How to Build a BCM963xx Router Image from the Consumer Release
Here are the steps that a consumer can follow to build a Broadcom BCM963xx DSL router image
from the BCM963xx consumer release archive. Replace ?.?? with the release number.

The os is redhat 9.0

1. Install the BCM963xx ?.??L.01 consumer release.
$ su
# mkdir /tmp/consumer
# cd /tmp/consumer
# tar xvfz bcm963xx_?.??L.01_consumer_release.tar.gz
# ./consumer_install

2. Build the desired image.
# cd /opt/bcm963xx_router
If you tar.gz is THR-0K-004_consumer_release.tar.gz
# make PROFILE=96338GW2

If you tar.gz is THR-0K-011_consumer_release.tar.gz
# make PROFILE= 96338GW2_AnnexB

If you tar.gz is THT-0K-003_consumer_release.tar.gz
# make PROFILE=96338GWS

If you tar.gz is THW-0K-009_consumer_release.tar.gz
# make PROFILE= 96332CG_E4Pk

If you tar.gz is THW-0K-012_TJE-0K-006_consumer_release.tar.gz
# make PROFILE= 96338E
-- or --
# make PROFILE= 96332CG

If you tar.gz is TJE-0K-010_consumer_release.tar.gz
# make PROFILE=96338E_ANNEXB

3. Launch the BCM963xx DSL router Web interface by connecting a Web browser to
4. Select the Management => Update Software menu item.
5. In the “Software File Name:” edit box, enter or browse for an image in the
/opt/bcm963xx_router/images directory.
6. Click on the “Update Software” button.
7. The BCM963xx DSL router will reboot using the image that was built from the consumer