1. Make sure that NETBEUI is enabled on the printer server.
2. In Windows , confirm the NETBEUI have installed on the Network of Control Panel .
3. Choose a free printer port (LPT1or LPT2) not begin used on the PC
4. In the DOS mode of windows key-in the command :
c:\>net use devicensme \\computername\sharename
Where "devicename " is the name of the free printer port , "computername" is the name
of the printer server , and "sharename" is the name of the printer server's port .
For example
c:\>net use lpt1 \\ps-18f\ps-18f-p1
Test print :
c:\winnt>print win.ini

net use devicensme@\\computername\sharename (@ = Space)
You canБ─≥t key in the
net use devicensme\\computername\sharename