the 802.11a
Network Adapter’s MAC

• When all the information
has been filled, click on
Add to List to allow
wireless access to the
provisioned wireless
network adapters.

• If any changes are made in
the Configuration menu, be
sure to click Update to save

Note: Any changes in the settings will not take effect until the unit is restarted.

Your wireless connection setup is now complete!
Please remember to change back the network settings for the computer used to
configure the DWL-5000AP.



To reset the D-Link AirPro DWL-5000AP unit

• To do a hard-reset on the D-Link AirPro DWL-5000AP, please follow
these steps.

1. On the back of the DWL-5000AP, locate the reset button.

2. Use a paper clip to press the reset button.

3. Hold for about 5 seconds and release.
4. After the unit reboots, the DWL-5000AP will reset.


Technical Support

The most recent software and documentation are available on the D-Link website.
D-Link provides free technical support for customers within the United States during
the warranty period on this product.
U.S. customers can contact D-Link Technical Support through our web site, or by
D-Link Technical Support over Telephone:
(877) 453-5465
24 hours a day, seven days a week.
D-Link Technical Support over the Internet:

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